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  1. I'm in the market for a single mark 1 GS sport 10 inch rim. Have a set with a bendy one so need a single to make the set good. With or without cap is fine. Failing that anyone have contact details for TTE to source one new one? Oh finish doesn't matter as I am going to repaint it anyway.
  2. I dunno. Would you see a benefit from a veilside style bigger inlet manifold? For definite you would see better performance with a top end water injection kit. Hows about a spray ring also in front of the intercooler? Strengthening up the stock twins (hybrids if you like) may help squeeze a bit more out. After market cams will also add a bit of power. Weight wise dump the pair of settee's in the front and you will lose a lot of weight :) Oh and PS mine is actualy a T67 dbb turbo and not a T61. Mine is also very badly mapped apparently and "only" puts down 450 horses.
  3. Yeah I have seen some in jap auctions and new zealand with 5 speeds but the 5 speed box you would use would have a similar power ceiling to your auto box so a tad pointless.
  4. Your Vertex ( I presume Mk.2 2JZ-GTE Mk.iv engine) will take up to 450hp on stock turbos. Although longevity is debatable. That is a boost level of 1.2bar. If you do go for a kit, you want an HKS type which is rated to 550hp. You want the kit because otherwise the wastegate etc. is not correct. Just changing the turbo won't be as efficient. Remember at 550hp, your turbo will be a bit laggy especially with the auto-box. I would not get a turbo rated to above 550hp with the auto box. Downsides - you'll wear out your gearbox faster as it's only rated to a reliable 400hp. You'll need fuel pumps, bigger injectors, fuel controller and boost controller if you haven't got one. You'll also need a medium sized intercooler too (run the stock intercooler and you will kill your new 550hp rated turbo). Your power band will start most probably around 4500rpm and peaking at 6500rpm. That means it's all-or-nothing power delivery. Erm the power delivery on a T61 isn't that bad, mine starts coming in at about 3000-ish and is on-song good and proper from 4000 rpm. I agree about the box though on a mk1 dunno if the 2 is a different box. I have to say with an auto box you will not get as much as you would hope for out of a single turbo. I would suggest that a fuel pump that will handle BPU ie walbro will also be OK for a smaller single, but yes a bigger set of injectors ie 650cc will be required and a way of controlling them also (this is where stuff gets complicated and expensive and for that matter problematic). You will obviously need an aftermarket manifold and I am not sure the mk4 supra one bolts straight on but you have a choice here again of a cast one (guy called arnout in holland makes these) or a welded tube (which is significantly cheaper), either type though will have provision for bolting on a wastegate (I am hearing good things about Tial now but again there is a wide variety of budget options here). Intercooling you will require an upgrade yes, Chris wilson a guy on the mk4 forum manufactures uprated SMIC's for the mk4 and I am sure he could modify one for the aristo (these are rated to above 500 horses so more than adequate for a small single and you can keep the stock airbox which is a very good thing) The stock tubbies however run all day and all night at 1.2 bar BPU over on the supra forums in both the UK and USA and from someone that squeezed all there was from a set of stock tubbies and now has a small single I would say stick with the stockers, fit water injection and higher lift cams to squeeze the most you can from the car and leave it at that. Time off the road and constant hassle with tuning and fixing parts that can't take the power is a real ball ache for a car that you just can't legally use the power of.
  5. I figured it out. Pay someone else to do the job £3k roll in roll out job done.
  6. Nah I have pretty much booked mine in for a 6 speed swap now.
  7. Free bump off topic but what did steve get to replace that car with. Did you get the private plate with it? Was a bloody nice looking car when I saw it a couple of years ago. It looked like a new car back then.
  8. Speak to rallure on here he has manufactured an aristo specific down pipe and manifold and indeed has a full single turbo mechanical side kit you could buy from him. Basically if you research the single turbo either on the US supra site (there's alot of BS goes on over there) or the UK one you'll find a multitude of opinions on big singles. My experience of an older HKS T61 is this It spools OK but no-where near as useable as BPU power if you drive alot in towns. Top end power is obviously higher than BPU and is a big rush but how often you get to use that power I don't know (things get very illegal very quickly when you plant it) They are never 100% right. There is always some sort of issue or other with the extra power, the tuning, the old "whats that noise" paranoia is always present. Also before going single be very aware your drivetrain and braking will need looking at and to a certain degree your handling.
  9. Yeah that was my car previously. He doesn't know how the conversion was done as neither do I as the car came from Japan like it. I can tell you it had the stock aristo ECU in it which I replaced with a stock supra mk4 manual ecu. AFAIK the speedo unit is stock aristo on that car as well. Its a 95 plate so mk1. I am looking at going manual on my car again as the stock box doesn't go well with the AEM I chose as my engine controller.
  10. Hmm I am in the consideration phase of what to do about my box when it grenades itself. Are you saying that this replacement box including fabrication and carbon shafts etc would come in cheaper than £3k? I'm not sure why you'd be needing a 2 grand clutch surely thats just utterly ludicrous power??
  11. Dude you not realise that using your caps button is considered polite? The gearchange will be quicker, it will hold in gear longer, and I believe the fuel map is a bit more aggressive. Unless you WOT for a bit in both modes you won't notice it really. I have an aem fitted to my car and have used that switch to emulate the manual mode I had in my supra. Soon to come on mine flappy paddle gearshift :D
  12. But its just a big hole at the front???? Girls not bad I agree.
  13. I get alot of attention from people not knowing what the hell it is :D Also they think it has to have a private plate on it as it so doesn't look like a 16 year old car :)
  14. Well FCONS and the likes basically take the signals from the MAP sensor and fudge it higher or lower in order for the correct amount of fuel to be put into the cylinders when you fit non-standard injectors/turbos effectivly tricking the stock ecu into thinking the engine is doing something that it is actually doing. This is because the stock ECU cannot be re-programmed with the likes of a superchip. What it doesn't however do is alter the timing profile etc and afaik when it gets to circa 1.2 bar it can't put in anymore fuel as thats all the stock ECU can deliver. A standalone ecu like an AEM can be programmed to do pretty much whatever you want it to.
  15. I've gone with the AEM as I am not happy with being held over a barrel by HKS to tune a computer in my car. The AEM is a standalone ecu as well not a fudge factor'r like the Fcon is. Its running no problems at idle and starts a doddle. Its not tuned properly yet as its the first time an AEM has been fitted to an aristo and we (dan the tuner and I) agreed that it would be best to take it up in stages so I don't blow anything up. We've set it up at 450 BHP for now at a bar of boost. Bear in mind the difficult part is actually mapping the auto box not the engine as the supra maps are tweakable for that. I getya on the tints mate. It did have some on there but they were badly removed as they were too illegal :) The spoiler is a matter of taste but I find it handy for lifting the boot with, my old car with no spoiler was a PITA to open the boot. The wheels I agree have to go and the original champagne do-luck sixes will go back on at some point when I can afford them. You've missed it mate. Been here all week :D Goes back into the lockup tomorrow.