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How to Remove your Head Unit CD/Radio


How to quickly remove the radio and centre console/dash board for repairs or replacement using only a 10mm socket in less than 2 min.
At your own risk.
I have replaced the OEM multichanger with a touch screen Alpine head unit. If you still have the orginal OEM unit installed, the process is much the same.

Please see the YouTube clip (2m) for a quick demonstration of how to remove your CD player.


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My is 1200 is a 2000 model with the cd player/loader in the front unit on the dash.when i press "load".the lights either side of the cd flash orange.It seems that before the cd player can accept the cd,s the orange lights have to turn green.Can anyone advise what the problem is?.Maybe there might be a cd stuck in???.Has anyone out there had a similar problem like this?.

Thanks...chip redcar cleveland

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