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  1. Be very careful what you do especially if its a hybrid(apparently you shouldn't jump start it the traditional way)🤔
  2. Good, glad you managed to get it sorted 👍
  3. Silly question but what are you jump starting it with? have you got a good enough connection, if you have no joy why not take the battery out and charge it overnight(assuming you have a charger)
  4. An individual joining a owners forum purely for the purpose of selling a car,should this really be allowed? 🤔
  5. Is it a manual or automatic? if I am not wrong all IS300's in the UK were automatic,so a cluster from a IS300 automatic would therefore not be a plug and play in a IS200 manual apart from anything else 🤔
  6. Choice is yours( without being bombarded with the pros and cons lol 😆),both are okay,I have always used momentum 99 in my lS 200 sport and 250 f sport out of Choice I might say 😉
  7. Hi Graeme,congratulations and welcome to the LOC,hoping you find the forum educational and informative 👍
  8. Where?how if you don't mind me asking
  9. Why even bother on a 21 year old car except you are going to do a rebuild and have a fair bit of money to spend etc
  10. Its a rear wheel drive car for starters,secondly a decent set of tyres would help in reducing this,have owned 2 IS200 sport before moving on to my current IS250 f sport
  11. Time for a change,halfrauds sell main stream batteries as well as their own brand,the choice is yours depending on how much you want to spend,yuasa,varta,bosch are good brands
  12. Couldn't have put it better myself,will save you a lot of ache and pain,ultimately however the choice is yours
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