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  1. Please see the YouTube clip (2m) for a quick demonstration of how to remove your CD player. HD Link: SD:
  2. see this thread has died off. im having same problem but i think its just the pad moving about. Any progress reprts funkey?
  3. I have had my front nearside caliper sticking since I got my car 6 months ago, in that time it has had new discs/pads and the caliper released twice. Last week car failed MOT due to the brakes and I finally had to get a new caliper which i got off Ebay for £100. Also had to get the rear offside released as it was sticking so suspect it might need replaced some time soon. Like the fusion pete I could also cook on the wheels but running cold all round now and as expected car runs a lot better!. Love the car but what is it with the brakes........ Snap! Had the car jacked up at the garage yesterday and went round them all, funny enough at the time the front caliper was fine but the back left was a little sticky which i never noticed before! Of course as soon as i drove out of the garage the front one went back to its old tricks. I'm gona get the guys that fitted the pads and discs to take the caliper apart to see if its a component failure as apose to the whole caliper. The saga continues...
  4. this is exactly the problem im having. i've been having alot of trouble with that caliper sticking and had the pads replaced, since then its been giving me the knocking. I needed the ball joint replaced anyway but the knocking is still there. Must be the pads or something.
  5. im having the same problem, drivers side. Ive been given the run around by a number of mechs. I've had the caliper taken apart lubed up twice and it keeps sticking, brakes changed etc etc. I've seen that a new caliper is about £124, but i've already spent a fortune on the car already. does anybody know of a good (cheap) supplier?
  6. if i were you i'd see this mishap as an opportunity to shed a few KG and get the much lighter carbon fiber bonnet. You can get them the same shape and fitment as the OEM then just get it sprayed over.
  7. Hi peeps! Does anybody know of somewhere other than Charles Hurst, that will do a good job in servicing the Lexi around Belfast? I have been recommended to go to a "Jap specialist" near Bangor - Motor-Tech. Has anyone had any dealings? Thanks for reading. Nick
  8. When I bought my car I had noticed it needed a top up every 3 weeks or so. I had a word with my neighbour about it who also has a IS200 and he has the same problem. I swiftly popped down to Halfords for a bottle of radweld, poured it in topped up my levels and haven't had a problem since!! It's been 5 months now (5k) and its still holding fine. Give it a go!
  9. Dont know if this will be much used to ya but I had a similar problem when I first bought my IS200 in October. A rattle from the drivers door. In the end it got the better of me, so I found a walk through on taking the door card off. Took me about 30 mins to sort out. It turned out to be a metal clip that kept the window secure or something and came unbolted and fell down through the door. Its not a hard job, so don't pay to much! Any mechanic should be well practiced in taking panels off.
  10. Hi y'all another newbie to greet ya from Belfast! I bought my IS200 Sport in October. Love the car to bits! I had that car polished every day for about 2 months. Neighbours thought I was cracked lol. Does anyone know where I can get myself a set of black mats that say LEXUS on them? I seen a set on a 200 in a showroom. No idea where they came from but they really looked the part with the white writing along the side. I should have made an offer there an then.
  11. Belfast did a good job and at the price quoted. No fuss. I have had bad experiences with ROI dealers. I spent over €900.00 with one service dealer who didn't even wash the car, left me with sensor problems on the cam and broke my heart for over a month. If you have a FLSH with one dealer, keep it intact. You would save a few bob elsewhere but what value is peace of mind? Hi there! Can I ask who you took the car to in Belfast? Im due for a service soon.
  12. Was there any resolve for this issue? When I bought my car I found I had the exact same problem. I've tried everything I can think of, i've even had the cd player in bits and put it all back together but ...... suprisingly it didnt help. Past the day though lol. I assume its just knackered. I would have thought it would have given an error code though! Im strongly thinking about just changing for an aftermarket if it really is broke.
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