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  1. Happy Birthday peasoup39!

  2. Spot on found it and thank you very much.. Doctor has just left after fitting me with a neck brace as lying across the cill and trying to focus on the fuses whilst angling the torch in the right direction and removing the fuses has caused a problem. Seriously thanks very much for your help. I do not post much as having had the car 3 years and taking the mileage past 110 k still nothing ever goes wrong with it. Brilliant car. brilliant quality, 40mpg on a run, extreme comfort. OH JOY>
  3. Now here is a simple question. Where is it? After consuming some pepermints ( after a nice cigar of course) a bit of silver wrapping fell into my lighter without me noticing. Next time i plugged in my phone charger the fuse popped. I have looked everywhere for a blown fuse without success. At my pensionable age i know my eyesight is not as good as it was but it cannot be that difficult to find . Can It?
  4. Advice please I currently have a GS300 which is I think the best car around but fitting a tow bar is a bit offputting with costs quoted including the oil cooler of about £3 grand. I am thinking of getting hold of an IS200 estate as a dog carrier and to tow my classic car around. Problem is i cannot see any tow bars listed for an estate so cannot calculate the cost and road tests indicate that the 200 urban petrol consumption is in the low 20's ( I get 30mpg in my 300 around town) Any advice on this choice as to how well they tow etc and where i can price up a tow bar would be most welcome. Peasoup39
  5. I have one of the last systems using a CD rather than a DVD. Upgraded the disc to 2004-2005 version last year which seems to have an aversion to motorways. Set it for Warwick from Swansea and it wanted me to go up through mid Wales, around the North of Birmingham and back down again. Crazy. Set it in Burscough to go to Birmingham and it sent me through Widnes. When ignored and I went onto M6 it kept telling me to reroute back through Widnes. I have checked for settings that could be making it do this like "avoid motorway" but there do not seem to be any such options. Any ideas on why it is doing this. I now tend to route by map and switch on when I am a few miles from my destination
  6. There is a God and a Lexus Guru and I am not sure who to thank the most. Car fired up immediately, brilliant. Question perplexing me now is ;- Why 6 mins? Many many thanks. Peasoup 39
  7. Parked up on Friday, went to start it on Saturday and it was completely dead. Battery it seems had packed up completely. Fitted a new battery and it will not start. Everything operates, engine turns over quickly but not as much as a cough. Is there something I should do? As the battery has been totally disconnected do I have to reset something? I have tried locking and opening the car several times ( even with the key in). I have floored the throttle in case it has flooded but nothing. I need help quick or I do not get to work tomorrow!!!!!!
  8. I must express an interest here as I asked the same question some time ago about converting to LPG. I have not taken advice on single or multipoint but everyone recommended a fast lube system as a must Mileage quoted worries me. I have a light right foot and average 28 min on petrol. On a run I can get 33-34 mpg on petrol. The average drop in consumption varies but is said to be about 10%. To get 18mpg you must be flooring it at every opportunity. When asked Lexus did not want to know about converting and were less than helpful but that you would expect. Has anyone out there suffered engine problems which has been attributed to the gas conversion. I am currently on about 80k miles so its only just run in?????. Saving money on fuel would be dwarfed if a new engine was needed.
  9. Having a bit of trouble getting into this Forum. As a newcomer I obviously need to practice. Thought I had polled weeks ago and wondered why no replies from what is obviously a very helpfull menbership. Just discovered i sent the message to myself. Please dont ask how. Need some parts for a w reg (2001) GS300 at reasonable prices so need advice. 1) Tow bar. Best offer to date is £500.00 not fitted 2) Wind deflectors to fit to front windows to stop rain coming in. Yes i am a smoker. Saw some on e bay in America so they are available. Any idea where I can get them in the UK? 3) Need an update on my Sat Nav CD ( not DVD) currently have 2001 version. Now then, what button do I press to send this??????
  10. Hi Ade FLash lube system? Is this the upper cylinder lube device that I have heard mentioned
  11. Hi. Just purchased another GS300 after missing my last one so much. I intend to keep this a while so am considering converting to LPG. I know what it entails as I am in the L P gas business but would like to know if anyone has any bad tales to tell on this particular engine. ie burnt out valves etc. Lexus give me a big NO when I asked their opinion. This maybe because they have nobody in their dealers who can cope with it or there may be some other reason. I have an LPGas Assoc approved installer lined up to do the work but would like some feedback before going ahead. Any Comments?