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  1. That's what I should have done, easy to be wise after the event.
  2. I was recently involved in a non-fault accident, which when I advised my insurance broker ( RAC ). I was put through to a company called DRIVE ASSIST, who I was assured would deal with the repair & supply a replacement vehicle at no cost to myself, they claim it back from the third party insurers. To cut a long story short, they supplied a replacement car in the dark so the delivery inspection was difficult. Following the repair of my IS200, they collected the replacement car two days late & accused me of causing damage to their vehicle, which I had'nt. This resulted in a dispute which has taken months to resolve. Having Googled Drive Assist I found that similar problems have occured with a lot of other people, in fact they have even been on the BBC Watchdog program. Should anyone come up against this company I would advise you to have no dealings with them whatsover.
  3. I've had the same problem for several months & only just managed to get it fixed. Was caused by a membrane inside the passenger door skin which had torn. Fixed at a local garage whilst I waited within half an hour. Hope this helps.
  4. Just bought myself a TomTom 1 for my newly aquired IS200, whilst its a brilliant piece of kit I've noticed a serious security issue. If I were to accidently leave it in the car unnatended & it were stolen, not only would the machine give the thief my home address, but also show him/her the way!!! I would have thought they would build in a password on power up much like a mobile phone, but it does'nt seem to have anything. I've now set my home address to read the address of my local police station in an attempt to get around the problem. Has anyone else any other solution??
  5. but doesn't that mean you have to reverse out again?? :D :D :D Yes it does & thats where I get the problem especially in the rain!! Tell me something, when I go into reverse the car bleeps, is this just a warning or is this a reverse parking sensor ? I don't want to reverse into a wall to find out!!
  6. Hi All, Having just changed my old MR2 for an immaculate 2000 model IS200 with only 43000 miles on the clock I have some initial comments which may be of interest and I would welcome your comments. The first thing I noticed was the quietness of the engine which is really impressive once I got used to it & using the rev counter to assess gear change levels. The car is full of gadgets & gizmos which is great once you get the hang of them all. My only critisism so far is that the car is obviosly not designed to go backwards, there is no rear wash wipe, the rear view is limited by the rear head rests and I'm having trouble assessing where the back of the car is!! The rear view mirror is convex which distorts the view so no help there. This only leaves the wing mirrors to assist with parking. I would gladly have forgone the heated front seats in favour of a rear wash wipe system. Other than this I am really delighted with the car and with this forum, I look forward to reading your comments. Cheers.
  7. Wow- Great response, my thanks to all for the information & your welcome. Seems I've found a really impressive source of help & info.
  8. Hi Chris, thanks for the info, think I may get the belt done it may be 10 years old, can't take a chance of wrecking my new pride & joy!! I'll post a pic as soon I have one.
  9. Hi All, Just to indroduce myself & a quick question. Bought my IS200 SE on Wednesday last week for 6500 pounds. Its a 2000reg (W) with 43,000 miles on the clock. I intend to book it in to a Lexus dealer for a full service & possibly a cam belt change if it needs it. Can anyone advise me how much I should be paying for this? Thanks in advance.