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  1. Do you have any links me old buddy?? as my brain won't let me believe 1.5bar on a T67 running stock ecu/injectors with meth and SAFC
  2. I hear you :) and fully appreciate all that. I obviously can't agree with you fully, as that would be no fun :winky: :D
  3. 20-22psi, T61/67 turbo, stock ecu, stock injectors, meth injection, S-AFC....... :D
  4. My bad, I've now read to page 2, but I get bored easily, which reminds me................. :P I have no qualms about the Denso being more reliable than the Walbro and even flowing more at higher voltages. (although I've seen no test data, it's easily believable) My main problem with it as stated before, these are old pumps. Lets look at yours, alot newer than my OEM, but yet still 8 years old (and covered x amount of miles/running time). You obviously spend a few quid on your car, would you seriously be happy to now do this mod?? I don't know how much the OEM pump is from Toyota, but going from US prices, looks as though it'll be around £200ish The Walbro flows more at stock voltage. My Walbro cost me around £52 from the states to my door. Took me less than an hour to install, aswell as doing a "how to guide" in the process. If I have to change this every few years as part of routine servicing for piece of mind, I have no problems with that. I'm all for something different away from the norm, but I think when it comes to something like this, I'll stick with being a Lemming and follow the others.
  5. Why risk pushing and ageing OEM pump beyond its normal working limits when you can get a Walbro for £60 to your door these days??? I got bored after page 1, is there a page where it gets better??
  6. As in it wouldn't work properly. You're registered on the aristo site I believe, get in contact with Robert, as he was the one that had it fitted, has now moved to AEM ECU as they couldn't get it working correctly
  7. You should be able to wire in the Emanage using the MK4 JDM Supras pinouts, as the engine management pins are the same between the JDM Supra and MK1 Aristo, it's when it comes to the trac/gearbox and aircon control it differs. The JDM Supra ECU will run and drive an Aristo, I know, I've done it. But you loose the trac, ECT and aircon, also will throw the O/D light on. There has been reported problems with the Emanage and the early MK1 Aristo ECU's though. HTH
  8. There's a MK1 Aristo currently in the UK with the 6 speed swap, you'll find it on www.mkivsupra.net/bbs or www.lexusownersclub.co.uk Not alot of help, but always best to get the facts from someone who's done it/or owns one.
  9. You have a Toyota, it was built by Toyota, and was on the roads before the release of the GS300. You also have a Toyota engine that wasn't fitted into any Lexus. I can give you the part number if you like so you can buy the part from Toyota (Lexus won't sell it) and get it fitted at any garage.
  10. Your right it wouldn't I was having several conversations at once, one about a radiator, one about th hydrualic fan the Aristo uses and this water pump issue. That picture shows the na mk supra pump which is different to the TT
  11. MK1 Aristo water pump is unique, Toyota only, probably cheaper to go to electric fans MK2 Aristo water pump is same as the supra, believe they are available as a patent part these days, so not Toyota only.
  12. Yeh, (surprise surprise :P :D ) If you want economy/worried about MPG, by a Golf TDi :) We've got a guy just changing his LPG system for a better one so it can handle more power/boost, Look for user GSW on my forum, he's a helpful chap.