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  1. High Fuel Consumption

    Rory, Have a look on the knowledgebase. Its under there how to do an ECU reset. This is the content:- IS200: Resetting engine ECU Author: Colin Barber It is recommended that the engine ECU is reset after any engine performance modifications have been made to the vehicle, including using a higher octane fuel, to accelerate the learning of any new parameters. Resetting the ECU will also clear any stored error codes, however if you have a fault with your vehicle it is advisable that these codes are retrieved rather than wiped as they may help in diagnosing the problem. Make sure the ignition is turned off Remove the engine bay fuse box cover Remove the 20Amp/25Amp EFI fuse Remove the 15Amp ETCS fuse Wait 30 seconds Re-insert the two fuses Install the fuse box cover It is also possible to reset the engine ECU by removing the battery. Please note that this method will also reset any memory settings such as radio presets, trip mileage, clock etc.
  2. Amp Boost

    Yeh. The standard factory fitted one. I don't want to go through the painstaking lengths of changing it, mainly cos I like the front CD changer so I was wondering whether anyone knows of a way to optimise the output. I don't know if anyone else has noticed but if the volume is down low, the sound quality is dire, but if you whack it right up and turn your eardrums into earskins then the sound quality is sweeeeeet. You can actually hear some bass if you whack the volume up! Personally, I would rather live to a ripe old age without the need for an ear trumpet, so I was looking for some advice from the wise members of the LOC.
  3. Amp Boost

    Does anyone know any way of boosting the amp, or tweaking it to get optimum output???
  4. Gold Membership

    Thanks for the help lads. I've finally got my membership- officially. Yay!!
  5. Gold Membership

    Hey peeps. Wanna get a feel for how long it took you to get your membership online. I've got my pack in the post but still can't login to the "gold members" area. My signature is also noticably lacking a little "Gold" emblem. My main concern is that I can't access the facilities within my control panel area that I could as a gold member-which I am. Does it normally take this long to process or am I missing something? :shutit:
  6. Petrol Pumps

    Snap Me too.
  7. Brake Squeal

    Normally the brake pads..
  8. High Fuel Consumption

    I'm hearing you on that Vyker! Hot diggity dawg! It is true that the fuel consumption- from 14mpg to 23mpg- 9 mpg. Over a 50% increase, which is great. However, I have had to take certain steps to reach this point, namely- purchase and install K&N air filter purchase and pay for installation of Denso IK20's over-inflate the tyres to 40 psi reset the ECU twice purchase top whack, uber-expensive Vpower from Shell. I have one thing left to try, which Tony B. thinks will solve the problem- namely: get a full geo done on the wheels. If that doesn't do the trick and the Lex continues its vampiric behaviour, then I am reluctantly going to sell up and move on, before it loses too much of its value.
  9. High Fuel Consumption

    You ever noticed how the fuel needle slowly decreases during the top half, but then suddenly starts rapidly decreasing during the bottom half during fuel consumption?!! I was thinking, hurrah I've got 200 miles out of half a tank so I'm on track for 400 miles to a full tank- WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG!! The needle is now down to just above the last "quarter" (cos it aint a quarter marker) and it is nowhere near the 300 mile mark! 400 miles out of the full tank- as likely as spotting a porky pilot.. quelle bummmer!!
  10. High Fuel Consumption

    Recently did an ECU reset, then journeyed up to Bradford and around Mancunia- got 23.3 mpg. For the journey home, filled the tank full again, from the warning light, reset the trip-o-meter and also added some Redex fuel cleaner. So far, I've achieved 211 miles in just over half a tank, which is a bit of a miracle. I hope it continues like that! Also, gonna book in with Tony B. from WIM to get a full geo done, cos the car was jumping around the place when travelling at speed on the motorway. I'll keep ya posted, as my experiences might well serve someone else with similar problems.
  11. Any Plumbers In The House....

    Is the [problem resolved? If so, what was it?
  12. Are they easy to view on bright, shiny days, or does the glare from the sun (for instance, coming in from the drivers side window) interfere with your ability to view the display?
  13. High Fuel Consumption

    The service history is very good. All done by reputable Lexus garage in Twickenham, up until I bought the car. All completed as required at all the major milestones, and every 10,000 miles. I can't see that this is the cause, but then I really don't know what could be.
  14. High Fuel Consumption

    That's an honest answer, which I appreciate. I was up your neck of the woods only yesterday. I drove up on the Tues on a full tank (from fuel light on), and took the car to Bradford, and back. Drove it dry, til the light came on again and managed to get 23mpg, so it seems to be improving...but I hear ya 6OLDE, it is proving to be an expensive hobby! What is the mpg on your Audi?
  15. High Fuel Consumption

    I always measure by filling to the brim, resetting odometer and then running it dry- getting 21 mpg. I would love to know what those who are getting excellent mpg have done to their car- where serviced, wheels aligned, etc? ie. most notably, trevman and Ivanovoitch. Please take some time to take us through your cars basic history and any notable elements e.g. wheels aligned, parts changed.... etc.