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  1. was just about to say the same thing about battery 🔋 drain
  2. l wouldn't be tempted even if bribed lol,used to like bmw's in my younger days but anymore,not as reliable as Lexus and seem to be everywhere lol 😁
  3. scudney

    Mark Levinson Mp3 Dvd

    sorry to butt in but you have to care if it's illegal and it's not all about you and your son
  4. advertising does nothing for me as most claims are over exaggerated and most don't even live up to the hype😊
  5. Everyone to their own,still works out cheaper than buying some of the fuel additives out there
  6. scudney

    Free MOT at Halfords

    wouldn't use Halfords even if I got paid to😊
  7. scudney

    Installing optional extras

    Anything is doable just a case of time and money and if it's really worth the hassle and effort to be honest
  8. To me commonsense would say why would you?especially when bearing in mind that modern day cars hybrid or no hybrid are packed full of electrical wiring underneath the floor and elsewhere as well as the fact that water 💦 and electricity don't usually mix well together.
  9. scudney

    Wheel Day

    Looking pretty good and gives your little one something to keep him amused and busy lol 😁
  10. on 18 inch wheels they are 225/40 and 255/40
  11. scudney

    average speed cameras

    with average speed cameras i just don't take the risk usually stay just under whatever the speed maybe,haven't got a ticket in over 20 years lol 😁
  12. Good thinking better to be safe than sorry 😊
  13. hi Pidster i think your sat nav is a generation 1,if you visit the Lexus map update and enter your disc numbers it comes up with part number PZ445-X01EU-11 - the X01 referring to the generation and the eu11 referring to the year of the update which in this case is 2011.The two discs in the photos above are both generation 1 sat nav discs.
  14. congratulations 🎉 and hope you enjoy your pride and joy for years to come 😊
  15. the fact that the system comes up with unable to read disc means that the system is at least working,otherwise you wouldn't get anything. I had a similar situation years ago with my IS200 when I bought a disc off the bay and it turned out to be the wrong 👎 one ,as it came up with the unable to read message. As soon as I got the right one it worked okay and did for 8 years as sold car last year