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  1. Hi Bobski, The topic of the new taxes has indeed come up quite a few times in the past. :) However I'm almost certain that the new bands did not cover Y reg until now (someone correct me if I'm wrong), and only applied to 51reg or later. It is this particular twist that I'm highlighting.
  2. Apologies if this has already been posted. Times Article Looks like the exemptions for older cars have been quietly dropped. I take this to mean that Y reg larger engined cars with high CO2 emission rates like the GS430 (296 g/km) will now be caught up in the net. My understanding from previous posts on the topic was that Y reg would be exempt, with 51reg and newer attracting the new rates. Seems like this has now changed :(
  3. Hi Folks, Does anyone know whether the spoiler on the 1997 (P Reg) GS300 MK1 Sport has an integrated brake light? I've flogged off my 2001 GS430 with sport styling kit (basically Gordon Brown has priced me out :( ) and I'm considering the MK1 GS300 sport as a possibility - smaller engine and better enconomy and no CO2 data available. Little touches like this make all the difference :) Is it my imagination or is the s/h prices of larger engined cars plummeting these days? Larger engined 3 litre cars seem rather ubiquitious (and cheap) on the s/h market, while smaller models are fetching a premium. I guess this has always been the case to some extent but it does seem to me that the growing anti "SUV and large car" brigade are having a signifcant impact. Many thanks, Peter
  4. How many miles were on the clock? I understand they are liable to fail anyway after about 50,000 miles, but will last longer with a well maintained engine. Around 84K at the time so I guess it was a very well maintained engine. In fairness though the feature on Channel 4 (it is headline news now) appeared to be saying that the problems occur almost instantly after filling up. Rough running with car going into limp home mode. In my case the engine management light came on but I was able to use the car for almost 2 weeks without incident before Lexus could look at it. On another note, are religious references automatically censored on the board regardless of context? In my original post I used the well known phrase starting "act of" followed by the reverse of dog. The last word seem to have been replaced by ***. I'm certain I didn't type *** in my original post unless I've been inhaling the fumes from the dodgy petrol :)
  5. I notice a major story seems to be in the works (started on the auto newsgroups yesterday but now it is on Teletext) that hundreds of drivers are complaining that their cars have been damaged by "contaminated" fuel allegedly sold by Tescos and Morrisons. Apparently it is to do with the level of ethanol in the petrol and knackers the oxygen sensors. This is all still conjecture of course and both Tescos and Morrison's says that they have not found any evidence of this in their tests. It got me wondering though. I posted back in December about my engine management light coming on, resulting in a 300 quid bill to replace the O2 sensors. Lexus did do a visual check and washed it as well but I was peeved when I realised via the board it is a relatively easy DIY job using sensors sourced from the US. Anyway the car is 6 years old and the failed oxygen sensor could well been an act of ***, but I happen to always fill up at my local Tesco which is 5 minutes walk from my front door. I wonder.... I guess I'll never know, but I'll be filling up at alternate petrol stations for the moment - just in case!
  6. Darn Maneesh, I think you've jinxed me! :) Not a week after I read your post the engine malfunction light on my 2001 GS430 Sport came on for the first time since I've owned it. The car was driveable but I noticed it was rather sluggish on acceleration and the average mpg was around 17 mpg. Also in cold temperatures the exhaust smoked massively. I took it in to my friendly Lexus main dealer who diagnosed a faulty oxygen sensor. This has been replaced and the car is back to its old self - acceleration similar to the space shuttle and the huge billowing clouds of exhaust smoke in cold weather seem to be gone (touch wood). I wish I was skilled and confident enough to change the O2 sensor on my own though - it would have saved me a fortune :( BTW - As a previous owner of a Ford Granada Cosworth, I thought that its 0-60 acceleration was phenomenal, the GS430 is in a completely different league however. When you floor the pedal the engine roar and the resultant acceleration is simply phenomenal :) Seasons greeting to all Peter
  7. Hi all, The glass of my driver's side foglamp is holed and replacing it is one of the things on my todo list. It actually passed the last MOT with this, but I'm a bit of a perfectionist. My perfectionist attitude doesn't stretch to handing over 75 notes + VAT at my local Toyota dealership though! Bit of a longshot but does anyone of the forum have one of these for sale? I believe they are similar for the GS300 and the GS430. I've been keeping an eye out on Ebay but no joy so far. If you can help please get in touch! Peter
  8. Thanks for all the interest folks. The wheels are now sold. The courier who delivered the new tyres said he initially thought they were for a formula one car Having never had the opportunity to heft a tyre not attached to the rim, I was suprised to see that the tyre was heavier than the alloy itself. You learn something new every day :) Peter
  9. Hi again, In answer to specific queries: Reason for sale is that I need to replace all 4 tyres. I have a potential deal where I can get new wheels and tyres for less than the cost of purchasing 4 new tyres + refurbishing the 4 existing wheels + purchasing a new centre cap :) The choice is a nobrainer :) As far as I know none of the wheels are buckled. However I'm not an expert so you are most welcome to inspect fully before parting with your do$h. I can supply further pictures on request once the wheels are off the car. The wheels are kerbed and scuffed (by the last owner's wife) and will need refurbishing. I've placed pictures at: http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/off-front1.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/off-front2.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/off-front3.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/off-rear1.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/off-rear2.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/off-rear3.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/near-front1.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/near-front2.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/near-rear1.JPG http://www.zen7893.zen.co.uk/images/wheels/near-rear2.JPG The existing tyres fitted are of specification 245/40/ZR18. They are not included in the sale. And speak of the devil...what seems visually to be the correct centre caps are currently listed on Ebay at £9.95 each. I'm in no way associated with the seller and I'd suggest checking the part number with Toyota before purchase. Any further queries do drop me a PM Regds, Peter
  10. Hi all, I hope to replace the alloys on my 2001 GS430 sport over the next 2 weeks. If I go ahead with the deal the 4 existing alloys will come available. These are the standard 5 stud 18" alloys as supplied with the GS300 Series II sport and GS430 Sport - Lexus part number: PZ405-S0671-ZD. They can probably fit other models/makes, but you'll need to do the research! The alloys are all scuffed (2 more than the others) and will need refurbishing. In addition one of the centre caps has gone walkies - will cost around 25 quid from Toyota. I'd be looking for 80 quid ono for the 4, and they will need to be collected from West London - Ashford, Staines area. Any potential interest? If so drop me a PM. Otherwise they will probably go to the Ebay (if I'm bothered) or more likely to the local tip :) If I go ahead they will come available within the next two weeks. Peter
  11. Just an update. The AA came out yesterday morning and diagnosed a flat battery. Everything worked after he did a jump start but the engine turnover was quite slow, he then ran a battery test which indicated that the battery was faulty. Given that I had last locked it remotely, the car was operating as per normal when the battery ran flat, and yes the alarm did go off when I opened the door with the key. Not sure why the battery ran flat so suddenly. The AA engineer could not detect any obvious power drain, and I'd definitely not left the lights or anything esle on. I've now purchased a new batery, however for the moment I'm locking the door using the key rather than remotely, just in case there is a battery drain issue somewhere :) Thanks for all replies and BTW, it is definitely worth it to pay the extra for Home Start option to the standard breakdown cover. PB
  12. Thanks for the reply Rich_Bee, I'll try to unlock using the key when I return home. I didn't want to do this at 06:15 this morning as I'm sure I read that doing this sets off the alarm. The neighbours in my flat block certainly wouldn't have thanked me! :( Thinking about it, I renewed my AA membership a few months ago and added home start to my options. I may well be able to put this to good use tomorrow if my problems persist. I'll have to persuade the AA bod to tow it to the local Lexus garage. Not a nice thing to happen on one's birthday :( Peter
  13. Hi Folks, I start work very early. Tried to get into my car (2001 GS 430 sport) this morning to discover to my horror that the doors would not unlock. I tried both key fobs with the same result - not a thing :( As I had to get to work early I was forced to rush off and arrange alternate transport. I plan to have a further look this evening. The only point to note leading up to this is that I collected the car yesterday morning from a bodyshop after having had a respray last week. The battery had been disconnected (clock was wrong) in connection with removing the rear parking sensors. Other than that it seemed OK yesterday and indeed I drove it to work, locked it, unlocked it in the evening, drove it home and locked it. Then this morning no joy :( Could this be a flat battery? I assume that if somehow the battery ran flat overnight then the doors would unlock, but can anyone confirm or deny? Assuming in the worst possible case that it means the dealer needs to come out to look at it, does Lexus offer such a service at cost? Any suggestions as to what to try would be most appreciated. This feels somewhat surreal :) Thanks Peter
  14. Thanks for all replies to date. From my Googling to date it looks like tramlining is a "feature" of wider tyres, with some makes particularly worse than others. Looks like I need to book a session with the legendary Tony "Doctor" Bones of Watford. Perhaps I exaggerated slightly when I described the twitchy steering as "bucking bronco style" but you do need to actively grip the steering and make corrections when driving over uneven roads. The steering sometimes seems to have a mind of its own when the road is uneven. Even though I haven't been in danger of running of the road, the twitching can be unnerving. I'll have a play with the tyre pressures as well. Peter
  15. Hi all, Hopefully one of you most knowledgeable folks can help me. I own a 2001 GS430 Sport (basically one of a limited number of GS430 SE's with the sport styling kit). The car came fitted with 4 x Dunlop SP Sport 9000 245/40/ZR18. The tyres all have good tread and are relatively new but I've noted that the offside rear tyre has two puncture repairs. Anyway I have handling problems when the road is uneven or rough - unfortunately this is the case with a lot of the roads in my area. Basically the steering twitches like a bucking bronco, and needs constant minor adjustment. If you come to a stop on a sloping road the steering turns gradually in the direction of the slope. The car handles quite well on flat roads and there is no steering "pull" when braking except of course if the road happens to be uneven at the time :) I did take the car in to my Lexus main dealer, and they checked the suspension and shocks (all OK - phew!) and did a 4 wheel alignment (over £100 quid - ouch!). Though the geometry was slightly out, the alignment has has not cured the problem :( Now I understand from reading the board and Googling that the symptoms I've described are the classic symptoms of tramlining, and tyre pressures could be the problem. The tyres on my GS430 are all set to 32 psi. The owner manual has a printed sticker in the tyre pressures section which states a recommended pressure of 32 psi front & rear for up to 4 people for speeds of up to 100 mph. Now I notice from the knowlegebase that the recommended GS300 pressures for 245/40/ZR18 tyres are 35 psi front /32 psi rear for up to 4 people for speeds up to 100 mph. Before I try these pressures, could any one advise whether they are running 245/40/ZR18 tyres on their GS? If so I'd appreciate if you let me know what pressures you are running at and whether you have any tramlining issues. Is it worth having the repaired tyre replaced? Any help/advice much appreciated. On the bright side the tramlining is keeping me honest. About a month back I was treading cautiously along an uneven stretch of the A30 (dug up by the cable TV installers), and I came upon a speed trap around a corner. If I didn't have tramlining issues I possibly may have been issued my first NIP ever! I guess every cloud has a silver lining :D