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  1. Green Spark Plug Co are good. used them before
  2. Steve


    This car was so sweet!!
  3. All web servers will have a max limit to prevent the server going under extreme heavy load. Basically the setting only allowed 150 concurrent connections, so everyone was put in a queue. I have increased this level and the server load level has gone up, but not enough to make it slow performance wise. Working very well.
  4. yes, basically the server was throttled and was running out of worker connections, i increased the maximum workers and it has improved. I will keep an eye on it.
  5. I have tweeked the website's ECU and now sticking her on the dyno LOL Looking better already.. i will keep tweeking. I am no longer getting reports of downtime, must of had 2000 reports, my phones ringtone was on fire. Funny how it gets fixed at the end of the bank holiday weekend. Just typical
  6. cheers John yes i noticed that when i was out at tescos.. stressed out in the bread isle :D
  7. not at all.. guaranteed to happen lol had to cancel a trip last minute as not resolved. All else fails then a new server on the way.
  8. Hi Guys Some of you are probably experiencing a slow website the last couple of days. I am trying to get this sorted asap and have spent most of today trying to get it sorted. It always happens on a bank holiday. Please bear with us.
  9. Steve

    COOKIES on our site

    Either install adblocker or join premium membership for a much improved experience. Unfortunately forums with 17 years of useful information don't grow on trees. Welcome to the internet. The improved experience part (cookies) is to keep you logged in to the forum. without these cookies you will not be able to stay logged in. oh, and the cookies about product placement is not placed by this website, it was placed by ebay.
  10. Steve

    How Do I Upload Photos to Topics / Subjects

    Using a 3rd part image source is not really ideal and we soon restrict this. This is due to the photobucket issue that has rendered 1000's of posts on this site useless due to the new photobucket restrictions. We suggest using the club upload feature, they are much more safer here.
  11. yes i have heard of shortages. Luckily my local shell had a fresh delivery. Won't be long before they will get their delivery.
  12. AMCI Global tested the Lexus LC 500 against the Aston Martin DB11 V12 Coupe with pro driver Justin Bell at the wheel for closed-course lap times, slalom and wet cornering. And what’d they uncover?
  13. Hi Steve,

    Rumour has it you can adjust display names?

    Any danger you could add the missing 'r' into Northern on mine. Stupid touchscreens!!!

    I would be eternally grateful :yes:

    Many thanks in advance,

    Northern (but definitely not Nothern) Dan

    P.S. Tried to PM you but apparently you can't receive PMs???

  14. Steve

    Tapatalk Broken

    nice one sean. yes the update will take a while on some phones as it updates itself.