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  1. Ormi, are you still the chap to speak to for specialist lexus servicing/ repairs in Edinburgh? I have a couple of issues which I want to sort urgently (i) knocking/ tapping noise passenger side front suspension (I think), (ii) TPMS lights wont go off. Im in the Army and move around quite a bit but will be back in Edinburgh in aug 14 when I would like to get these issues sorted. any guidance or help is appreciated! Waj.

  2. Tte Chicanes' 18" - Now Sold

    he's prob sold them the stopped the sale and said hes hes broke them.because hes not been offered the right money for them.lol. tryd it with me with an item on ebay..stopped the sale and refunded me saying he broke the item in question...didnt matter in the end as i got it even cheaper when he relisted it.. tehee.
  3. Amg Alloys Onto Is200 ?

    to the above wheel swaps have been big on the euro scene for years merc wheels on golfs,bmw's bently wheels on all sorts of cars as have lexus wheels been put on golfs etc.... if done right the visual impact can be amazing....if you like the look mate go for it...as said if you pic the right wheels the car could look amazing
  4. Fly Wheel Options?

    remove it and weld it then get it balanced/lightened job done..
  5. the tow bars will fit the sport as long as it doesnt have the rear lip kit fitted.....the tte or trd lip will fit with the tow bar
  6. no worries mate im at a slight advantage im a licenced toyota tec so work on these engines a lot also im training to be a master tec... the car would just be picking up one coil dropping off which tricks the ecu in to thinking their is more than one coil down... cant believe he said unplugging the injectors wouldnt lead you to the problem!!! what a doughnut!! just glad i could help...
  7. you cant unplug the coils to test for a misfire as the coils are linked....you unplug the injectors which will let you locate the miss better..plugging in the tester will tell you what cylinder is missing,,
  8. tried messaging you about my lexus issue but it wont let me send it to you, can you contact me on climo2k@yahoo.co.uk please?

  9. all sports have the amp as do the se's....
  10. Wiper Sudden Stop Working

    one or both?if one yip my driver oned stopped working!!the linkage wore out..easy repair though
  11. look at the power steering pump youll see a 14mm bolt thea goes in from the rear up the top slacken this get a lever tension the belt then tighten the 14mm back up job done...i would take a pic for you but my supercharger is in the way...
  12. replace the clutch as a kit their really is no real saving only replacing single items...if your skint you can have the flywheel welded and lightened...
  13. High Idle Speed When Cold?

    thats the cold start and its fine mate