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  1. scudney

    Newbie owner

    hello James and welcome hope you find the club and forums educative and informative 😊
  2. I would rather stick to time rather than mileage,just a matter of choice
  3. scudney

    Great service from Lexus

    Great service, and I think they do look after their customers more than most, well done 😊
  4. scudney

    IS300 (ill)fitting exhaust ...

    furthermore without more pictures of underneath the car and the exhaust its difficult to determine the appropriate advice to give
  5. really that's great but wouldn't like to keep mine in that long though 😊
  6. all said and done, on the other hand would you want a set of plugs in your engine for twelve years lol
  7. scudney


    not getting personal but always easier to blame the other when the problem is with the former not latter 😊
  8. scudney


    As always buyers/consumers need to do their research and homework,I have never liked diesels and have never had the desire or urge to buy one, sadly just seems too easy to join the bandwagon. Moreover it seems we too easily become prey to modern advertising,persuasion and other gimmicks.
  9. scudney


    lol 😁 just don't buy a diesel next time,sadly no easy fix
  10. would never take my car to Kwik fit and the like
  11. scudney

    NX Luxury detailed

    looks pretty good 😊
  12. scudney

    In need of some help

    As already mentioned the choice is yours at the end of the day, be careful what you buy though cheap is not always cheerful and remember road tax is over £300 if registered after 2001
  13. still good advice though especially as we seem to take so many things for granted these days and common sense seems to get lost in it all 😊
  14. scudney

    exhaust back box

    Hi I would very much doubt lol 😁 that the IS200 would share the same back box with a 1.6 Toyota Corolla,you can also try a few local exhaust centers and even if they don't have one in stock, could easily order you one in 24 to 48 hours.