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  1. Anyone know of where to source other than Lexus directly. Bank 2 sensors and Cat are not working according to error codes I have checked myself and had confirmed by local garage also. Lexus want over £1000! I have 2005 GS300 with 107k so £1k for one converter for car of that age and mileage is daft.
  2. 3rd gen GS300 with 98k miles has occasional rough idle on start up as though not running on all cylinders. It clears under load quickly and is very intermittent. Car has been serviced and had new plugs about 6 months ago. No fault codes showing up. It also seems as though the transmission changes to a higher gear too early. i.e to 5th or 6th at around 1200 rpm at modest speed when it feels like it should hold it for longer. No other problems with the transmission and changes seem smooth enough and works fine on sport/manual shift mode. Seems more like electrical gremlins than mechanical. I have a got a slight blow on the exhaust at the very rear but I cant see that affecting transmission or idle at start up. Any thoughts or obvious things to check. I am not familiar with the GS300 engine and it baffles me how a transmission fluid can be 'for life' and I cant check it. Thanks
  3. Shocks ordered Tuesday and have arrived this morning from the USA! Pretty impressive and for half the price of what Lexus wanted. New springs and shocks already to be fitted
  4. Briliant , thanks very much. Just ordered a full set. Way cheaper than with lexus direct even with shipping and taxes.
  5. Just been quoted 175 plus VAT for fronts and £161 + VAT for rears and that does not include fitting. Bonkers. My new Eibachs springs have arrived and thought it made sense to swap out the shocks at the same time. Looks like I'll be going down the import route from the US as well as I can't find any replacements as an alternative to OEM.
  6. I know this has probably been asked a thousand ties but I cant find the right info. Looking for a new set of rims for My newly acquired Mk3 GS300 and need some clarity on offset. Most likely going for 19" with wider rears. 8.5 front and 9.5 rear. What offset can I get away with? standard 17s that are on it are ET40 I believe, so by guestimation I think ET30 for the rears and ET35 for the front fit? Or am I way off on width to fit?
  7. My IS is dead and now scrapped. I have considered a Cayenne and a CLS but they seem over priced inn comparison to the quality of a GS. I used to own a Mk1 GS 300 sport about 10 yrs ago and it was a great buy. I'm looking at 05 GS300 with a view to a few minor mods such as new wheels and small drop. Some advice on wheel / tyre size and offset would be appreciated and the same for some the suspension. Any areas to look out for? Thanks
  8. Thanks. Just had it confirmed that the head will need rebuilding so I think it could be worth dropping in a new engine.
  9. The dreaded bang occured on Saturday. Belt still attached but well worn and it would appear to be the cambelt tensioner that has given up. I'm guessing the result is the same as camblet failure. It's an IS200 sport with c. 140k on it. It's in good condition and I've just had new discs/ pads all round, front wheel bearings just been done and figures it would last me another year. Given that the car's worth £1500 at best do I just wave it goodbye or look to get it fixed? Are new top ends easy to come by, rather than have it stripped and rebuilt? Any suggestions / advice welecome.
  10. Where can I get the little black box gizmo to get my sat nav working ( IS200 sport) with an after market stereo?
  11. I have set of OZ 18" 8.5front and 9.5 rears kicking around from a 300ZX and thought they may fit. I assume PCD is the same 114.5 but have no idea what offset I need. I guess I'll just have to try them!
  12. What' the maximum wheel width / offset I can get away with on My IS200 (01) ?
  13. Just picked up two uncut replacements on ebay for a fiver. Just need to get them cut now and inserrt the buttons. Don't know why I didn't think of that before!
  14. Thanks, the case is toast and beyond super glue. Does the key not have some sensor in it that is needed to start the car?