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  1. Ah thank you very much advice duly noted. Ive had a couple of LS's here & tbh the cars are just superb, I only have 1 issue with them, the complexity of getting the hybrid battery out to work on makes repairs unviable. I might have something in the pipeline for a hybrid conditioner for them, its another project I've always put on the back burner.
  2. Hi everybody, I haven't got the money for one as yet, I am just gathering information for when I do so keep it rolling in I'm all ears! & a big thankyou!
  3. Blimey, thanks so much for all that detail, thats fantastic! Thanks so much for doing all that work with part numbers too! I've come across toyo before & have often used it, I've bought stuff from Amayama & Partsouq as well for my GS. Everytime I think about selling the GS I get a bit of a knot of reluctance, its been my baby & I've lavished on it, it's the best car I've ever owned! but the SC has that certain something else going for it & Clarkson & his mob are just idiots IMHO
  4. How much do all these mods cost? I'll need to factor them in unless I can get one that's already tricked up ! I didn't really want to have to spend a fortune?
  5. heheheheh that made me chuckle! all good invaluable stuff, I would be unlikely to go for a modified version unless they were sensible mods. My days of Carlos Fandango wide wheels & fury dice are well & truly over but I do feel i would be at home in an SC, i'm just wondering if it feels & drives similar to my GS? i suspect there are similarities but 'hey' thats a beautiful car too! Was tempted by a 350slk but i suspect the ride is harsh, Z3 allthough sexy at the time a bit skitish for the middle aged gent, heres hoping I wont be dissapointed, being a huge Lexus fan I doubt I will! Thanks Neil!!
  6. Ah ok noted thankyou Philip, anything else? I saw a youtube video that said at 2006 they got a facelift & better suspension?, I'm guessing you love yours?
  7. Hi there Guys & Gals, I'm a newbie to the SC Forum I'm usually more at home on the GS & RX hybrid Forums, the time has come i think to part with my beautifull GS450h, I love lexus & have more or less set my heart on an SC430, there's somethiung about them? Anyway, any advice on common issues & problems & what to look for would be very much appreciated, I'll probably have up to 10k available. Thankyou in advance
  8. This was my original post about the pipe bracket, I got mine welded up by a specialist welder, I can only presume its there as part of the fluid transfer system so not fitting the pipe with bits security bracket back in could i guess affect the manual gearing or some-such, definately best to repair & refit IMHO
  9. Oh really? I didn’t realize thanks chaps! I’ve usually got 2 or 3 in but it can go in fits & starts - extremes of temperature sees more in though definitely! i hesitate to post about their results without they’re permission & it could be seen as advertising. What I would say is keep an eye on my sites as prices of my new ones are dropping a fair bit as soon as I finish publishing them that is!! i did ask Steve about advertising on here but prices were very too high for a one man workshop!!! all the best Richard
  10. On first impression that looks pretty good, there would also be a way we could "fool" the ecu to constantly run the fan unit on different stages of speed by adding fixed value resistors across the thermistor terminals, in Techstream there is actually a 6 speed graduation on the test function. The fans are very robust on our GS's. Looking out the window we definately don't need it today !
  11. Hi I have removed any company references. Apologies for copying over from FB without removing last line. Richard
  12. My apologies, quite a few people are still blissfully unaware though - if my post saves someone a nasty shock then I am happy 😃
  13. It’s not actually, I posted it in order that people who may be concerned can quickly check via the link. The more people that meet it the better petrol/hybrid, petrol, diesel, lpg etc etc etc.