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  1. Happy Birthday candam!

  2. Ok I have been looking through all the threads and trying to get as much information as possible as to how I can replace my OEM IS200 SE stereo (no sat nav)... There are so many different views, I am getting confused... I don't want to replace rear parcel shelf speakers,I don't want to replace the amp behind the glovebox, I don't want to installl a sub,I know there is no standard ISO connector I can buy on the high street... I know fargo has a custom made ISO connector but it seems on reading the install instructions that it's useful with sat nav but I don't have that.... Questions:- 1. Can I bypass the amp altogether ? 2. Can I use new HU's built in amplifier and just cut & crimp all neccessary wires? 3. Can I use the amp for the front speakers only & use RCA plugs from the HU to rear speakers? Please help.....
  3. Hi, Are the floor mats still for sale? You have a PM...
  4. Just double checked the air con. Maximum fan setting and lowest temperature not quite cold,still a bit warm... regasing required then... How much is the average cost for regasing? and what does it involve? Thanx...
  5. Just had my IS200 serviced. Was told by the dealer that I need my Air Con regassed and all the pollen filters changed. This is on the 60,000 mile service.. Waiting for a price... Anybody know how much this normally costs?
  6. Cheers Steve - That's a great help.. Andy...
  7. I will be painting my brake calipers soon. Have some questions? What clear lacquer do you use for the lexus caliper stickers? Went to Halfords and they could not guarantee that any of the clear lacquers they sold would be suitable for the job. Not heat resistant enough apparently. Foliatek or Hammerite smooth? Was told that Hammerite would not last as long, as Foliatek is specifically designed for brake calipers. After painting calipers, how long should you leave before applying stickers? That's all for now.
  8. candam

    Alloy Wheels

    As i bought them second hand I don't know how old the car was they came off? - Even if I did and they were still under warranty how would I go about proving this to Lexus? The only thing I can think off is getting the registration number of the car from the person who sold me the alloys and checking this against Lexus records to see if it is still under warranty. what do you think?
  9. Hello everyone. Just bought second hand IS200 17" alloy wheels. They do have a some pitting,kerb damage etc but as I will probably have no chance with Lexus to refurbish them free of charge due to the common faults with these allloys and also don't know about the warranty. Does anybody know where there is a good place to get them refurbished? Bristol area. Cheers.
  10. I have been looking for a decent deal on 17" alloys for ages.. I am very interested.. I will PM you?
  11. I have just noticed that my exhaust pipe on IS200 is dripping a black watery oily deposit from it. It should be dry,reddish,tan colour for a healthy engine. Anybody have any ideas what this could be? I have looked up a couple of websites and they say the possibilities could be be piston ring,cylinder head gasket,burning oil faults..
  12. Just had my say!! I don't really care that a fictional TV character drives an IS200. I know Alan Partridge is a bit of a geek and is really funny but that will not stop me being a proud lexus owner
  13. Does anybody have any tips on how to remove the boot(trunk) bar from an IS200? I am considering purchasing a chrome one.