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  1. The Dr Prius obd device is quite good, although not as good as tech-stream, also you have to really know how to interpret the data.
  2. I have had 48mpg fresh out of repair on a 450h!
  3. My GS450h SE is just lovely, on hindsight though, i would probably would have preferred the SEL model as the Radar Cruise on those is superb - technology that was far ahead of its time at the time! Reliability I don't think you can knock it really. All the points raised above are reasonably common but should not put you off, shame you didn't ask a while back as i knew a chap who was downsizing as his wife didn't like driving larger cars - I did the works on his hybrid battery & she was in beautiful shape. I have a nice silver one in at the moment from the Isle of Wight which, at 12 years old, will soon be running & looking like new again. All the best Richard
  4. Sorry Ive been very busy, no nothing in Ireland all of them removed them & sent them to me, I have a contact who does the Ireland Uk Europe run every week who is very reasonable would you like his details?? Richard
  5. I have done 3 from various parts of Ireland- not being funny but I really would not trust “on the quick” repairers - it takes a good 7 to 10 days to do properly anything less will be at best a very temporary repair (obviously I am biased so please ask around for yourself)
  6. I’m afraid voltage is not a good indicator of battery condition what you need to know is capacity which is volts x amps (power) x time - that should point you in the right direction Richard
  7. Should be fine for now - its not the end of the world if it does go wrong. Obviously I repair / recon batteries so cant advertise my price but others on here may tell you, other things to check include, if there is a buzzing or whering noise when at a stop & engine off - Auxiliary transmission oil cooling pump (home repair of this is possible at home too for @ £60 ish) Shock absorbers leaking they are £350 ish each, Contrary to Lexus information aftermarket 12v Auxilliary batteries can be fitted @ £70 - £150 rather than OE ones at over £400. Obviously I am biased - I own one & love it! Tax is high for a hybrid due i think to its CO emmisions but still affordable, last time i got it was I think £250ish but check that. I think 99% of all problems can be rectified with information from our forum so I wouldn't hesitate if all else is good Mr Acre !
  8. I have just finished & refitted an HV battery pack which also refuses to drop out of the green & spends noticeably more time in electric only yippee must redo my own sometime when its quiet. Your exhaust is just great John - that blooming Y piece is a regular thing I see blowing on otherwise perfect cars. Superb work John Richard
  9. hybridbatterysolutions

    Losing faith in my LEXUS GS450H

    Have only just seen this post = have sent a PM sure I can help
  10. Couldn't have put it better myself
  11. I have some brand new fox fx004s for sale, I posted about them title is Wheels a quick heads up
  12. hybridbatterysolutions

    Hybrids & Heat

    A good question - I had one from Malaysia which was pretty nearly scrap but not sure?
  13. hybridbatterysolutions

    Hybrids & Heat

    That's great - very good, but in my own personal opinion & experience I think that is more likely the exception rather than the rule! - so many different factors affect the condition & lifespan of a battery no matter what type, it is pretty impossible without exceptional testing in a Lab & real on-road extensive long term testing to predict. All we do know & can say with certainty is that temperature has a significant negative effect on cell condition, lifespan & performance.
  14. hybridbatterysolutions

    Hybrids & Heat

    Yes John that has occurred to me too, - given the reliability & low power consumption (relatively) of the battery cooling fans I believe it would be better to cool them via an ambient temperature control - I guess I could construct a device to do that alongside the safety roll of the existing sensors, theoretically this could be quite an easy plug in device which would fool the existing systems into running the cooling fans more or less constantly in temps exceeding something like 12 degrees or even at the temp where the manufacturers say they perform best mmmm thats got me thinking!!!!
  15. hybridbatterysolutions

    Hybrids & Heat

    Quite a few people ask me how to best look after their hybrid battery packs during hot weather. All Lexus / Toyota Hybrids are equipped with at least 4 thermal sensors, in most cases more, so theoretically if all those & their associated cooling fans / ECU's / wiring / ducting / grills etc are all in good clean working order then the vehicles should 'look after themselves' so to speak so no real great cause for alarm or worry - however - issues arise when any of these fail or become broken or clogged. Also we are all human so when it's hot we want our AC Air Conditioning on, it is not generally known by hybrid owners, however, that our Air Conditioning compressor motors are not driven by a belt & pulley from the engine as the vast majority of other vehicles are. No! ours are driven by quite a heavy three phase electrical motor directly fed via a converter from our Hybrid Battery. If our Hybrid Battery &/or system is not in good condition & we are sat in traffic, for instance, the engine not running & the air-con working to cool us - the hybrid battery will quickly drain & be topped up by our hybrid system resulting in a bit of a see-saw effect (discharge/charge) which in itself is not very good (whatever anyone else says) for the health of our Hybrid Battery in effect it eats away at the capacity of the battery. What can we do about it ? Some simple steps like setting our A/C's at a specific normal temperature say 20 degrees & placing it in automatic mode, this will ensure the compressor runs only when absolutely needed, not having windows open while A/C is on as we are then trying to cool the entire planet, other simple things like parking in the shade where possible, keeping all vents & air intake grills clear of detritus. If you know your Hybrid Battery is a bit weak you are probably better off not using the AC at all. Hope this helps