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  1. 2000 W Reg Lexus IS 200 2.0 SE -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2000 W Reg Lexus IS 200 2.0 SE , 2000 W Reg , Graphite Sky, 41,000 miles . ABS, Central Door Locking, Climate Control, Driver Air Bag, Electric Adjustable Mirror, Electric Sunroof, Electric Windows, Front Fog Lights, Immobilizer, Leather Upholstery, Passenger Air Bag, Power-Assisted Steering, Tinted Glass, Traction Control System, Warranty, Electric Seats, Remote Tailgate Release, Adjustable Seat Height, Adjustable Steering Column, Alarm 6 Speed Manual, Heated Seats, 17" Alloy Wheels, Anti-Glare Rear View Mirror, Full Lexus Service History
  2. having loads of bother already with my insurance because that bmw ****** who hit me wont admit liability :( so think ill just paye for it myself
  3. stone just hit me windscreen and put a crack in it about 10 inches long quotes vary from £212 +vat to £485 + vat cos they heated screens :( dammm i am sick now
  4. yup i deffo up for one m8 send me some info too mandolin14@hotmail.com or u2u
  5. if you still need 1 more order for this to get bulk discount let me no m8 ill have one
  6. thnxs alot guys D Speed Altezza / IS200 Falcon kit gonna go for this one i think just mailed for info on it etc etc
  7. need some advise if possible looking at getting a full body kit ie sideskirts front rear bumper skirts boot spioler anyone no any good online shops?? also what exhaust do you guys recomend want something thats sounds good and looks sweet from back end gonna order some 18inch rims from revolution anything i should no before i order then will they fit ok? and if so how much possible to lower the car
  8. thnxs guys police have tracked down the guy apparently he phoned in day after and reported he hit someone but now coppers dragging there heels aint even spoke to him and all i want them to do is give me his insurance details cos at mo my insurance paying for damages
  9. i already informed my insurance m8 and as its weekend no one seems to want to help so in other words dont have a bang on a friday cos you knackered if you do
  10. thnxs guys the police are involved i called them straight away 20 minutes they arrived and i have phoned them this is what i was told the officer dealing with this clocked off friday at 5pm and isnt back on duty till tuesday so no one is doing anything all i got told was the car was a company car belonging to Pearl Assurance i think the way police handle this is all wrong it should not be upto 1 police man to deal with this and now the scumbag who hit me and drove off has had all weekend to make up a story i wont be suprised if come monday morning amazingly the bmw was stolen over the weekend i doubt the driver was a thief as he was about 45 years old grey slicked back hair well built white male bit old for a joyrider i think and surely if it was a stolen car police would of known this by now if not before he hit me [Edited on 9-6-2002 by Unlucky]
  11. first of all great forum and i hope someone can help me out heres the story anyway 7TH JUNE 2002 3:20pm just after football match some nob in a black bmw reversed his car into my lexus is200 se and then drove of at high speed i was unable to chase him as bumper was pushed into wheel and although i got his registration police have yet done anything to find him as it was a company car funny thing is car belongs to pearl assurance who just fobbed me off and this company sells car insurance life and pensions lol i have the feeling i going to be shafted over this and my insurance £2k a year now :( are being right ****s as there has been no liable 3rd party so i am beggining to look for lexus parts to get my pride n joy sorted myself so i dont have to claim of my insurance i need offside wing offside headlight cluster bumper with washer fitting for headlights washers bonnet anyone put me in a direction to get prices on the net for such parts??? i do have pics of the cars damage but dunno how to display them i am on icq 81573246 if anyone wants to look and see if its worse than i think