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  1. Hope you enjoy it for years to come 😊👍
  2. Your 2001 RX most likely uses a disc,as did my 2003 IS 200 sport,my worked ok for me even if a bit long winded lol 😁
  3. Mine plays okay in my 250 f sport, admittedly I had to use a San Disk memory stick,as an unbranded on didn't seems to work(formatted stick was to fat32 and music download in mp3 format).Have used mainly 8 and 16gb sticks.
  4. Have you tried lexus dealerships in the uk?even if they don't have any in stock,chances are that they can order them for you 😊
  5. Thats a great shame 😭Do you know who bought it off here by any chance
  6. Out of curiosity what happened to Dougie 175,I know he sold his is250 f sport to a member on here??
  7. So a digital clock or lack of it makes a car useless,really lol😁?
  8. Good glad you are and all the best 👍👍
  9. Looks nice and well done with all the hard work cleaning it and tidying it up 😊👍
  10. Have you had a look on the bay?
  11. Congratulations 🥂hope you find the forum educational and informative
  12. Welcome to the LOC,hoping you find it informative and educational and congratulations on your new purchase.What model did are you picking up
  13. I sometimes wonder what all the fuss is with parking sensors,what did drivers do before these sensors came along?? I have the ones in my IS 250 f sport switched off and believe I am a capable enough driver to cope without them lol 😁