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  1. I am sure a few members here already have this fitted in their IS 250's not too sure about the RX though but would probably assume that there is one for it🤔
  2. Congratulations Henry and welcome to the LOC,hoping you find the forum educational and informative 👍
  3. What mileage did you cover?average is roughly anything between 22 - 30 mpg,hoping you didn't buy one for fuel economy lol😁
  4. Nice car, and welcome to the LOC Louis, hoping you find the forum educational and informative
  5. I would think you could have 2 brands as long as they are on the same axle,that is one brand on the front and another on the rear without too much bother
  6. You can download an app called Mot and tax checker from Google store
  7. scudney


    You are better off trying other Japanese makes eg honda,mazda as they tend to share the same pcd 🙂
  8. Without modification the answer I think would be no 🤔
  9. Hello Jason and welcome to the LOC,hoping you find the forum educational and informative 👍
  10. There is a guy from Australia on here STINGRAY_01 who makes them with a 3d printer as his broke,send him a pm and he might be able to help 😉
  11. Car manufacturers have moved away from 2 fog lights and 2 reversing lights for ages now,its now the norm to find cars with one of each,although there are still a few with both 😀