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  1. Good for you,some genuine lexus parts are surprisingly not as expensive as one might think lol 😁
  2. Hi, I wouldn't say it's to everyone's taste,everyone to their own I suppose,on my old IS200 I had the L embroided to the headrest so it looked like it actually came from the factory like that
  3. And your fuel economy does suffer a bit,but for me well worth it if only for the sound lol 😁
  4. I have a Lexus is250 f sport induction kit imported from America on mine and it makes a lovely noise once above 3000 rpm,not cheap though,see pic below
  5. If you get a or have a P420 code it might not necessarily be a cat issue so have it checked out first
  6. I am always baffled by people who take their cars to the kwik steal places and the likes,who half the time haven't got the foggiest idea, I stay well clear of them,use my trusted independent garage I have used for the last 20 years 🙁
  7. Ideally should have been posted in the 2nd gen(mk 2) forum,please bear this in mind next time you post a question etc
  8. Glad you managed to get it fixed in the end and all now working as it should,furthermore relatively cheaply too 😁
  9. Congratulations and welcome hope you find the forum educational and informative
  10. Congratulations and welcome to the LOC,hopefully you will find the forum educative and informative,hopefully someone on here will be able to answer your questions or concerns
  11. Welcome back Paul
  12. Everyone to their own I suppose,I use momentum 99 in my 250 and don't consider an extra 5p a litre a waste of money others might think different lol 😁
  13. Has anyone read this? New petrol pump labels to hit forecourts
  14. Don't forget the headlights need to be on for the headlight washers to work just incase you didn't take that into account
  15. Hasn't been a car program for years now was all about Jeremy,Richard and May