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  1. Yes it looks like that and its double filament so its a T20. Thanks Steve Thanks to all for the usual knowledgeable response Just ordered a few
  2. No its not a bayonet type. Its all glass with just the wires coming out the bottom and bent up over the glass.
  3. This might sound a silly question but i need a replacement brake light bulb and not sure which one it is. eBay only show bulbs from the States specifically for an Sc with a reference to type T6.5. Cannot find this reference on uk suppliers. Surely they should be easily available in the UK. What am i missing?
  4. When i had a set of tyres recently i found that the centre wheel trims with the ten bolts holding them on had most of the shoulder that the bolts go up against had sheared off. Although all the bolts were there the trim was only secured by 3 or 4 of the bolts. The centre trims are only made of plastic so over the years these had broken but gone unnoticed. I discovered on ebay some 17.5mm internal caps that are stoppers used on test tubes. The ebay number is110902657651. They come in packs of 20 so two packs at £5.00 each will do all the bolts. I punched a hole in the centre, put the bolt in a
  5. No the ones i need are as fitted around 2005 with 10 bolts holding them on. The wheel nuts do not secure them as they are plastic, you can remove the wheel without removing the trim from the wheel
  6. May be the same thing. This is the 5 spoked plastic centre trim about 12" diameter that is held on by 10 off 8mm socket head cap screws. If you are changing the wheel then they stay in situ but if fitting new tyres they have to be removed to get the shaft and nut of the balancing machine through the centre of the wheel. The 10 bolts are set in 18mm diam recess in the trim and the recesses have a flange at the bottom with a 10mm hole to take the bolts. The flanges break off inside but you cannot see this until you take the trim off. One of my trims had 6 of these flanges sheared off so only hol
  7. Looking for a set of plastic wheel trims for my SC with 18" wheels. Can anybody assist please.
  8. Oh i do love forums. The combined technical knowledge is boundless. All you need is the right person to read you post. A contributor once described these little procedures as a "lexus dance". I have tried two before. First to programme a key with the accelerator and the brake. That failed. Next it was to get rid of the beeper on the seatbelt that was sounding off all the time. That failed also. I am happy to say i have at last learnt one of the Lexus dances. Tried the procedure above and i have successfully reset the zero point and lights are out. Thank you both for your great
  9. Have a n issue with VSC light coming on. When i start the car the lights go out. drive 5 yards and they come on. Had them checked on diagnostic and no electrical faults could be found either when stationary or when mobile and all sensors worked electrically. Had a test redone at another garage and on mobile test all graphs stayed the same. however it did then show a fault code. C1336. Zero point calibration of deceleration sensor undone. Can someone explain what this means and how it can be rectified. Did try to get one of the sensors out to check the reluctor ring but it was s
  10. Now sourced the parts from AUTODOC a german company for the sum of about £20.00 delivered for a set of 4. Still awaiting delivery so will keep you posted.
  11. They are located in Russia/ Ukrane so no better than having to ship from the US. Still not found a UK supplier who can supply valve only. Supplier found in UK can only supply complete valve with TPMS which i do not need. I really only need the sealing washers.
  12. Have two wheels that have slow punctures. Taken it to my local tyre depot who found leaky valve stems. He offered to remove them and try to reseal but warned that there may be a problem with the threads which would prevent them from being reinstalled. I agreed and want to buy new units that will accept the pressure monitors. Looking on ebay its seems that are only available from the states and made by DORMAN. Anyone aware of a UK supplier
  13. The lights are on all the time and i cannot put them out with the switch. However when i last took it to my garage i did switch off before he tested it. I will try that tomorrow Thanks Seal on the fuel cap is fine and cap is always tight. Whats the relevance of that to this problem?
  14. A few days ago my VSC light and the off light came on. Took it to my garage for OBD plug in but it showed no faults. Repeated the test after a few days and still it showed no faults and would not put the lights out. Anybody any idea where i start to look with no fault located.
  15. Since found out that it has killed the beeper even if i do not put my seat belt in. but warning light still flashes if i have not done up my belt So happy to have stopped the beeping so not going to mess with it in case it starts again. Rear Seats never used so no problem
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