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  1. I'm not sure about the OEM - I wasn't the first owner. I've seen a variety of the major brands fitted to new Lexus cars so I don't think there's a brand preference. Looks like the option of all-season tryes is out of the question, I can't find any brand that does a 255/40/R18 as an all-season option
  2. mea culpa, I should have updated the topic 😳 We had a happy ending, an appeal was submitted and upheld
  3. Yeah it is, but the 255/40 is not a popular size so it looks like I'll have to have different makes front/rear or change sizes
  4. My IS250 failed it's MOT today! 😞 Quote: Windscreen Wiper does not clear the windscreen effectively So after recovering from the shock (and sorting a new set of wiper blades - only the passenger side needed replacing which is why I hadn't really noticed) I got advisories on all tyres This did shock me as they're all relatively new and decent makes The fronts are both worn 'close to legal limit/worn on inner edge' - so fair enough I must have a tracking issue, shame as they've only done 16K miles But also both rears damaged/cracking or perishing. They're NEXEN, 20K miles and 30 months old. So it looks like I'm needing a full set (and tracking) I'd quite like to go for a full set of all-seasons on an 18in rim - any recommendations? Id prefer the same make all round but 255/40/R18 are very thin pickings so I may have to end up mix and match
  5. @Baldguy thanks for the tip, I'll investigate @scudney I asked for the silent option but it still so droney
  6. Had mine replaced with a full stainless steel set a couple of months ago - wish I hadn't, the drone is soooo annoooying
  7. Actually I think Graham just reposted from another topic, the actual fix info was posted by @smutts The original topic is here
  8. I can confirm it will run without the nav system installed.
  10. If you accept the idea of toll roads (why does taxation pay for 99.99% of roads but not others - most of which are tunnels and crossings which by their nature are difficult to avoid) then using technology to avoid the need for barriers is a good idea. It's partly why so many people forget to pay because the journey across is a pretty seamless experience. Once upon a time I used the Tyne Tunnel regularly and that wasn't a pleasant experience during rush hour. If I had just received the PCN I would have paid the fine - couldn't argue, I had forgotten to pay. It was the offer to accept late payment and then having a system that couldn't recognise and deal with the fact that I had already paid followed by a robotic response from the staff. This clearly wasn't the first time they'd had the same conversation but even then they can't deal with it outside of going to an 'appeals process'. I'm pretty sure that if it went to court then a Judge would take the view that I'd acted in good faith and that I'd did what most people would do in the circumstances. Having said that, I'm most likely going to pay the fine and then hope I win my appeal and get a refund - we shall see.
  11. Just received my second PCN for non-payment of the DART crossing toll in late July this year. Yes, I totally forget to pay within 24 hours but realised about 10 days later so I went online and paid the crossing charge. Big mistake. The following day, a PCN notice arrived together with a letter stating that as it was my 1st offence - if I paid within 14 days the PCN would be cancelled. OK, I thought. I've already paid the charge so that's it, no need to worry about it any more. Until today when the second PCN arrived - and obviously the fine is now over £100. So I ring the DART payments line and ask them what was going on. Seems that the system cannot only cross-reference payment and toll for the first 24 hours. After that it's just credited against future tolls - even though I had an outstanding charge to pay. Not how the banks would work for sure! I have to take some blame, I didn't read the letter closely enough - it seems you need to enter the PCN number when making the payment, which of course I couldn't have done when I did pay as the PCN notice had not arrived at that point. So now they tell me I have to appeal online, the appeals process can take 8 weeks but I have only 14 days to pay the fine before the debt is passed to the County Court. Lessons learnt - don't pay until demand letter arrives and read the documents carefully. Sorry, rant over but I work in IT and that's a S**t piece of design and logic - someone should be ashamed.
  12. Yeah I read the Lord Flasheart saga with his BMW. It's long been removed from PH to appease the lawyers but I think there's a website somewhere with the whole sorry tale. Lexus have batted some claims (wasn't there an ISF with a gearbox failure but then I think that was partially settled eventually) but they do seem to be much better than most
  13. Yeah, they look a whole lot better. It's a shame that the factory finish is so prone to corrosion. I had my alloy's repainted about 2 years ago and they're still fine so hopefully yours will last a good while too. You'll just have to make sure you don't kerb them now 🙂