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  1. my 250 f sport came with white lenses but I prefer the red so I ordered the red ones from Lexus Birmingham and swapped them 😊
  2. it would also depend on mileage covered, and your driving style.
  3. Another Newbie

    Be careful and do your research properly or you could easily end up with the wrong disc for your car
  4. found the CT200 f sport okay but prefer my IS250 f sport considerably much more and wouldn't swap it for one lol 😁
  5. use the check mot history website and it should tell you,on the mot page is a check any outstanding recalls,hope this helps 😊
  6. lol,yes,didn't get a free coffee 🍵 but got a Lexus pen instead,free fuel ⛽ and a CT200 f sport and bought a leather cleaning kit,when mine was done 😊
  7. the recalls are most likely to be for the passenger airbag
  8. thanks john, the one from the breakers was withdrawn as it had apparently been dropped and damaged while in storage,apparently you can get the fronts in the spare well with a little modification to the boot liner cover
  9. furthermore both cars still have outstanding recalls on them
  10. Yes it is, give your nearest Lexus dealership a call with your details and have it booked in, had my done a few months ago 😊
  11. no its not just want a spare one, unfortunately the item number you gave does not seem to exist, many thanks
  12. thanks John and kellogsj do you happen to know the item number please, many thanks
  13. Or could it just be one of those mot testers who thinks it's necessary to list everything even if it has no bearing or consequence on the outcome of the mot test itself???Bet its been tested by the same garage and same person on each occasion,there are testers who list everything eg plastic covers fitted obstructing view,child seat 💺 fitted affecting testing seat belts,oil leak in engine etc,etc,etc
  14. Does anyone know if the blue front grill badge mentioned on eBay in above thread would fit a mk2 IS 250 f sport please