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  1. bobmc

    IS300 2JZ-GE NAT #no compromise

    Great updates as always Rob. Winced when reading about the grinder incident - talk about suffering for your art lol Any plans for a national tour once she's finished so we can all see her
  2. Home is Teesside, on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. I'm not familiar with Glossop or the surrounding areas, so I can't offer any good suggestions. What do you think your plans for the Sunday are?
  3. I was originally looking to join the second day for a drive through the dales. Derby is a little further than I would ideally like to travel but I'm not ruling it out completely just yet.
  4. bobmc

    Jongs 2007 IS220d

    Hi John Well done on sorting out those problems, think you did quite well with the price of the replacement amp. The caliper pins are the achilles heal of the IS, but if they get an annual service they should be fine. Is the pump under the rear seat? I'd assume so. Odd about the lack of a float - how does the sensor work then?
  5. Are you still thinking about the dales for day two? How about heading up to Settle from your overnight stop, then onto Hawes taking in the RibbleHead Viaduct, and Aysgarth Falls. Then through Leyburn and onto Richmond. From there it's a short drive to Scotch Corner and the A66/A1 junction to make your way home.
  6. Not sure this is your exact model
  7. Looking at the proposed itinerary, I'm more likely to come as a day tripper on the second day for the dales part. Really hope this happens 😊
  8. Is this just for 'F' owners? If not, I'd be interested in coming along.
  9. bobmc

    New to me, 2007 IS220d

    Welcome John. Sorry to hear about your situation and best wishes for a swift recovery. Good luck with the IS220, keep us posted with progress - don't forget the pictures though
  10. Also, fairly local?
  11. If you can remove the speaker, these people may be able to offer a repair service I've personally never used them, but they've been around the hifi audio business for donkeys years so I don't doubt they know what they're doing
  12. This might help. Alcantara front seats but not heated/cooled. If it doesn't say Mark Leveninson on the DVD player then it's not got the ML audio option but you loose one speaker (don't know which one - subwoofer??) and I don't think the amp is as powerful. Having said that, it's still a decent audio package. The only other option missing is the rear sunshade. Things to look out for 1. Alloy wheel corrosion 2. 60K spark plug change 3. Sticking brake calipers 4. Make sure the exhaust is in good shape, expensive to replace. You may hear a little rattle on engine startup, lasts a second or two, this is pretty normal. Other than that, no major worries.
  13. bobmc

    Council damaged my car!

    Just an update on this topic. I refused to go away and jumped through all the hoops I was presented with. Eventually got refered to the MD of the company who were sub-contracted to the council who agreed to pay the cost of repairs. Just been paid by bank transfer this week. Now I just need to book it in for the repair. 😀
  14. Yeah, the car was an auto otherwise I wouldn't have flagged the listing.
  15. BIN price just over £2K, includes SAT-NAV and ML Audio, 116K, Cumbria No reg number to check history and photo's very low res but seems a bargain price to me.