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  1. Welcome to the LOC Gary,hoping you find the forum educational and informative and congratulations on your new purchase 🥳👍
  2. Definitely missed or forgotten,or wasn't bothered with,doesn't look pretty,should have been changed ages ago in all honesty
  3. The f sport bumper on the is250 is no different from the standard one as far as I am aware however if you mean the IS F that's different
  4. You can always get a is250 bumper if you want a dual exhaust at some point or have your existing one cut
  5. Could be the teeth on the clog or wheel are worn,and therefore causing the clicking noise,try spraying the inside of the mirror with some wd40 and see if this helps
  6. Are you getting the headlights then?what year car is the bumper and headlights off?
  7. Really Matt,out of curiosity,where have you seen them for £200
  8. The wiring for those with drl's will be slightly different as you can use them as parking lights as well,otherwise shouldn't be too hard to fit,however getting hold of a pair/set might be more challenging and won't be cheap either,hoping this helps 🤔
  9. Hello all has anyone used the heko wind deflectors on their is250 and if so what do you think?worth it or not??🤔
  10. Keep an eye on the bay and gumtree
  11. Good luck in your search,not easy to find and won't be cheap either especially as they are becoming rarer
  12. Silly question but have you tried them with your headlights on?
  13. Welcome to the LOC Si,hoping you find the forum educational and informative.