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  1. This is quite a common query. Yes, the IS250 is one of the most reliable cars around. That's not to say they never go wrong or don't need maintenance, but if looked after will be a pretty safe ownership bet. Be aware that legroom is quite restrictive and there's not a great deal of headroom either. If that's an issue - the GS300 might be a better bet. For a 3K budget, wanting the auto box rather than manual (is the best option and saves on road tax). you will mostly be looking at 2006/2007 models with over 100K on them. I wouldn't be too concerned about the mileage, they take the mileage pretty well. I'd be looking at how it's been looked after - when and how was it serviced, is there any receipts for work done, what does the MOT history tell you, etc. I always check the tyres, mixed brands across the axle and/or budget no-brands suggests it's not been well maintained. There's a full buyer's guide here but the major things to look out for are corroded exhaust, sticking brake calipers, leaking shocks. Also spark plugs are expensive to replace as they're difficult to get to and they would officially be due for replacement at 120K miles Good luck with your search
  2. thanks for the update, it's useful feedback for members considering the extended warranty. Did you go for the extended warranty on the GSF?
  3. From your description, I'd be looking at the exhaust and heat shield mounts
  4. Congrats on the GSF, so jealous 🙂 Interesting on the warranty front. I would have expected things like the wiper mechanism and the 'noisy' heater motor to be covered .. what reason(s) did they give?
  5. Obviously keep an eye on the oil level and top it up as needed. I'd be looking for a decent independent garage to take a look. With luck it will just be a leaky gasket
  6. sound advice from @Herbie This is the adaptor cable you might need You might need to consider where you will mount the SSD inside the case. You can either buy a mounting kit like this or just use a couple of double-sided adhesive pads to stick it somewhere convenient. Finally, if you don't want to reinstall Windows and all your programs, you can use something like to clone your existing drive to the new SSD However, I would say that the full re-install would be the preferred option to get the full benefit of the upgrade.
  7. Good news, pleased you got it sorted. Suggest you sell your old one for spares/repair to get some money back
  8. Careful you don't wear it out, it's not used to it 😉
  9. Lexus vary their service costs as minor/intermediate/full but the average cost compares favourably to BMW/Audi etc. A service plan just allows you to spread the cost over a couple of years
  10. average of 3.3k per year, you need to get out more lol 🙂
  11. Totally agree on the turn indicators - much too quiet. I think it might be dealer only / require access to techstream ?
  12. Have you thought about / been offered a Service plan? A full service history will add value when you sell or px later on.
  13. I think you're right to consider your options. If it was me, I would be most concerned with GAP insurance - especially if you are buying with finance. I'd suspect you will get a better deal by shopping around but consider the reputation that some insurance companies have and try and compare quotes from reputable companies with the Lexus offer. A dashcam can provide useful evidence in the event of an accident but otherwise don't offer any great benefit. I think I heard that Lexus were doing an offer on dashcams so it might be a good deal. Check if it includes professional fitting with hidden wiring and what features it has - GPS, unattended recording etc. Are they offering you Smart Cover (they will pay for a smart repair on bumper scrapes, dings etc) or a protective coating? I think the general view is that if you're are going to the trouble and expense of a protective coating then the work is best done by a specialist and not in the dealer workshops which is often the case. Anyway, my 2cents, hope that helps
  14. forgot to post my mileage, still running very nicely at 103,950