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  1. Does it have a sat nav?and no its not a common problem,only when the wiring has been fiddled with, obviously someone has messed about with yours at some point
  2. Welcome and good luck with your search 👍
  3. Welcome Ian hope you find the forum educational and informative 👍
  4. Then insist you want the cross climates(they are a cross between summer and winter tyres)not sure about the Yokohamas,although they are good tyres
  5. Yes it is a bit steep,think I had mine done about 3 years ago for about £500 or thereabouts
  6. As above, would check and see if your reversing sensors have been turned off,on the IS250 you have a menu that let's you turn them off and a lights on your dashboard indicating they are off,not sure if the same applies to the CT200
  7. scudney


    Welcome,hope you find the forum educational and informative and that you find the car you are looking for 👍
  8. Lol not a problem here,to be honest driven cars with some on the left and others the right and prefer the indicator stalk to the left(same as in the Vauxhall corsa)😊
  9. Congratulations on your new purchase, the sensor losing its colour shouldn't affect its working
  10. I would have thought that 40psi is a bit much for the tyres on a CT200 🤔
  11. At least the main thing for now is you have got your wipers working again,well done 👍
  12. Congratulations and well done 🍾👍
  13. Sound advice, had a similar problem with my daughter's corsa and had to change the linkage and motor