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  1. Thanks Rob. Yes mine is showing as still to be built too. Its reassuring I'm not alone then but wish Lexus could be more certain of what's happening and should be keeping us all better informed. Even the Dealers seem to be in the dark.
  2. Hi all, Is anyone else having this issue? I ordered my NX 350 from Lexus in Cambridge mid November. I was originally given end March/early April as a delivery date. In January, that was put back to 1st week of June (although the dealer told me it would probably come late May). As of today, my NX still hasn't been built and I believe the build to deliver timeframe is about 10 weeks so June looks to be just about out of the question although the dealer is still saying early June which is now impossible. For anyone else who ordered mid November, have you received your car or what is your delivery date please? [Interesting, I have a friend who ordered an NX 350 early January and he has been driving his around for 2 weeks!!]. Keith
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