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  1. any pics of the induction kit Yeah, check out my garage :winky: (Were taken before removal obviously).
  2. Hi guys, got some bits from my IS200 that need to go. Had to sell the car due to high maintenence costs Trust/Greddy Induction Kit (could do with clean) - Offers Toms Eyelids (never fitted) - Offers TRD Leather Gearknob - Offers Original Grille - Offers Grab yourself a bargain before they go on Fleabay Chris
  3. Cheers mate will give it a try when the Mrs comes home! Thanks Chris
  4. No but sounds like a plan, which one is it? I had it changed with the cam belt recently so could be loose, I do get the odd squeal on startup too once in a while. Cheers
  5. Can anyone help pleeeeaaaasssseeeee Chris
  6. Hi guys, Hope someone can help, when drivers window is down I have a funny whirring type noise when the steering wheel is slightly turned to the left and moving. Only seems to do it when the car is cold and the wheel is to the left not the right The only thing I can think of is that when I had my service about 6 weeks ago I was told I have a very slight leak from the power stering pump, also told i can get a type of 'Radweld' for power steering pumps, does anyone know where from?? Cheers In Advance Chris :winky:
  7. Yeah I agree Wyliecoyote, I left it for 18 months and 22k without treating it to a service so it deffo was overdue !!! Chris
  8. Picked my IS200 Sport up from a service today and WOW!! Shes idling at 950rpm now instead of 350rpm, battery charging better on idle cos of the higher revs, no knocking from front wheels on lock, handbrake tighter and generally running quieter and smoother!! Best £108 I ever spent!! Chris :winky:
  9. Hi DJ Wozza, Yeah I read a few posts about the Dr and the geo setup on IS200s. Seems to have come on me all of a sudden though, tyres used to wear a lot more evenly before, had ball joints changed recently so wondering if that has something to do with it. Would love a full setup by the Dr but its a long drive for me and funds dont permit at the moment LOL!!! How much am I looking at roughly?? Chris
  10. No didnt have the water pump done just the belts, pretensioner and pulley. Changed the plugs about 20k ago, they were recommended by a few members here :winky:
  11. Hi, yeah I had the problem before the belt change, was hoping it could have been related Mechanic says he will take a look when he does my service shortly. P.Linblom - it was like a ticking noise almost like tappets but seems much quieter now, can hardly hear the engine from inside now and its done 110k!!!! Chris
  12. Hi guys, had my timing belt changed today at long last, Cost me £270 at an independant garage. It sounds much quieter now as it was in a really bad state. The mechanic said he had only ever once seen one in such a bad state The pretensioner was so loose the belt was slipping around and it had worn down to less than half its width !!!! There was a big pile of 'fluffy stuff' that was left from the belt which he had pulled out as well!!!! Was told I probably had a couple of weeks left max :shutit: I still have a problem with the car idling really low(350rpm) :tsktsk: Any ideas? Also my front tyres have worn on the insides AGAIN :tsktsk: Think the potholes on my work route have got to my tracking!!! Any help appreciated Cheers Chris
  13. Cheers for the replies guys, I have a Trust induction kit fitted and that has recently been cleaned so shouldnt be that. Will be getting serviced soon so hope that sorts it. Where can I spray the carb cleaner with the induction kit? Chris
  14. Hi guys, My IS200 is still idling really low at between 300rpm & 600rpm. When approaching a roundabout yesterday and pressing the clutch to change down to 2nd the car actually stalled :tsktsk: My battery is new and think the alternator is ok as charging fine but car in desperate need of service and timing belt change Low on funds for now so sticking it out but was hoping might be a cheap fix for the idling problem??? Cheers Chris
  15. Sorry for late replies - Tiscali cut me off LOL!!! Yeah neighbour admitted damage and paid for it Got it from Lexus Cardiff for £92.18. Job done cheers Chris :winky: