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  1. The tone potentiometer has apparently gone past it's lifespan. It rotates without making any adjustments to the sound. Has anyone experienced this problem and replaced the potentiometer? The potentiometer is manufactured by ALPS. I contacted them and their reply was that the electronic components are made solely for the headunit manufacturer and cannot be sold elsewhere. They suggested a list of 'possible' replacements based on the pics I sent them. If anyone has successfully replaced the potentiometer, please advise on the part number. Thanks.
  2. what harness do I need when replacing the OEM headunit, without a factory amp?
  3. Can anyone provide the part number for this? Thanks
  4. need to replace a bush on that arm, not sure what it's called is it the lower track arm? is the bush available? please advise Uploaded with ImageShack.us thanks
  5. no one? how much would this cost in the UK? anyone willing to purchase it for me? can send money via Paypal
  6. need to replace the idle speed control on the throttle body of my IS200 the part number is 22270-70130 can anyone assist? thanks
  7. need to replace the idle speed control on the throttle body of my IS200 the part number is 22270-70130 can anyone assist thanks
  8. had to turn the ignition switch on and off a couple times to prime the pump, it's working now however, the engine seems to be getting too much fuel, it idles at around 1750 rpm on park and neutral the replacement I got was a 225 lph pump, what can be done to reduce the fuel consumption? thanks
  9. replaced the pump, can hear it running but no discharge any suggestions?
  10. thanks for the reply, but I'm not interested in a used pump
  11. will an ES300 '92-'96 fuel pump work on an IS200? thanks
  12. need to replace the fuel pump on my IS200 anyone has any links for sellers online? can't find any is there any replacement pumps which may work or any pumps from any other Lexus or Toyota models? thanks
  13. My IS200 has been parked up for about 1 week Tried starting it today and it wouldn't start It turns over quite healthy so it isn't the battery. Sprayed some carb/fuel injection conditioner into the throttle and the engine started It's definitely a fuel problem. Any suggestions? Thanks