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  1. Thanks Guys. Yep its only the drivers seat, time to dig out the WD. - GK :zee:
  2. Sorry, Its a IS200 Sport. Boy do I feel :iraqi-info-minister: . Cheers - GK :zee:
  3. Thanks I shall try your suggestion about pulling the seat belt out all the way. Sadly no longer under warranty, Cheers - GK :zee:
  4. Hi, Has anyone got a Road Angel if so where have you placed it in the car? Thanks -GK :zee:
  5. Hi, My drivers seat belt does not retract properly, has anyone had this problem if so how have they cured it? Thanks - GK :zee:
  6. While pondering selling my IS200 I remembered that my seat has started to squeak which is so annoying does anyone know how to fix this problem? Cheers -GK :zee:
  7. Guys, Thanks but small thing. 3900 fitted where as a GS300 will be 2k to change to. Belive me if I had 4 grand then I just might well do it. Cheers GK.
  8. Hi, I am so bored of my IS200 Sport the accelration bugs the hell out of me! So I have been looking at cars and have not come up with anything I like other than the GS300. Could someone tell me how much it costs to fill one up and how many miles they get on a full tank also how much service costs are. Also as the spec sheet is not working was the difference between the sport, s and se ? I am looking at the MKII. Cheers GK
  9. Thanks everyone for your advice. I have been quoted 250 to have the wheels refurbished but they need my car for three days which I cannot afford to do. Cheers - GK.
  10. Steve, I checked this four year warranty with Lexus HO and they said it was only on the Stereo not the wheels. They have offered to replace mine at half price with refurbished Lexus wheels at only 399 fitted! :tsktsk: *************** THATS A JOKE ********************* Next time I shall buy a Beamer or Merc, at least I expect sh!t service from them not Lexus. - GK
  11. Hi, The car is V reg Nov 99, I have had an argument with Lexus Customer Services who tell me the extended warranty is not on the tyres but only on the Stereo. They have offered to pay half of the cost of refurbished ones, which is nice of them until you get the price fitted. £399 they are taking the p!ss. So do I have refurbished ones, which lets face it will be just as bad as the old ones after a short period of time ot do I replace the wheels with non Lexus ones? I want wheels that look kewl and will not b_gger up in 6 months like the Lexus ones. Thanks for the search and advice. -GK
  12. The wear is on the sides nearest the engine so I am not sure about the roundabouts But maybe I have had slow punctures. Thanks -GK.
  13. Hi, Has anyone had to replace 5 tyres in 7 months? My front tyres seem to have worn where the tread meets the wall of the tyre, my tracking has been checked and its fine. Some mentioned that the tyres might be because of the suspension. Has anybody got any ideas? I have lost three tyres to this and two to a pot hole. GK.