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  1. Cool Track with Daft Punk featuring Paul Williams
  2. its not in a different view mode at all? Never seen anything like this and it seems to fade in to blue.
  3. https has been here for at least 2 years. Not sure where you were not getting that as It was tested. At least that is now fixed if it was an issue.
  4. Hi Malcolm i am going to duplicate the colour pallette from the old template so it will all be the same colour as before.
  5. Not sure who you think I am John? I also think you have a cheek to dictate when i should update the site. I am not going to sit here at 2am to do a 20 min job. The site was closed for 20-30 mins. Job done. I am sure many went on with lives, made a coffee, fed the cat etc. I have been updating this site for 20 years and i can tell you, there is no perfect time. Just get on with it. I will update the site to ensure the security of the site is up to date and it will be done at any time. It's not me thats changing parts of the software, but I think its' progression is great. There is al
  6. Nothing that has been added is "Requested" this is an update (a major one at that) and new features are added. I did not code the software or template. This is stright out the box. We go along with the updates for various reasons, one being security and progression.
  7. Post numbering does not affect the usability? It is still the same as it was yesterday morning I am looking in to post numbers
  8. the club has its own App which is similar to Tapatalk. I have applied for approval and once this has been done i will send details on how to get it.
  9. The forum has been updated. Its a vanilla template that comes out of the box. A few changes can be made to make the fonts on the menu better. Give us some time to get through this stuff. at the moment everything works as it should. Aesthetics can be tinkered with.
  10. how come at 3.07 mins there is a shadow of someone in the window?? odd.
  11. I would imagine they are not trying to compete with Tesla. Also i would imagine the battery pack in the mirai are not as meaty, and probably not as big, however constantly being charge by hydrogen. Also 4 mins compared to 20min+ Hyundai, Honda and Nissan are also developing Hydrogen as well
  12. You must of been on the site as it was being updated.
  13. interesting to see what happens in 10 years and how the grid will manage. Is it easier to have 300 hydrogen fuel stations that 1 million charge points? I am not that well clued up yet but i do find it interesting.
  14. We did try adding this back in but it kept dissapearing after a few days very odd. Anyway, we are having a major forum update this side of xmas, so we will wait for that to happen before adding post numbers in. Will also include a Mobile App which will come after.
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