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  1. hi. i have a 2002 430 that is due to have a lpg conv on 16/10. i use dualfuel systems in woking ,surrey.very good and reliable.i have run merc s320 on lpg with no probs.longer sev intervals too.ideal if u do lots of miles.will post my views once done. Thanks for the reply. I've been waiting before my warranty expires (Nov 07) before I go ahead with the conversion, so any input on your experiences would be much appreciated. I have my own business & we run 7 vehicles on LPG with a cumul. mileage over approcahing 500K with no probs yet. Does you innstaller have any commnets regarding the on board computer system? It seems to me that filing on LPG will simply bypass the fuel flow indicator that the computer uses to extablish MPG. therefore it will be useless. Not really an issue for me, but I wondered if they had though about it. Regards D
  2. I have an LS430 2001 model. Our company is switching its fleet to LPG (with no problems so far), and I can benefit from the cost saving on the LPG in due course. I've spoken to the LPG conversion company, who have done several succesful LS400's but, as yet, no 430's. Anyone have any experience of the 430 for conversion?