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  1. could be your third brake light bulb 💡 if you have one
  2. scudney

    New CT200h F sport 2012 owner

    welcome Mo,hope you find the forum educative and informative
  3. scudney

    Late christmas present

    congratulations 🎉 nice colour 😊
  4. take care and all the best Mr Vlad.
  5. sandman have you made your choice yet or still contemplating?
  6. scudney

    wheel centre caps

    or one of these also on the bay
  7. scudney

    wheel centre caps

    Is it one of these ?see below,there are a few on the bay
  8. Ouch,but at least all sorted now and hopefully trouble free motoring toi 😊
  9. Like with everything in life there a risk,however if you do your homework properly you should be able to get yourself a decent Lexus be it a gs300 or is250 that won't be a money pit. Yes go ahead and reward yourself. ln making your choice,look at service history,mot history,number of owners etc etc,look luck with your search and keep us posted 😊
  10. scudney

    Automatic Full Beam

    don't blame you to be honest, do we really need them? Same with automatic rain sensing wipers come on too early or when you don't really need them, put mine on manually when it suits me 😊
  11. scudney

    modern technology

    l am not against technology as such,but would rather it was tailored to needs, drivers reserving into others cars and saying Oh 🙀 sorry my parking sensors didn't beep, what on earth happened to looking over your shoulders. I just think that some of the technology is really unnecessary and of little overall benefit but sadly it seems to sell cars
  12. scudney

    modern technology

    well done and well said Herbie, sadly some of these skills will be lost over time as some and more technology some necessary and some totally 😲 unnecessary get added on to vehicles 🚗 and by the look of it we will become nothing but mere passengers lol 😁
  13. scudney

    modern technology

    cameras and parking a must?em? and what did we do before them?goes to show what we are slowly becoming lol 😁
  14. scudney

    modern technology

    Oh 🙀 and by the way what happened ☹ to the spare wheel and tyre(that we really do need eh?) or the dreaded space saver
  15. scudney

    modern technology

    ambient lighting, surround cameras, parking sensors etc etc do we really need them?are they essential? seems in a few years from now we will no longer have the ability to think, as this seems to be continuously being eroded. How about humans becoming thoughtless robots? Is it that far fetched😁????