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  1. Hi everyone. Has enyone updated navigation on lexus gs450h 3gen? Where can I purchase that cd to upgrade it? For any info thank you so much
  2. Hi Sabine. I’m owner of gs450h.Maybe u know if they will be fit to my car ? I m looking for roof bars to my Lexus and I can’t find anywhere.My gs450h is from 2006 .I’m really interested about that bars.Regards Kuba
  3. Kuba77


    Hi Vlady.To be honest I was always fan of Mercedes.But I wanted to try something new before we bought Is300h.So that’s why we picked is300h.So since we start to drive we knew it was the best choice.Last December I had small accident with my Mercedes so I knew replaced car will be gs450h.I was thinking about that car even few years ago but maybe I wasn’t ready to drive it 😉.I tell you something.I love that car that why I want to install towbar and buy caravan ,but I can’t find anyone who done the same to gs450h.but so far I enjoy.we just back from Cornwall last evening it was pleasure to drive that gs450h 👍👌
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    Hi.Is 300h we bought 3 years ago .Gs450h I purchased n February this year.I was fan of Mercedes but I wanted try something different so that’s why we choose to buy Lexus .And last December I had small accident with my Mercedes so after that I decided to purchased second Lexus .About gs450h I was thinking few years ago and now I said it’s time to buy it and I knew after is 300h I will be happy.even gs450h I it’s for me better than 300h.very comfortable,very fast,and cheap to run.
  5. Kuba77


    Hello everyone .I’d like to intdroduce myśleć.My name is Kuba .I’m Polish and Im owner of 2 lexus.I Drive Gs450h from 2006 and my fiance she drives Is 300h from 2015.
  6. Hi everyone.I’m owner of gs 450h from 2006 .I’m trying to find towbar to install to my car and also roof bars .Can anyone help me to find them .It’s not many information about it .I’d like to buy in future caravan to tow on holidays.also I d like to update sat navy maps .Any idea how to do it?for any info many many thanks.Kuba
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