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  1. Thanks. I tried wrapping interior parts in 2 of my prior cars and with time the wrap shrunk, I guess because of heat and didn't look nice anymore. So I was more inclined going with one of the stick on ready trims or maybe hydrodip.
  2. Yes, this is exactly the spoilers I'm referring to. 🙂 They seem hard to find used. Probably for obvious reasons. And I was not able to find a part number to check with Lexus. I was also not able to find a part number for the F-sport bumper cover. On Lexus parts direct I was only able to find apart number for the standard 2011 bumper. But the F-sport bumper has the holes to fix the side lip spoilers. Because although I found a F-sport bumper used, it's the wrong colour. So I wanted to check with Lexus as I heard I can order it already in the correct colour. Maybe it would be cheaper that way than going for the used one in the wrong colour and have it painted. So far the side lip spoilers and F-sport grill are the harder to find for a good price. You can buy a F-sport type of grill for the 2006-2009 cars for quite cheap. But for the 2011> cars they are almost 200 quid anywhere I could find.
  3. Speaking of fuel, does anybody find it hard to keep the foot off the throttle? 🙂 I'm not getting any good fuel mileage and it's all my fault. I can't keep the foot off the pedal and can't help blipping it any chance I have. I find it pretty addictive. As addictive as my RX8 used to be, but for totally different reasons. Must say I didn't expect that from a Lexus and am happily surprised. 🙂
  4. I think some have mentioned about the E10 fuel problem. But I had already refueled the car one time and honestly didn't pay attention to that. I only chose the highest octane which was 98. But last time I refueled I got E5. As far as I understand, E10 was created because it is more green, which tells me eventually E5 would be phased out. So hopefully we will still have a safe way to run our cars in the near future.
  5. Nice. I figured they would be real wood it being Lexus. So only the top spec came with the wood? I had heard of hydrodipping. Any ideas of the cost of it? But the part which bothers me more is having to take it all off the car.
  6. Former owner said the maps have been updated. But that you can no longer update to make it current now. What is the latest possible update?
  7. Thanks for all the replies. I guess I must have downloaded the American owner's manual then. That would explain why it has the compass thing listed. I download a pdf. By the way, is there a website I can look up my VIN to see what options and other details of my car? I have not had much time with the car since I last wrote. But I really like it. One of those cars that you need to look at it when you get out and starts admiring it from afar as you walk to it. The only 2 things I dislike so far is the controls for the air conditioning being in the infotainment and the wood trim. For the wood trim, which is probably not real wood actually, I have seen some solutions. From wrap sets to real carbon fiber rubberized that you can stick over the trim to cover them. Has anybody fond a good solution? I'm sure wood has its fans. But I would prefer either shiny black, grey, aluminium or CF. To make things worse, all the solutions I found for the center console are for the automatic cars only. Nothing for the manual. H3XME, what do you have in your car?
  8. I have the infotainment in mine. But naturally the navigation is quite old. So I have thought of one of these aftermarket units. I bought one for an older car of mine which didn't have any and it worked great. Transformed the car. But the Lexus has it and many things like the AC are dependent on it. So will the aftermarket unit take over that too ?
  9. Of course. In due time. 😉 Need to give it a shine and find a nice spot to make some photos. But honestly I have been so busy with work that I have not had much time with it. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to spend some quality time with the car.
  10. The thing is that would be illegal here. As it's not a Lexus part or has an E-number for EU use. If I get stopped and this is caught I would be looking at a big fine. Also I'm not totally sold on the look. I have already found most parts second hand and in a good price. I just can't find the radiator grille and its moulding/frame. I found some original Lexus parts for like 200 for just the grille. Wouldn't mind an aftermarket reproduction for cheaper. Anybody has any tips?
  11. Thanks a bunch for all the good wishes everybody. And thanks also for the tips and answers to the questions. I will check back in the car and report back here. :)
  12. I'm looking for the 2011 F-sport front bumper grill and also the fog light covers. But can only find them in U.S. websites. Does anybody know of a source in the UK or Europe, apart from Lexus? Thanks.
  13. Hi! I just recently bought an IS250, after some very good advice from members of the community here. So big thanks to H3xME, scudney, Mr Vlad, mk_lon, Arnett, dublet, Vintagesixtysix, Texas, MartinH, Rabbers, Las Palmas, zoricib, Mincey, Chris111, ColinBarber, J Henderson, DF-300 Sport, toffee_pie and everybody for all the help. :) I have had the car for a little over a week now. Loving it! It's my first Lexus and I'm quite impressed by how it drives and how well made it is. It's hard to believe it's as old as it is. No rattles, feels very tight and feels newer than some newer cars I have had. The cars is loaded. I'm not sure how much of it were options, but I have the navigation system, cruise control, voice, seat heating and seat cooling, keyless entry, sunroof, headlight cleaners and a few other toys. Interior is very nice and feels really well made too. Really love how the car drives. Somehow reminds me of Mercedes. But better. It feels well engineered too. It corners better than the Mercedes I have experience with and all together I really enjoy driving it. With all that, the car has a few areas which need attention. And I also have a few questions. So I would appreciate some help with these. :) Here they are: Do these cars have a LSD? Or open diff? While driving back, a 2 hours drive, I felt heat on one of my knees. Like there was a heater on where the buttons for the rear blind and headlight cleaners are. Touching that area felt warm as well. Is this normal? The rear blind is sticking in one side. Is this a common issue? Any easy fix, tricks or hacks to fix it? The boot somehow doesn't seem to close properly. It shuts but I can press on it and it gives. As if the rubber was too fat. I push on it and it bobs up and down. I'm guessing this is not normal? But the car has not been hit on the back. Can the drive range and the miles per gallon in the display be trusted? Looking at the quick start guide, there seems to be cars which came with a sunglasses holder with the dome light. Mine has that compartment sealed. So I guess it was an optional, which I find interesting as it's such a basic feature. But it seems the cover can be taken off and I think it would reveal the hole for the sunglass shelf. Can this be retrofitted? My sunglass is all over the place as it has no proper place. My last car had space for 2 sunglasses. I guess the compass in my mid review mirror is not working. If I press and hold the auto button it never comes ON. Or this was an option and not all cars have it? Does it need the highest octane petrol? As you see, pretty minor stuff. Overall the car is in very good condition and I'm happy with the purchase. :) Thanks again!
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