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    Video: 2020 LEXUS NX300h "Cool & Bright "Blue - New Lexus NX300h 2020 - レクサス NX300h クール & ブライト 2020年モデル

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    On 10/9/2020 at 4:56 PM, Lexus-Ian said:

    The 4th gen hybrid system seems a lot better than the 3rd and will run on motor only even on motorway so no more cap on 50mph. Engine feels more responsive even in eco mode compared to previous version. Fuel economy is good managed just over 60mpg on a long motorway drive, and getting about 55mpg on my daily commute.


    Infotainment system not as bad as car reviewers make out. Although voice recognition is waste of time, after 2-3 attempts to give it instructions I give up. Radio reception is better than the IS which I found kept jumping around DAB bands for the same radio station.


    Cant say I notice the auto dimming wing mirrors working, manual says it’s linked to review mirror which is fine but since it’s got privacy glass in the back everything is darkened to start with so probably not activating the dimming effect. Maybe I notice with more driving in the dark with coming winter.


    Brake hold is nice feature but why do I have to turn on each time I start the car? Also doesn’t turn off the brake light when foot comes of brake pedal. It’s a pet hate of mine people sitting with foot on brake in traffic blinding the person behind. Appreciate need to let people behind know you’ve stopped but in traffic with car behind which has also stopped why can it not use rear sensors to detect the car and turn off the brake light.


    Lexus concierge is great have my temp set and not had to change it at all. Yes I’ve had climate control before but found I would adjust temp depending on weather or sunny conditions. But the system works seamlessly activating the heated/ventilated seats as required and blowing air in around you making you feel very comfortable.


    Adaptive high beam isn’t perfect, I drove a few country roads and found a few times it turn off at a village because of the street lights but when I left the village the high beam didn’t come back on even though no street lights or other cars. Had to turn the feature off and back on to get it working. Generally though the adaptive lighting did work I only got flashed once  from an oncoming car so assume it worked and didn’t blind all the other cars I passed. I’m still not certain if it is legal to use as relying on the technology to dim/turn off so not to effect other road users.


    As it’s front wheel drive there is some wheel spin with rapid setting off coming out at junctions etc. But I found the rear wheel drive IS would spin rear inner wheel in same situation so no real biggy. Probably just the shorter tyre life on the fronts.


    Ride is comfortable, takes the pyramid speed bumps well although the long speed bumps do give the car a jolt. Cornering is good but as less bucket seats find myself sliding around the seat LOL.


    I have noticed the ABS kick in twice when braking (not hard). No obvious reason why as road conditions not slippery and wasn’t braking hard and travelling straight.


    Reversing camera tends to get covered in water when driving in rain. Sure not a problem for most but where I work I have to reverse into a spot and the parking is tight so makes the camera near impossible to use. Wasn’t an problem with the IS.


    apple car play is good although find where the USB socket is not great as leaves the lead around the gearshift and infotainment controls. Plus the USB sockets are covered by a little flap cover which gets knocked off every time you close the lid over the area.


    Still can’t get the lexus link app to connect up. Managed to link my infotainment system to my account and get map updates and weather reports etc so I’m online but because link wont work I cant use some features as wont enable. Frustrating as must of tried several times now.


    Think that’s all I can woffle about for now.



    Yes the Lexus link app has always been problematic since it was set up. It is run by Lexus Europe rather than Lexus UK hence they have shown a non chalant attitude to it  

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