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  1. Headlights Staying On

    Yep it happened to me ages ago cost me £200 to have the water removed and the fuse box cleaned now after the heavy rain its happened again and im gutted. Seein more people have the same problem with many ways of fixin it is disheartening as its so expensive goin to Lexus and even they dont know half the time.
  2. Headlight Problem

    Hi folks just wanting to know if you sorted the headlight problem as its happened to me re-placed the Light Control Relay and the problem didnt go away. Im gutted as ive only had the car 8/9 weeks loved it until this started happenin and since ive read no-one seems to have cured the problem. If this is a common problem you would have thought Lexus would have recalled all 2001 models or fixed them free of charge.