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  1. hi, spent a fair bit of yesterday under the car to check just that, noticed diesel around the fuel filter and when using the priming function on the satellite switch my driveway got a nice new lake. looks like the fuel filter housing had loosened off ( and whoever had last replaced the filter used an O ring that was a fair bit too big). new filter and o ring, put it all back together and im back on the road, with everything running fine so far! surprised it wasnt dropping more fuel before now but given the size of the o ring perhaps that was just the moment it managed to push it out enoug
  2. Hi guys, recently my 2006 IS220d cut out while driving and would not start again, i have tested the fuel pump and it is fine, however when the car is cranking its not priming/running and when checked with my multimeter im not getting any power to the pump and ive got no codes coming up on the obd reader. ive had a search around and cant find anyone with an answer so hopefully one of you can give me some ideas? thanks in advance
  3. hi guys, have an is220d sport as my runabout, not the most exciting lexus but its been a good car. finally joined up as its recently given me a bit of trouble with not starting, ill have a thread in maintenance soon, hopefully get plenty more miles out of it! edit: forgot to add i have checked through the pump fuses and they seem fine, and swapped the relays about too
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