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  1. Cheers sorcerer the seats in the GS don,t fold so can,t do that and as you said the low brake pad warning noise is a metal to metal noise as I thought thanks anyway Brian.
  2. Hi all, As per title does anyone know how to remove the rear head rests on a 2005 lexus gs430 as I wish to clean my rear window and with these in place it's near impossible. I can lift them up to the roof lining but am worried that if I force them I will either damage the roof lining or the head rests themselves also iv'e noticed just recently that during braking I can here a knocking noise from my n/s/f brake, now is this the low pad warning sound?, or is that more like a metal to metal noise when that occurs. Kind Regards Brian.
  3. Front brake disc size

    Hi Tiger Fish, I was looking on euro car parts using my reg number and they list Bembo @296 mm and Pagid @334 mm so that's why I asked the question as both sizes were listed against my reg number . Cheers Brian
  4. Front brake disc size

    Hi all, looking to replace the disc's on my car a lexus gs430 2005 the problem I'm experiencing is there seems to be more than 1 size listed for the front . Iv'e serched with registration number and make, model year etc does anyone know how to get around this without taking the disc's off and physically measuring them . Thanks in advance Brian.
  5. Head Gasket?

    Hi all, with regards to this topic the HG sniff test as was explained to me works by a chemical reaction of the coolant vapour passing through a chemical that changes colour when hydrocarbons are present hence a HG leak. Hydrocarbons should not come into contact with water in the cooling system unless there is a HG leak.This I assume is the modern way of detecting a HG problem as apposed to the compression test which measures cylinder pressure which could be valves or piston ring issues. Cheers Brian.
  6. Head Gasket?

    Hi Steve, my son had one of those HG sniffer tests done on his 500 bhp evo just to make sure all was ok with his engine so because I love my lexus with a passion I decided to have the test done on the lexus. The result was a slight colour change in the test device to which I was told by the garage it indicated a HG problem. I had the water pump replaced recently and was wondering if there was a possibility of cross contamination some how with the water. I have no overheating or coolant loss but I do get mayo in the oil filler cap but hopefully this is down to me doing very short journeys to work eg 1 mile each way . On long runs 20-30 mile runs no mayo. Kind Regards Brian.
  7. Head Gasket?

    Hi, looking for some advice about possible head gasket issue on an 05 gs430 which has covered 105k. just had one of those sniff test/head gasket test which results in a colour change if head gasket is leaking, Well there was a colour change but was debatable to what extent, I had recently had a new water pump fitted and was wondering if somehow there could have been some cross contamination during this procedure also any ideas on cost at an indy garage to have them done if need be? only don't want to wait till they go and leave me in the lurch. I also wish to add that I do very short journeys which seems to result in having mayo in the oil filler cap, but don't have the mayo issue on longer journeys and I have no overheating issues or coolant loss. Thanks in advance Bri.
  8. Hi mate, I had the same problem replaced both cats and 4 sensors at a cost of £1200 turned out to be a very slight leak on exhaust after the down stream sensor only picked up on it by chance so replaced exhaust with stainless steel £575 grand total of £1800 at least I know my cats won't need doing for at least 100000 miles . Brian
  9. Hi All, I was just wondering "as you do" does anyone know what the plastic tag with a wire attached is on the n/s of my windscreen my car is a lexus gs430 2006 third generation. Thanks in advance to your replies Brian.
  10. Hi guys, sorry for the delay in replying to the replies to my thread but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day anymore lol, anyway in relation to my thread iv'e had no issues with my light problem since I swapped the bulbs over from side to side in April this year and yes they were standard spec bulbs but looking at some replies about the light out put degrading over time ( I think my bulbs are original) and don't seem as bright as some other xenon lights I might consider replacing them. Cheers Brian.
  11. Hi, I just thought that this info might be of use to anyone encountering intermittent hid headlight problems. A few months ago I had my o/s dipped beam hid headlight going off after a couple of minutes and after switching them off then back on it would come on again only to go off again after a short time. This would happen randomly and not every day ( no bulb out warning on dash) and was advised by several members that the said bulb was starting to fail. Checked a out replacement pair and found them to be around £50-60 so before a shelled out for these bulbs I decided to swap them over from side to side to rule out a ballast problem and on removing the bulbs I noticed that the o/s bulb had a slight burn/corrosion mark on the side contact point which when you swap them over this contact point is in a different place and hey presto intermittent has disappeared. Kind Regards Brian
  12. Hi Mike, Thanks for the reply I'm not sure but will try sortly as I'm on shift today but I don't think it will make any difference because if you hold cc leaver for a couple of seconds it just increases/decreases speed by multipuls of 5mph. Cheers Brian.
  13. Hi all. I have a Lexus GS430 2005 and was wondering if the cruise control can be reset so that it will increase/decrease in 1 mph increments instead of 5mph increments ?. Many Thanks Brian.
  14. Thanks for reply, mate like you stated power/snow button is useless not sure about sport button making it sound aggressive because there ain't any valve devices in the exhaust system to alter. Cheers Brian.
  15. Hi all, As title I have a GS 430 2005 Lexus and was wondering what the Power switch for the engine and the Sport switch for the gearbox do?. I'm old school and from what I remember the sport switch for the gearbox used to hold on to the gears longer up the rev range but mine changes normal no matter what mode its in. Also the power/snow button what does this supposed to do when In power mode? does it increase bhp/torque to the engine? and also I have adaptive headlights how do these work? do they turn like some citroens do or does the relevant front fog light come on as most new cars?. Kind Regards Brian.