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  1. Hi, is this car still for sale? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Not sure, but they must go to the amp. The plug on your car may be different. This is on a T Reg. 99 SE
  3. dose it have fuses or anything in it? alos do all 4 your rear speakers work? anyone tried to wire up an after market system onto the origional amp? This is how I have wired in a head unit using the existing amp. Head unit will need front and rear pre-outs though. Not had any probs. yet and sounds good.
  4. a71jay

    Led Indicators

    This might be useful. http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Toyota-Elec...95711QQtcZphoto
  5. a71jay

    Is200 Amp

    OK. Today I went to buy a ground loop isolator, When the guy in the shop asked what I was going to do with it. I explained that I had found the Line inputs on an IS200 OE amp but was getting a little bit of hum. He told me that I have not connected to the correct wire for the earth from my pre out leads and that by connecting to a certain wire it would sort out my problem. I have just had a quick look and swapped the braided earths from the pre outs of the head unit to the BROWN wire on the on the OE connector and all the hum and interference has gone. If any one wants to go done this route they will need to get a head unit with 4 pre-outs. If you need any info on this let me know. I will e-mail you the details of the OE connector. Cheers Jay.
  6. a71jay

    Lexus Tracker

    Hi, I am a Technical engineer at TRACKER. Its my job to supprt the OEM's. Only TRACKER Monitor and Horizon are approved for LEXUS, but TRACKER's Response is a really good product. We are in the process of getting approval with the Response. The current drain on all are products are very low. (Less than 1mA for Monitor, Horizon and Response.) The Response is GPS, GSM and VHF based. You can use a customer website to pull off reports and see your vehicle. Cost compared to similar products are cheaper as other companies charge every time you use the website or poll the vehicle. With the Response you have to carry tags on your person. (little bit of a pain, but not that difficult)
  7. a71jay

    Is 200 Keys

    All sorted now. Just orderd the key blank too. Thanks for all your help. Cheers Jay
  8. a71jay

    Is 200 Keys

    If they ar I cant find them! But no harm only cost £1.99 The only instructions I could find on here are to teach the remote lock and un lock. These include both and should teach the car the new transponder bit too.
  9. a71jay

    Is 200 Keys

    Spoke to Lexus and they tell me that the pocedure to program the immobiliser chip is different to the remote lock and unlock. Just got the instructions of e-bay. Will try them when the Mrs gets back!
  10. a71jay

    Is 200 Keys

    Anyone got any Info?
  11. a71jay

    Is200 Amp

    Guess I'm just being lazy. Im going to try and use a Ground loop isolator before I take your route.
  12. Has anyone tried to connect to the OE amp using phono outputs from their head unit. I have been at this all morning and found that this can be done, BUT I seem to be getting a little interferance with the volume turned rigth down. It seems like the line out voltage is not matched to the amp. Anyone got any specs on the OE amp. Cheers Jay
  13. I have managed to get a second hand Lexus IS200 key and program it to lock and unlock. But before I buy a blank of e-bay i swapped the shell and blade from my old key but the car will not start. Do I have to program the immobiliser seperatly or am i doing something wrong? Cheers Jay
  14. Wish id taken one of you lot when i bought the car. I may have walked away from it. Anywhy, just found that the L/H rear wheel arch and rear door have been repaired. Little bit dissapointed, so im going to have the whole side re done. Just contemplating wheather to change the door. I'll try and sort the badges at the same time. JAE is always a bad time for me. I have tried to go with the MK3 supra group but somthing always comes up.
  15. Picked this up last night. IS 200 SE Auto. Has minor scuffs around the bumper.