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  1. Well, I've spent the last week or two stripping out various parts of the dashboard and I still can't find the noise source I've now come to the conclusion that the source is somewhere under the car, exhaust mounts or driveshaft. Looks like I'm going to have to see what my local Lexus dealer thinks, 😞
  2. thinking about going just as a visitor. Would be nice to see some Lexus cars there - I note they don't ever seem to have had any attend the event. Maybe too far north for some 🙂
  3. You haven't said what your budget is but there's a nice looking 2013 GS F-Sport, with the Mark Levinson Audio/Satnav upgrade, with less than 30,000 miles for sale at Lexus Tunbridge Wells for £15K And Lexus Canterbury have 2012 GS Luxury, again with the Mark Levinson upgrade, just over 30,000 miles for £13.5K BTW, don't expect too much from the Lexus SatNav, infotainment system. While the sound quality is very good, the practicality and usability of the system is generally accepted to be inferior to other manufacturers. If buying from a Lexus dealer, you might want to try and negotiate updating the SatNav to the latest version as part of the sale as it's (I think) £159 otherwise. The additional warranty is £1095/£90pm for two years so that would get you a total of 3 years warranty and breakdown cover but be aware that this means you also need to service the car through Lexus over the 3 years. Having said that, Lexus do a payment plan to cover servicing as well so that might be worth considering if you're looking to have worry-free motoring for 3 years. I believe you can continue to buy extended cover after that - up to 10 years old if I recall correctly - but the current website is not clear on this so you might need to check with the dealer. The Lexus warranty has a good reputation but do bare in mind that 'consumable' and 'expected-life' parts may not be covered such as brake components and the exhaust.
  4. The 'odd rattle' was what I had. If only I'd left things alone 😢
  5. No, you caught me - it's a Gen2 IS 😚
  6. One thing I've noticed is that using the POI system is much easier and more accurate than the inadequate postcode system. Obviously if you're going to someone's house it's no good, but if you're going to a hotel or tourist spot or a parking area, petrol station, etc, try using the POI system.
  7. Hi Audrey I think most owners, certainly those who buy used, are attracted by the reputation Lexus have for reliability. This does not mean they never go wrong or can't throw up big bills but they are as reliable as anything else and more reliable than most. Don't go in blind, check service history (can be Lexus or independent but was it regular and on-time - by mileage or date), check MOT records are clear of failures and advisories, condition (does it look well cared for), I think the fitted tyres (mixed brands or no-names) are always a clue to the attitude of the previous owner. Expensive items to pay attention to are shock absorbers and exhaust, shocks are Lexus only and not cheap, same for the exhaust but you can get custom made replacements a bit cheaper. The safest option would be approved used from Lexus but I'd imagine that 2012/2013 would be on the cusp of what would be on offer and may be more than you want to pay. They're not as plentiful as the main marques so you might need to be patient or prepare to travel to find the right car for you. Anyhow, good luck with your search and let us know how you get on 🙂
  8. You might have a point about dislodging something but if that is the case then it's not an easy fix. I've had passengers in the car try holding and pushing various areas of the dash without any success.
  9. Until recently, I had a fairly typical level of dashboard noise. Some minor dashboard creaks and rattles that seemed very dependent on ambient temperature. Some days there was hardly any dash noise at all. However, I decided that I could make it much better by buying some rubber sealing strip and inserting it between the dash and windscreen. Once installed, the strip was pretty much invisible unless you knew it was there, and it did completely silence any of the exsiting dashboard noises. And I felt pretty pleased with myself .. for a while. Quite soon after I'd installed this strip, I noticed a new noise and this was really unpleasant. Oh well, I thought - I'll pull the sealing strip back out and it will go back to how it was before. I'd made such a good job on installing the strip that it wasn't easy to get to and I needed to fashion some sort of hook to pull it out so it was a full week driving round with this maddening noise. Dear reader, you will have guessed by now, that removing the rubber strip didn't make the noise go away and despite having stripped out the whole centre console, poked and prodded and done everything I can think of, it's still there. Take a listen to the short video for an example of the noise. My theory is that the strip has caused the vibrations to travel further and they have shaken something loose somewhere behind the instrument cluster. The noise is so loud and irritating that I don't think I can live with it. I think I either need to find someone to fix it or the car will need to go.
  10. There's been the odd meet up but it does tend to be focused (not exclusively) on the 'F' editions (IS-F,RC-F,GS-F) Keep any eye on the forums for any announcements but there's nothing to stop you trying to organise something if you feel inclined.
  11. That's good news, it's the value of a decent service regime I suppose. It does help that you seem to be mechanically skilled and confident and not 'challenged' like some of us 🙂
  12. Seeing as the thread has been resurrected 🙂 Those mats I bought off ebay 3 years ago have lasted pretty well.The only place where there's any sign of wear is the drivers heel pad - as you would expect. Unfortunately, the original seller doesn't seem to be around anymore but I think the point made above is valid, i.e lots of sellers sourcing from the same place(s). For the £20-odd quid I paid three years ago I'm perfectly happy.
  13. Bit more than a few quid for the genuine item Take the receipt into the garage and ask them to pay If you don't want the hassle, lots of sellers on ebay for a non-genuine item
  14. Spotted this on Ebay, looks like a bargain price, £20 for 5 litres plus 10% off Sod's law I've just bought 10 Litres for my service 😞