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  1. Mate, really nice job there. It looks like a lot of work. Can you please tell me if it's necessary to replace the cover as well when you replace the clutch plate?
  2. Hi all, I am quite keen in giving my car a birthday present and that will be: new brakes, new pain over the caliper and also new decals. basically , I am after the chrome decal that says Lexus and if possible have it on the curb. Thanks
  3. Did you reset the ECU? (disconnect the battery for 5 minutes). Probably the roar you were getting was due to a clogged air filter and the engine might've strugled sucking the air in. Also, if you changed the oil and oil filter as well that really quitenes down the engine making it smoother. That's my guess anyway.
  4. To have a cleaner cut, you can fix the light cluster in a vice or something and use your both hands for a steady cut. Don't rush it and make sure you wear protection glasses as the hot plastic could damage your eye if gets in there by mistake. Use bond and seal silicone type. I am having a go (4th pair with no problems) and have some parts masked in couple of weeks. It will look ace. I wil post some pics soon. Cheers
  5. Just a piece of advice to you before using the Dremel. Make sure you get the diamond blade, as it won't burn the plastic that much and the cut will be cleaner and better. I've opened few sets so far with no problems. Otherwise you can use Bosch 180PF tool that has a horizontal movement. If you use the Dremel, my advice is to position the light on a vice or something, and use your both hands for a steady cut. Preparation is half the job, believe me. good luck
  6. Thanks mate. What if I want to keep the sidelights in as well. I guess I can make a hole and plugged it with some silicone. That's what everybody did? What are the benefits of detango ing.Quite tempted to actually paint the orange bit with black transparent paint and keep it in.
  7. Hi all, It has been a while since I have posted, work and fun unfortunately. I am planning to install my Angel Eyes in couple of days, but I was just wondering how did you guys run the wires out of the headlight case? my guess is that you make a hole, run the wire and than cover the hole with silicone, but I might be wrong. On the instruction it says that it would be good to have everything inside the case, but I doubt this would be possible. i will end up with a lot of wires in my egine bay but I can live with that. Your advice would be greatly appreciated. I will post pics as soon as they are on....yeah, yeah we've seen these before but these will be quite unique, as I spent a lot of time on getting them right. Mercer.
  8. Linky found this. I can sort out the purchase of this for someone willing to pay the freight.
  9. As the title says, I have an opportunity to buy some Altezza headlights and I was wondering if I can fit them on my IS200. Also, how much do they usually go for? I mean the price ..u know? Cheers
  10. Hi there mate, I think there can be few reasons for not having the moonroof working properly. 1. Dirt on the track of the moonroof - clean and oil the track 2. A silicone or rubber seal that could jam the full run of the sunroof - check possible problems 3. Faulty codes - needs reseting 4. And the last one - the motor will need to be recalibrated. Easy to do if you have the right tool. Disconnect the moon roof from the battery Open the MR in the tilt position with a strong screwdriver or something Find the motor and the plasticblack bix that's next to it Get the plastic black box out. You will see couple of white markings on the small wheel inside the system. That will need to match the mark on outside. In order to do that you will need to open the small box very carefully. Once they're all aligned put everything back together. Voila!!! Well, i hope it works well for you. If you don't want to mess with the system it;s better to give some sunroof experts a call and they can do it in no time for you. Good luck!!
  11. i already done a how too on this already matey..........and up already on this site. Excellent than, better more than none I guess ;) I am not trying to get the credit or anything mate. I remember looking for something like this some time ago and didn't find it and ceased my research on this matter here so I looked elsewhere. I am just sharing my findings, if that's ok!!!! B)
  12. I've just found this: How to change transmission oil Might be saving some money to some people here ;)
  13. Looks good mate, really good. I've polished my car this last weekend with some Bouden or something and it gave a real shinny finish. I'd go turbo if I was you (more room to move up) but than again is ur money. Where did you get the bumper from?
  14. Hey mate, Bought a similar system from Japspeed UK. Looked pretty good and fit perfectly apart from secondary pipe needed modifying. It came with a bolt in silencer that you could open or close to change the sound or you could take the whole thing out and have it full flow. It is a lot louder especially around 2500-3000 revs where it booms. Its fun for a while but have decided to change it for something a bit more reserved but still has a good howl. Right, well to honest I don't want anything loud or extremelly loud. I want soemthing for it's performance and then sound ...a deep note I am after.
  15. Ah, ok. Why? Is there any reason?
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