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  1. nice share, loving the ambient lighting and the control dials are sweet as!
  2. imagine owning a 500k one and DVLA pull the plug on plates.. lol
  3. Steve


  4. we are having issues at the moment and hoping next week to get an expert to optmise the service a bit more. It seems we get hit with bots quite often, this is the reason the site is slow one minute, then ok the next. please bear with us.
  5. Welcome to Europe's Leading Lexus Club! Please Enjoy!

  6. I was thinking about how they do this. I thought the alarm would have had anti tilt?? Also what about installing a plinth in the drive and mark on top of the fitted plinth, No access to the underside, even jacked up they would need get it quite high? Yes they can move the car but then the alarm would go off.
  7. Hi Does anyone know what the Back Seat Width on 450h is or could possibly measure for me please? Persuading a friend to get an RX but worried about child seats cheers
  8. Roll on the summer and less deperessing short days!!!
  9. HI John, I think your email has been compromised. Please change your email password

  10. Cool Track with Daft Punk featuring Paul Williams
  11. its not in a different view mode at all? Never seen anything like this and it seems to fade in to blue.
  12. https has been here for at least 2 years. Not sure where you were not getting that as It was tested. At least that is now fixed if it was an issue.
  13. Hi Malcolm i am going to duplicate the colour pallette from the old template so it will all be the same colour as before.
  14. Not sure who you think I am John? I also think you have a cheek to dictate when i should update the site. I am not going to sit here at 2am to do a 20 min job. The site was closed for 20-30 mins. Job done. I am sure many went on with lives, made a coffee, fed the cat etc. I have been updating this site for 20 years and i can tell you, there is no perfect time. Just get on with it. I will update the site to ensure the security of the site is up to date and it will be done at any time. It's not me thats changing parts of the software, but I think its' progression is great. There is al
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