Instructions for changing 12v battery to non lexus battery




1. Disconnect both battery terminals & remove from battery posts, using snip nose pliers squeeze the white plastic lugs which secure the fuse-holder fitting to the silver security bracket & pull fitting out of oblong hole then grasp the cream coloured connector shown on the top right & pull the whole thing firmly towards you (it will slide off of its mounting on the battery.



2. With a 10mm spanner or socket & wrench undo & remove the bolt which secures the silver clamp to the body shell & the 10mm nut on the back stud & remove the nut & silver clamp.


3.To the left of the battery pull the little rubber hose & remove it from the batterys' side, behind this there is a black electrical connector – push in its tang & unplug the plug from its socket.


4. Remove battery with black socket & wires still attached to it.


5. Under the yellow information sticker on the top left where it says “Never add water” carefully peel back the label to reveal a translucent silicon area & a channel where the two wires that go to the heat sensor (which is located inside the silicon) are seen.


6. Remove the black socket from the battery by grasping the socket itself with your left hand & pulling it towards the rear of the car & at the same time pressing down on its tang which is located (when looking from the top) in a rectangular hole which is slightly to the right of the socket (or behind it you might say) & usually has a white mark on it.


7. Now carefully manipulate the wires out of their channel & slowly but firmly pull the wires up & to the left until the heat sensor pulls out of the silicon, this sensor when fitting to the new battery may be gaffer taped to the top left of the battery.

Reffitting is a reversal of removal.

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