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  1. Lexus have quoted 1000+ for a set of GS300 Uk spec Sport alloys. Would anyone know of somewhere l can obtain them cheaper? 2nd hand?
  2. Had i known this earlier.....
  3. Depends whats on your log book. Ins co.s have Toyota Aristo as an import model on their sys. therefore higher group ins. My log book states Lexus GS300 - but l informed the ins. co. that it was an import. Therefore it was cheaper to insure as their insurance sys. stated a lower group i.e. GB model premium. Whats it state on your log book?
  4. ranjit_singh_nagra@hotmail.com for contact
  5. I have an original set of Aristo rims for the GS300, still interested? They are not the GB equivalent of the sports alloys mind, as l am after a set of these myself. Agreed lexus quoted 1000+ but a local garage is selling for 800 with new dunlop tyres allround.
  6. My aristo 1993 is suffering from the same tinkering. Its due to pay a visit to the lexus main dealer - Derby, so will update you of the outcome.
  7. Cheers lexussport It looks as though this may be a diffeent model as the pic displayed on ebay isnt the same as my current old dysfunctional one. But ive emailed the seller and will follow up. Once again cheers.
  8. ranj

    Aristo TV screen

    Thanks Would you have contact details (email/web) for ice shop? im scrolling through masses of internet at the mo. £600 - new tv fitted possible solution then :(
  9. Can anyone help? I inherited a TVscreen with my imported lexus. There is a default button on the dash which is fixed to a specific frequency for the TV audio in car output. However the frequency in the UK is obviously different to that in Japan. 1) Does anyone know what the frequency in the UK is? 2) Does anyone know how l would change the default setting in the dash?
  10. Can anyone help? The 12 disc ch changer int he boot of my imported aristo has died. I'm in search of a rlacement and have had no luck to date. Any ideas?
  11. ranj

    TOMS 280T

    Can anyone help. The 12 disc cd changer in the boot of my imported aristo has died. I'm in search of a replacement and have had no luck to date. Any ideas? Also l inherited a tv screen with the car, it does not pick up a signal in the UK and the preset is defaulted in the dash stereo (poss of that in japan). Any ideas?