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  1. A few edited photos :)
  2. Classic B&W

    From the album Is250 F-sport personalised

    Classic all photos done with mobile phone
  3. Is250 F-sport personalised

    As a hobby Photographer, I have done car photography shoots for different individuals who desired a different look and personality for the cars they drive . However, I never had the chance to do a photo shoot for myself until now :)
  4. Eyes of the beast

    From the album Is250 F-sport personalised

    The glow
  5. Race inspired

  6. Walking a Monster

    From the album Is250 F-sport personalised

    This was done using a mobile phone , hopefully soon , i'd get the time to do a proper shoot with my kit :) .. B&W version whats your preference ?

    © AOphotography

  7. Taming a Beast

    From the album Is250 F-sport personalised

    This was done using a mobile phone , hopefully soon , i'd get the time to do a proper shoot with my kit :) .. coloured version. Whats your preference ?

    © aophotography

  8. i'm in love and still in shock .. the ride , the features, ooh my
  9. And SHe arrives :) , Ooh men she is so beautiful and moves like a dream :), 54k+milage , motorway milage was basically 41mpg. the leap in advancement from an is200 to this is shocking. I am basically still in shock
  10. Hey guys , many thanks for the comments and once again there was another twist of faith. I got a call for the car dealer yesterday saying the is250 sr had an ecu problem .they they would try to fix it but of cause no one want to buy a car that is already problematic before so i turned the whole offer down and what back to my original plan of the is250 f sport, fortunately the seller gave me a price cut which makes it affordable now :) picking up on Friday morning, will most definitely post photos once I get it :)
  11. Definitely will J , very many thanks , was a little disappointed as i had my mind set on the f sport however I am over it now. .. Many thanks again.
  12. Very many thanks for the responses guys, I really appreciate the input , Unfortunately I could not get the 2010 f sport any more as this exceeded my budget and would have been a tight squeeze . I settled for a 2009 is250 SR. picking up on friday.. not what i wanted but i guess this would do for now. Many thanks again guys
  13. Hey Guys, Haven't been here in a while now. Good to be back :) . I currently own a 2002 is200 automatic ( purchased used in 2014 ) 60k miles , she has been so good to me and true to the Lexus brand, she never left me hanging.. not once . Now she is 82k on the clock and its time for a replacement . I am picking up a 2010 is250 f sport auto in about 2 weeks about 55k miles and a few extras. 3 previous owners and full Lexus service history . I have a few questions about mpg on the 2010 is250 f sport because my is200 was a fuel vampire . what is the fuel consumption like on the is250 f sport? what should I look out for on the day of pickup and while test driving? Any ideas on running cost estimate , maintenance /service cost? please any information would be helpful and handy . Many thanks again guys and keep the spirit burning. :)