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Double Din Stereo Install


Mk2 GS300 Sport

Having opted in the end for another Sony unit (so that I can continue to use the rotary commander that I have used for year and years), I went for the XAV-W1, good or bad, only time will tell.

This evening I decided to start the install. First off was to remove the factory amp and changer.

1. Remove the passenger side bottom pannel. There are three clips on the front edge and two at the back. Pop the front edge out and pull towards you, disconnect the foot well lamp.


2. To remove the glove box, remove the two bolts at either end underneath


Then open the glove box and remove the three screws on the top edge


Once the screws are out, there are to clips on the top edge which pop out with a gentle lever with a flat blade screwdriver. Once free, you need to disconnect the lamp connector, and also remove the little panel holding the air bag connector (there is no need to unplug the airbag connector).


3. The amp is now visible on the left had side of the foot well opening, mounted vertically. Disconnect the four connectors (red arrows). There is then a bolt holding the top bracket, and another bolt at the bottom end of the amp just behind the fuse box cover (blue arrows). Pull the carpet aside to get to it. Remove the amp.


4. The CD changer is mounted along the top. There are two bolts on the left hand side, one bolt on the right. Once undone and the changer pulled forward, the connectors on the back can be disconnected.


Technically, you could leave the amp and changer in the car. I decided to remove them for two reasons. Firstly, why carry extra weight, secondly, the area freed up where the changer was will make a usefull area for the ipod to live.

5. Next is the head unit itself. Using a taped flat blade screwdriver, gently pry the top air vent out. Once free, disconnet the two connectors on the back for the clock and hazard light switch.


6. Open the ashtray, and pull it firmly straight out. the clips will free and the whole unit will pull forward. Disconnect the connector for the cigarette lighter.


7. Now you can get to the top and bottom bolts on the head unit. The stereo head unit and the climate controls are all mounted on the same brackets.



Once the bolts are removed, pull the whole unit forward and disconnect both connectors on the climate control, and disconnect the 3 connectors and aerial lead from the stereo.

Everything out


8. With the unit out of the vehicle, undo the screws and bolts on the side of the stereo and climate control and separate the two units.

9. Using an "Autoleads" double din adaptor, mount your new head unit and the climate control unit. Re-installation is the reverse of removal.

The finished article.


I will add to the thread when I do the wiring in the next day or two.

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