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  1. Yes i agree. If there is anyone out there with any old Lexus keys they no longer require i will be happy to buy. The number on my good key moulded into the transponder is 50122 11F02
  2. Thanks for the info and advice but I have already downloaded this info and tried to programme the keys. In fact i must have tried about 20 times. i can only summise that the spare keys are broken/ incompatible and will never programme.
  3. What the key costs isn't necessarily what its worth. I believe several years ago Vauxhall and Alfa Romeo got together to design a foolproof locking system to stop people thieving their cars. Because of that i was quoted £1000.00 by Alfa cardiff for a replacement key. When you consider what they cost to make that is just ripping off a captive market and totally unjustified. For what i got for my money the car cost peanuts but that does not mean i am not going to find the cheapest way to run it and if i can find an alternative option at a low price i will . When i run out of other options then i will get one from Lexus.
  4. My recently acquired SC came with 2 keys. Turns out one was a genuine Lexus key and the other a copy. The copy does not work. Tried programming it with the "press accelerator, press brake " procedure but could not programme . Bought a cheapie from China and that will not programme. During the airbag recall visit i asked Lexus Cardiff to try and programme the keys. Despite them not being Lexus keys they tried but again failed. At this point i must tell you what a brilliant experience i had with the visit to Lexus Cardiff. Their service people were extremely obliging, very knowledgeable on the Sc and answered all the questions i posed as a new owner. Top marks to Lexus Cardiff who supplied me with a loan car for 2 days whilst the job was being done. This still leaves me with the problem of having only one key and do not want to pay the £200.00 plus for a Lexus key. I have tried a few local locksmiths but nobody could help. What are my options for getting another key at a reasonable cost
  5. Thanks for the quick responses With regards to the boot light i am not sure where the switch is so took out the lights but still had the same drain. they are also LED bulbs so drain from them would be minuscule. First thing tomorrow its battery tests. The video is a brilliant way of testing in a quick and simple way so that's my next move. Will keep you posted
  6. Just bought the car a few weeks ago had the cambelt done and started to enjoy. a Lexus again. Tried to start it on Friday after a few days idle and battery was completely dead. So dead nothing would show not even dashboard lights. It was if the battery had been disconnected. Changed the battery from another one of my cars and the car fired up. Left it for a day, went to start it and it was flat. Not totally but starter solenoid would just repeatedly click. Checked voltage and it was down to 8 volts so suspect the spare battery is gone, however took off the earth lead and checked with multimeter which showed a current drain of 1 amp. With all electrical items off and presumably the alarm/ immobiliser not being armed this appears to be a big drain on the battery when idle. Is a constant 1 amp drain normal or is there a common problem with these cars that rears it head from time to time? I will be off to get both batteries tested in the morning as a first step.but would welcome any other suggestions
  7. Hi Gary. Copied and pasted your email address but it will not send. Is correct?
  8. Just to complete my new purchase i am looking for a spare wheel cover and jack and tool box cover with the cutout to take the wheel cover. Colour required is beige. Anyone got one spare please
  9. Finally got a reply from all previous owners who advised nobody had changed the cam belt. As it was on 150K and i have lots of records of work being done over the years by Lexus i am surprised that they did not mention it to owners at the time the importance of getting this done. Anyway my Local maestro mechanic did it for £160.00 labour plus parts from Europarts so saved me the hastle of what would probably have taken me a week to sort out myself. Today was the day i finally got to drive it for the first time. i was not disappointed. i have previously owned 3 different GS300 cars and they were the best marque i have owned and this took me back to the shear joy of a silent car with total comfort and total luxury. You point it, sit back and relax and it just floats along. Shear joy. It goes in next month for the airbag recall so hopefully i can get the only other problem resolved which is pairing it to my iphone. A small issue as i do not really want to answer the phone when i am out enjoying the drive.
  10. The OEM Aerial is still fitted and the radio works fine it is just that the unit sticks up about 12". Motor is working so the problem is the toothed plastic strip has broken but i do not think these are available separately. Regarding your leak, there is a plastic drain pipe that is fitted to the bottom of the assembly to drain water away out of the boot
  11. The aerial does not work so suspect the drive cable is broken. motor works fine but no movement. Looked on ebay and they all state only suitable for 34.5" units not 42 " units. Have pulled my aerial fully up and it measures about 38" so suspect that including the bit inside it is a 42" unit. Any advice on where i can obtain a reasonably priced replacement shaft
  12. Thanks for your feedback. At present Lexus Bradford who did a lot of the servicing work have no record of a belt change. My letters to previous owners from the service history have not had a response and there are no labels or stickers under the bonnet. I am of the opinion that it has not been done so now looking for options. Do it myself or trust it to my usual genius garage man to do it for me. Thanks everyone
  13. Ok thanks for that. As there is no record of the belt being done i have to look at my options. I have contacted Lexus to see if they have centralised records which may show that it has been done but do not expect much luck there. Also asked the markings/make of the belt used in 2005 production to see if it is still the same belt. There must be somebody out there who is is "geeky" enough on Lexus facts to know that?????. Will also try previous owners. Any other suggestions? I bought the car at the right price with 150K on the clock knowing that i may have to do the belt. At this mileage i am assuming that it was done around the 100K mark but if i cannot prove it then i will get it done. Word is the belts are good for 180K but should be changed at 90K so i will need to act fairly quickly. I have garage facilities and my own lift so with the help of U tube i will have a weeks fun sorting it out.myself.
  14. New to this model and want to do the cam belt. Can anyone advise if these are interference engines? In other words if the cam belt goes do the valves hit the pistons or not.
  15. My passion is the old air cooled Porsche marque and i was lucky enough to invest in some a few years ago when reasonably priced. Now retired i have restored them so have plenty of summer fun car experience. I was looking for an everyday car which will not be used much and struggle to find anything i really liked until i saw the SC430. Its 2005 so cheap tax, high miles but with a lot of work having been done to it and in beautiful condition. It was very fairly priced so if it lasts me a few years and goes phut i can break it for spares and get my money back. Happy days.