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  1. Have you managed to find one to start with?let alone 2, so you can choose??
  2. Lol if I could afford one I I definitely wouldn't be going for Bentley,I know what I would definitely have though 😁
  3. I am sure you can have the stereo on without the aerial coming out,had it on my Mazda zedos 6,I think you press the rf or ta button(or some button) and the aerial stays down
  4. I have used momentum 99 in my 250 f sport since I bought(have occasionally used v power too) with no issues and will continue to do so,did same when I owned my IS 200 sport 👍👍
  5. 500 rpm isn't overly too low,my IS200 sport used to run at about that when I owned it
  6. +2 definitely a flat battery James,further if the battery is still the original it means is about 10 years old and well past its sell by date,probably best replacing it
  7. Hi Colin you can get them from any lexus dealership or lexus direct,there is a lexus direct section on the forum. I have included a pic for you👍
  8. Silly question but have you tried changing the battery in the remote fob,had my alarm randomly going off once when I owned a IS200 sport and it turned out to be a low fob battery
  9. Just bear in mind that you are buying a car that is 20 or so years old and as such you more than likely will have certain issues to deal with at some point or the other
  10. Just ordered some along with the ultrafina se,going to try it on mine as I have some swirl marks and chip stone marks and see how I get on👍