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  1. Hi All, Had my Lexus broken into on the weekend (they nicked the TomTom) but the odd thing is that the car was locked and the alarm didn't go off. No damage to door and no window smashed suggesting that they managed to remotely open the doors as if they were using a legitimate key? Does anybody know if key codes can be cloned (or remotely snooped) or if there is some master/valet key? I mean I should be thankful that no damage was done - but it's not the first time it's happened (last time around 2 years ago they got away with a cheap mp3 player), it now feels like my poor Lexus is unsafe outside my own house. It's an IS200 2002 plate if that helps. Also a Soco came around to take prints - so I'm guessing there must be a spate of these going on - they're usually not bothered about vehicle crime. Anyway appreciate your thoughts everybody. Thanks, Griffter
  2. Thanks for the advice Chris. Took the car down to a local garage last night - and it was a problem with the calliper - although it wasn't sticking but something to do with worn away piston holes which were rusted and full of dirt! Anyway £180 for a new calliper, inclusive of labour and a free courtesy car (albeit a shoddy old fiat punto!). Being fitted today, hopefully it will resolve the problem!
  3. Thanks for the reply guys - much appreciated. I suspected it could be a stick calliper as one wheel feels distinctly hotter than the other after stopping. Suppose I best get it sorted sooner rather than later - before it wears down the pads and starts warping the discs! Maybe the revving sound is the noise of the braking action (pad pushing against the wheel) - or maybe it's getting so hot down in that area that the engine cooling fan is coming on? Anyway - if you don't mind me asking how much was it to fix the sticking brake calliper? Thanks again everyone.
  4. Hi All, I have an IS200 (02 Plate) and on a recent motorway journey I started getting very bad shaking at between 45-65 MPH. Touching the brake when it's doing this is extremely scary - the car really wobbles and shakes like crazy. Below those speeds everything is fine, and above those speeds it seems to be fine. To add to the woes though, every now and then at high speed 70-85 I hear a noise from the engine that sounds like it's revving slightly higher (but the rev counter stays the same). I had the wheel balanced and alignment checked and re-done - but still the problem continues. Any helps, ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks guys, Lee
  5. Yeah the white ones look the business. Glad their easy to fit - might have a crack myself then - where's the best place to buy them from?
  6. How much are dash LED's - and are they easy to fit?
  7. Hi all, I'm getting a lot of juddering/vibrating when braking, but can also feel and hear it slightly even when not braking! Had the pads and discs changed, and had 4 new tyres all balanced and aligned - but still she vibrates! If it's not the balancing or brake pads/discs - anyone know what on earth it could be? Thanks all Griffter
  8. Driving in the snow this morning was scary to the say the least. A friend of mine who also has a lexus says that you should turn the Snow button on, but to also turn the traction control off? Is this right - and if so what's the reason for that then? Also wish you could turn the ABS off - in the snow it just makes things worse in my opinion. Anyway got to work fine, and now it's snowing again - hope it clears up!!!! All the best to the rest of you in this horrid weather!
  9. Hi all, Just got off the phone to the service dep. at lexus cardiff and the guy there quoted me around the £1,000 figure for a 60,000 mile service + timing belt + tensioner + idler pulley. OMG! As if next years tax isn't enough to convince my wife to sell the car! But seriously is this guy having a laugh? - £1,000 !!!! Cheers Griffter
  10. Hi there, I'm looking for a baby seat for a new born in the IS200? I know it will have to be a rear seated one because there's no easy way to turn off the passenger airbag. I've looked at a few websites where you type in the make and model of the car, but in every case the seats won't fit the lexus. I've heard though you can get an ISOFIX fitting or something? Has anyone recently bought a baby seat that fits the IS200? Any help is very much appreciated Many thanks, Lee
  11. :D ha ha - cheers aido! Was thinking of starting another one about whether a Lexus is better than the new Focus ST2 - boys in work are giving me hassle about the performance of the Lexus compare to the Focus ST2, but I guess a poll on a lexus owners club website would be just a tad bias!
  12. Yeah sure if you like a few colours - vote for em all! Someone told me the Red was in import - is that true?
  13. Anybody agree that the older 5 spoke alloys are much nicer than the new multi-spoke ones? Thought I'd open up a poll see what you all think. Thanks, Lee
  14. Has the poll bit worked (thanks aido) - if so please use it. If not - can someone point me in the right directions (use the manage poll option and added one question, then clicked Close Poll Form)?
  15. Thanks for the replies so far - when we get to 50 votes - I'll tot em up - and see which one wins. Coz some of you have voted for 2nd and 3rd place colours, I'll give 10 points for 1st, 5 for 2nd, and 3 for 3rd. Thanks all!