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  1. i'm guessing that bleeding it should be easy enough?? i'm guessing that bleeding it should be easy enough??
  2. thanks will do but if it was sticking surely it would be all the time and at various speeds not just at 40??its can happen even if i havent braked for a long time could put cruise on at forty and 3 miles later it could do it?? thanks for suggestions
  3. i dont think its any wheels prob as does it only now and again and comes on strong and off just as quick i wonder whether or not its abs cutting in for no reason or traction control maybe? or even auto box changing but i dont think it is the box?? the other prob i have is the burbling water noise when first started, will check coolant tomorrow. cheers Rob
  4. hi guys i have a niggle with my new t plate is200s auto now and then when it feels like it the car will rumble as if i have just driven over a drain lid or rumble strip. it seems to do it mainly around 35-40mph and only does it for about a second but the other night it hung on for a little longer. the sound and vibration seems to originate from the rear wheels. my 3000 mile warranty is nearly up so would like to know if this is a problem and if it is, what is the cause? has it happend to anyone else? many thanks in advance Regards Rob
  5. Hi all at LOC! I'm Rob and i come from the outer wilderness called norfolk! am new to the lexus scene used to have mkII golfs, and even a xantia for my sinns! i have just purchased a t plate is200s auto in platinum ice and all seems to be goin well apart from a couple of niggles. would be great to hear from other members with the same model as i am very unfamiliar with any faults that may be common. kind regards Rob