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  1. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please remember to drop by the new member section and say hello! 

  2. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please remember to drop by the new member section and say hello! 

  3. Today i'll mainly be moaning about... Lane filtering. Why is it that someone has to squeeze you out of your lane filter ... that makes my blood boil. Last week a van in front of me was squeezed and he did not budge so they clipped each other, the van then turned off so the person who squeezed forfeited damage because of their selfishness. Made me chuckle and big lesson learnt.
  4. Draper Tools was started in 1919 when the founder, Bert Draper, sold government surplus and tools in markets around the Kingston Upon Thames area. This led to the purchase of the original warehouse, from which the Draper Tool Company Limited as we know it today was born, although at this time it was known as B. Draper & Son Limited and owned the trademark B.D.S. Although Draper Tools sold its own brand as early as this time, it was also a quality Engineers Merchant and Tool Wholesaler, selling brands that are well known today, such as, Britool, King *****, Elliott Lucas, etc. Draper Tools are offering club members an exclusive 10% off the whole Draper range (Via the FFX website) when using the discount code (visible to gold members only) FFX offer FREE next day delivery when ordering tools up until 8pm. This offer is for Draper tools only. The discount code will not be valid for any other product. View full discount
  5. Imagine all songs coming in Dolby? try the following on your ML system, massive difference
  6. In this post I want to add some demonstration videos that I used for my Mark Levinson when trying out it's capabilities. First time with a ML system and was blown away by the sounds it creates and now definitely a Mark Levinson convert. So If you have a Mark Levinson System, when you are in your car Try the following videos whilst connected to your bluetooth, crank up the sound and enjoy (if you have not already done it) Also don't deafen yourself, i am not responsible if your ears bleed or get VHF sickness LOL I will try and post more up as i find them. Number 1: THX Sound Test (i crank this one right up, car vibrates and is amazing) 2. DTS Surround test 3. THX Deep Note Trailer 4. Magic Fluids If you have a surround test you like for us to try then post the youtube video here. Happy to give them a go.
  7. Today i'll mainly be moaning about... Crisp eaters eating in close proximity to me... grrrr
  8. All new owners will be invited. However, good job LOC caters for all. 🙂
  9. i'm in. Cannot see how this will work for them, good thing about LOC is it's impartial and independent for all Lexus owners' from old to new. I can only assume this will be for new Lexus owners only.
  10. They never sent me an email, or accepted me, I wonder why?
  11. @NothernDan There was an update to the cards, you can find the announcement here, no worries just fill out the form and we'll send you an updated card.
  12. Today I will be mainly moaning about... Petrol prices... My god, worst prices so far.
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