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  1. scudney

    is 220d limp mode confusion

    If you have an OBD reader plug it in and see if it comes up with any error or fault codes and take it from there
  2. scudney

    HDD Sat Nav Update

    seems to be main dealer only
  3. Thanks a lot normski,same here I find it easy to use too,will start saving towards the update then lol 😁
  4. I have a 2012 Lexus IS250 f sport. it has the HDD Navigation system(grace note),is it dealership only updates or can I get the updates elsewhere
  5. Totally agree with you couldn't have said it any better and furthermore we seem to be over relying on technology where common sense should prevail(another thing that is increasingly in short supply)😊
  6. As the saying goes,cheap is not always cheerful,had my suspicions as soon as I saw the price,have used my local garage for the last 20 years and will continue to do so 😊
  7. Yes definitely better and goes along with the dash trim,happy days 😊
  8. what sort of service did they do please if you don't mind telling,what exactly did they change?
  9. Yes and its been around for years,I always think they have something to hide or are being dishonest or selective in what they include lol 😁
  10. scudney

    18" areo alloy wheel

    have a look at item 223199137286
  11. £125 for a full service really??,very much doubt it,will be interesting to know what was done as even a small/minor service ie oil,oil filter,cabin filter roughly comes to that as it is
  12. scudney

    18" areo alloy wheel

    Same here,had as many as 4 spares when I had my IS200 sport.The aeros as they are called are prone to buckling,although I only had one buckle on me,keep your eye on the bay they do pop up from time to time and if you are lucky someone on here might have one(they are getting pretty rare though and expensive too)
  13. scudney

    What does the Lexus brand say about you?

    same here,like to me,different and Lexus appeals to me😊