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  1. Sounds more like your insurance company's approved bodyshop trying to shift the blame elsewhere lol
  2. Congratulations and welcome to the forum 👍
  3. If its the same disc that has always been in the car then yes give it a clean and re insert it in and see what happens.You would only get the message you are getting if you put in a wrong disc
  4. And you are definitely sure you haven't got a naffed battery
  5. Will second that and same here in ultrasonic blue 👍😊
  6. Thanks John for your input, all 3 actually use Toyota engines.My thinking was the same as yours(emissions and fuel economy) as my later 250 f sport is in a slightly lower emissions band than the earlier 250's and the same applies to the aygo,107 and c1
  7. Just thought I should ask as I think it was revised in 2011,just as is the case with the later Toyota aygos using 0/20 and the earlier aygos 2005 to 2010(including the Peugeot 107 and c1's ) using 5/30
  8. Engine oil for 250 f sport 2011 5/30 or 0/20 ?
  9. Got a Yuasa one to replace my Panasonic,cost was around a hundred quid or thereabouts 😊
  10. Do bear in mind that diesel's do smoke under acceleration to a certain extent.
  11. Sorry to disappoint you but you won't get one or find one that allows postcode entry 🙁
  12. Here is one of my roamer power 8's