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  1. Try getting a complete one off flea bay,they are cheap enough 😊
  2. Have you got this grille?if so not sure you can get the L badge separately,might be cheaper to get the complete grille and swap it over instead
  3. As far as I am aware it goes up with the rate of inflation,my IS250 f sport was £280 in 2017,£290 in 2018 and £300 this year 😊
  4. Depends on what you want,how many medium/large cars modern cars are actually £30 in the grand scheme of things lol 😁
  5. Lucky you, looking at it,it could have snapped
  6. Better safe than sorry though I would say 😊
  7. Tax on post 2001 cars currently stands at £325 for the year and you get between 22 and 30 miles per gallon depending on driving style and roads(higher on the motorway,lower round town)hoping this helps
  8. Congratulations and welcome to the LOC,hoping you find it informative
  9. Congratulations nice colour too 👍
  10. scudney


    Congratulations and welcome to the LOC
  11. Nine hours seems a lot just for a water pump change
  12. Seems to be the way these days,easier to throw away or replace rather than trying to repair or fix,repairing is a dying art while replacing is the new norm lol 😁
  13. Hi try this,they cost about 12 quid and part number is 69217-53011