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Lexus LS P4 Automated Driving Test Vehicle at CES
The Toyota Research Institute will introduce its new TRI-P4 automated driving test vehicle next Monday (7 January) at CES – the Consumer Electronics Show – in Las Vegas. The P4 is based on the new, fifth-generation Lexus LS flagship saloon and will be used by TRI in the development of its twin-track Guardian and Chauffeur automated driving systems
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Lexus launches revised RX and NX Range for 2019
Lexus’s premium SUV models have been primed for 2019 with new equipment grades and revised specifications that respond directly to customer preferences. The changes reassert the quality and breadth of appeal of the models, which are now all self-charging hybrids with all-wheel drive
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Latest UX videos
You might have seen them but for those of you who have not, I notice that in the last week or so there have been a host of new UX videos posted on YouTube. All are on Swedish temporary plates, and there is no voice-over so I assume they are stock footage for launch, or previews for dealers or journalists.

Footage is of grey and white varieties (all F-Sport?) plus a rather lovely red one. Gives you a good idea how the styling will will look once 'in the wild'...

Here is just one example: https://youtu.be/L8MYjTRLZck 
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I put a deposit down at the beginning of the month.
Happy so far with the photos, now waiting for models and prices.
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DRIVN - would you rate your car?
DRIVN  invites you to review your car and to let others know how you really feel about it....whether you love it, hate it or simply happy to just drive it

 What annoys you about it, what aspects do you like, and would you recommend it to anyone else?

It's very easy to submit a review, it won't take more than a few minutes and it is your chance to sing your car's praises or slate it into the ground

Drivn has made it easy to select the best and worst features of your car to truly express your feelings…and by clicking the relevant Buzzwords it makes it easier for someone to find their ideal car by searching the ‘Buzzwords’ which you have selected during your review

  whether you love or loathe your car
Review it now and share your experience with others
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Lexus Celebrate a Decade of Performance Engineering with the New RC F 10th Anniversary
Limited edition version of the RC F coupe marks 10 years of Lexus’s “F” performance model designation

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Fake DENSO spark plugs from e-bay
I should expect counterfeit product for this price but it was worth giving it a try. Beware of the seller, after submitting photo evidence, he was still insisting that the plugs are genuine - stay away from this person. Had to pick up genuine plugs from local dealership and do a comparison.
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Comments about your RC-F
Talking to Ratty the other day about Kitt - his new RC-F. He pretty much confirmed what all RC-F owners know - the RC-F gets lots of attention and comments.

If passers by have commented on, or reacted to your car, please share the story here.

Here's some of my favs -

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GSF vs LC500 - my review
I’ll start my review with a huge thumbs-up to Lexus Hedge End. They’re consistently a pleasure to deal with but this time one of their sales guys and true petrol head, Michael, really pulled out the stops for me... I’ve been given a LC500 as a courtesy car. So, “how does it compare to the GSF on a rain-soaked February afternoon?” I hear you all ask... 
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Lexus LC500 Review

The LC500 is available as a 5.0 litre V8 which is bred from the race-track or if you are after something a little less aggressive and eco-friendly then look no further than the LC500h which is powered by a 3.5 litre V6 and hybrid motors.

Available in standard trim, Sport or Sport+ versions are offered with very little difference in price between them. 

The LC500 that we road tested was the 5.0 litre V8 with Sport+ Pack.
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Introduction & Styling

The Lexus NX is certainly a car that stands out and even turns heads. You may have noticed that Lexus have been keen to capitalise on this with the many adverts featuring a certain Mr. will.i.am and the car in question. Lexus are clearly making a bold statement with this car and it shows, particularly when it comes to the F Sport version with its far more pronounced version of the trademark Lexus spindle grill. If you’re familiar with the Lexus range then the styling and indeed the F Sport version should come as no surprise. The company has been busy over the last couple of years updating its range to the new family face and indeed the trend is continuing with the new 2016 Lexus RX that we’ll start to see on the roads early next year.
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