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  1. Got one of these from ebay USA. Just wondered if anybody here had attempted to replace one on their LS430? The one I need to do is one of the smaller corner sensors on the passenger side. I'm guessing that I'd need to remove the protective tray under the engine and the wheel arch lining. Would this get me in behind the bumper and access to the sensors? Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated. Steve
  2. I've had the mirrors sticking a few times on my LS430. It's normally caused by dirt or debris getting stuck in the housing. This happens often after washing the car and particularly if you use a jet wash. You just need to clean thoroughly with a cloth sufficiently thin to get in all the gaps. I'm not sure what you mean by 'override the satnav'
  3. Ended up having the regas done at Kwik Fit about three weeks ago. The report I was given suggested there was zero refrigerant left in the system. Interestingly the report did detail a leak test with the result none. Not sure how this was carried out but guess the machine they hook up has the capability to do this? Air con has worked very well since, if anything a little too cool when it is first activated. If I do have any of the problems with pipes that others have experienced I wonder how long the refill will last!
  4. Just had my LS430 re-gassed today - great local company but no use to you, as they are in Paisley!! BTW my gas pressure was ZERO mbar (i.e. = empty) and after regassing they didn't replace the filter even though the A/C filter warning was coming on (and still is). I guess I'll need to let Lexus charge me a bomb for that one one day, but my A/C is now working fine. Hi adc Your post has served as a reminder that I need to get this sorted out! The problem you have with the a/c filter warning message can be resolved by following instructions from the the thread linked below: I've had the filter replaced by Lexus previously only for this message to re-appear a couple of weeks later so chances are there is nothing much wrong with the filter itself. Steve
  5. Many thanks for all the useful info provided. Will be getting the system checked over the next couple of days, really hoping it's not the corroded pipes problem experienced by Steve!
  6. Jim, Widnes Thanks for the info. Sensor has behaved perfectly since the problem last occurred on Sunday so keeping my fingers crossed that it won't need replacing. Jim do you have any idea of the cost or was it covered under warranty with your car?
  7. Thanks Steve and Redtwin, will wait for a warmer day before I test it again. I've always tended to turn on the a/c at least once a month during the winter as I thought this was best practice?
  8. Thankfully very unusual for me to have two issues with the car on the same day! However in addition to the my earlier post re the parking sensor I also find my air con has stopped working. I am guessing this will be solved by a re-gas and was hoping somebody could recommend a reliable palce to have this done in the Bracknell/Reading area. When I turn on the a/c with the engine idling I would expect to see the revs rise slightly (has been the case with other cars I have owned.) Can anyone confirm that this sholud be the case with the LS? Any help/recommendations with the above would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  9. Have a minor and intermittent problem with the sensor on the front passenger side. Over the last couple of weeks on maybe three occasions the system has emitted a continuous tone and the screen has displayed as if there was an obstruction to that side of the car. I examined and cleaned the sensor thoroughly after this happened on the first occasion (it was by no means dirty.) I have a feeling that this might be a problem that will get worse and just wondered if there was anything else I could do before taking it to Lexus?
  10. I would agree that the sat nav in my LS430 has it's limitations. Even after upgrading to the latest DVD I cannot find some roads/places that I feel should be on there. In addition the lack of post code functionality means this is probably an inferior system to the modern Tom Tom. If the LS400 does indeed have a CD based system then I suppose that is even less effective. I guess it depends on how much you actually rely on sat nav, like Rillo the whole cradle thing would sway me in favour of the inbuilt option.
  11. Hmm Have had car for 2 years and never realised this was there! Central locking beeps? Mine doesn't beep when I lock/unlock whether I adjust this knob up or down. Is it supposed to, or is this just volume control for the warning beeps you get when for example you leave the key inside and attempt to lock the door?
  12. Not sure if it is correct but I was told by Lexus dealer that all cars after approx April 2002 were all Premium pack with all options included. I remember when I was looking to buy one that this seemed to be the case.
  13. Mine as best as I can remember: 1983 Ford Cortina (Brown with beige vinyl roof...hmmm) 1985 Fiat 126 1985 Renault 14 1986 Renault 11 Turbo (Yes of course I crashed it!) 1988 Ford Escort Estate (A truly shocking vehicle!) 1989 Ford Cortina Mk5 (Steadily disintegrated from the day I bought it.) 1990 Vauxhall Cavalier 1.6 1991 Vauxhall Astra 1992 Fiat Panda (750cc multicoloured seats 85MPH flat out) 1995 Renault 25 2.0 GTS 1996 Ford Sierra Estate (No comment) 1996 Renault 25 2.9 (Electrical problems galore!) 1998 Mitsubishi Sigma 3.0 v6 (Obscure but ultra reliable and comfortable cruiser) 1999 Mitsubishi Sigma 3.0 v6 (Facelift version of above) 2002 Toyota Supra mk4 tt (Spent thousands on modifications, joy to have something that fast) 2004 Lexus LS400 (Back to some calm and tranquility, 192k and still going strong when traded in) 2007 Lexus LS430 (The best yet by a distance) When I think about some of those early ones it doesn't fill my heart with joy!!
  14. Hi Go to this site: It's cheaper than buying at the dealer. (although the weak pound will not help as they charge in euros if I recall correctly.) Get the details from your existing DVD to make sure you order the correct one.
  15. Cheers Wozza Must admit I don't want something which is going to show up too mucn. Yours looks really neat and tidy. Have decided I will ask the guy who fitted my Parrot handsfree kit about this. (Was recommended by local Lexus dealer.) I remember him saying he could convert the display to play dvd's so I'm pretty sure he can manage this type of thing.
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