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  1. This was my original post about the pipe bracket, I got mine welded up by a specialist welder, I can only presume its there as part of the fluid transfer system so not fitting the pipe with bits security bracket back in could i guess affect the manual gearing or some-such, definately best to repair & refit IMHO
  2. Oh really? I didn’t realize thanks chaps! I’ve usually got 2 or 3 in but it can go in fits & starts - extremes of temperature sees more in though definitely! i hesitate to post about their results without they’re permission & it could be seen as advertising. What I would say is keep an eye on my sites as prices of my new ones are dropping a fair bit as soon as I finish publishing them that is!! i did ask Steve about advertising on here but prices were very too high for a one man workshop!!! all the best Richard
  3. On first impression that looks pretty good, there would also be a way we could "fool" the ecu to constantly run the fan unit on different stages of speed by adding fixed value resistors across the thermistor terminals, in Techstream there is actually a 6 speed graduation on the test function. The fans are very robust on our GS's. Looking out the window we definately don't need it today !
  4. Hi I have removed any company references. Apologies for copying over from FB without removing last line. Richard
  5. My apologies, quite a few people are still blissfully unaware though - if my post saves someone a nasty shock then I am happy 😃
  6. It’s not actually, I posted it in order that people who may be concerned can quickly check via the link. The more people that meet it the better petrol/hybrid, petrol, diesel, lpg etc etc etc.
  7. Values of older Hybrid Vehicles are now set to soar as the new Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) charge is introduced in London! The new charge is now in effect & comes on top of the existing Congestion Charge so it will cost £11-50p Congestion Charge plus £12-50p ULEZ charge making £24-00p!! just to take a non compliant vehicle into central London!! The yearly charge based on a 5 day working week with 4 weeks holiday already deducted is a whopping £5,760!!!! The new ULEZ zone is expanding by 2021 to include a massive area encompassing the North & South Circular Roads. Birmingham, Derby & Newcastle are also set to introduce similar charges. The good news is the most popular older Hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Prius, Honda Civic IMA, Lexus GS450h ( yes even this superb luxury 3.5L cruiser ) are already Ultra Low Emission Vehicles ( ULEV's) so the owners of these vehicles are smiling all the way to the Bank now!! If you would like to check if you will have to pay the new ULEZ charge, enter your registration number into the tfl website via this link:- https://tfl.gov.uk/modes/driving/check-your-vehicle-35896 Suddenly renewing the Hybrid Battery in your old car makes perfect sense.
  8. Don’t think my Mrs F would be too keen either!! Women!
  9. I saw this in my local garage - it's a novel use of an IS200 block isn't it! Put together by a young apprentice at the time. Nice chaps too at Sywell Garage - Enjoy!
  10. The Dr Prius obd device is quite good, although not as good as tech-stream, also you have to really know how to interpret the data.
  11. My GS450h SE is just lovely, on hindsight though, i would probably would have preferred the SEL model as the Radar Cruise on those is superb - technology that was far ahead of its time at the time! Reliability I don't think you can knock it really. All the points raised above are reasonably common but should not put you off, shame you didn't ask a while back as i knew a chap who was downsizing as his wife didn't like driving larger cars - I did the works on his hybrid battery & she was in beautiful shape. I have a nice silver one in at the moment from the Isle of Wight which, at 12 years old, will soon be running & looking like new again. All the best Richard
  12. Super helpful and very responsive service. I had hybrid system light come on. Contacted Richard from Hybrid Battery Solutions, he was more then happy to advise me and pinpointed the problem same night. I would say he is hybrid system guru, you can trust him 100%, no point paying main dealer three times more for new battery or diagnostics. Highly recommended, will defiantly use it in the future.




  13. Sorry Ive been very busy, no nothing in Ireland all of them removed them & sent them to me, I have a contact who does the Ireland Uk Europe run every week who is very reasonable would you like his details?? Richard
  14. I have done 3 from various parts of Ireland- not being funny but I really would not trust “on the quick” repairers - it takes a good 7 to 10 days to do properly anything less will be at best a very temporary repair (obviously I am biased so please ask around for yourself)