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  1. lol, yeh I know what you mean. Its a well balanced car and the 4 wheel drive system helps alot with the handling. I do think a road angel will be one of my next investments.
  2. Alright mate, yeh the visabilty is poor, but its a coupe and I didn't purchase it for praticality, its some thing i'll live with to be honest. Thanks for the advice about the belt mate, I did hear about the belts breaking early, its the same for the lexus is200. Both cars initially recommended belt changes at 100000 miles, they are now recommmended at 60000 miles (is200 and TT), so its going into the garage next week to get it replaced.. As for the audi service bill's, I'm quite lucky as i'm a vechial tech, so i only need to buy parts, which is very helpfull to the wallet. I must say though, I don't think the audi is boring to drive but I suppose its still new to me, so will have to let you know in a few months, by the way I got the 225bhp s line., very impressed with the power. shak
  3. Good luck with the "titty" mate. LOL. Stick around here anyway coz you probably got some good advice/tips for others. Col.. :winky: LOL, cheers mate.
  4. Cheers everyone I'll probably be back in a couple of years, as I think once I've had some fun with the audi and got it out of my system, I think I fancy an IS250. As the lexus is one of the best cars I've had the pleasure of owning. Shak
  5. Hi every one!!! I've had my lex for three years now and its been an excellent car, never let me done and drives just as good as when I brought it. So i've decided to change it and get an Audi TT, I certainly know that I won't get the Lex reliabilty but I fancied some thing differant. Just wanna say thanks to everyone for all the help and advice thats been given, its been great!!! shak :)
  6. Alright mate, I thought your's were flashing as soon as you applied your brakes, didn't realise it was only on hard braking. I'll have to go through the VOSA amendment printouts on Monday, as I don't remember the changes for the brake lights being made.
  7. why wont it?the outer brake lights stay solid as does my high level brake light.look at my sig matey tells you what i do for a living. I'm also an MOT tester, have been for 8 years. The mot hand book states that there must be a solid and steady red light when the brakes are applied, your's clearly flash when you apply the brakes, matey P's That means all brake lights, not just outer and centre
  8. Thats never gonna pass an MOT test, thats for sure. But they do look smart
  9. It depends how big the magnet is, I put some Alpine 6 x 9's in yesterday, and fitted them directly onto the rear, no need for mods or spacers.
  10. Hi there Just wanna say thanks to every one for there help with the stereo issue. I decided to get the Alpine cde-103bt, I am over the moon with it, I've put in some Alpine 6 x 9's in the rear too. The sound quality is awesome, can't believe how much better it is. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  11. Very nice mate, you've done a good job on that fascia adapter. I have already oredered my adapter, I hope its like the one you and Unforgiven have got, theres no telling untill I receive it
  12. Thats great mate, thanks for sending them pics. I like the fascia adapter, I hope the one I get will be the same
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