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  1. bobmc

    Late christmas present

    You must have been a *very* good boy for Santa to bring you such a nice xmas present
  2. bobmc


    my advice is not to sell
  3. bobmc

    Hello people

    welcome keith shame about the suspension issues, but she does look a beauty.
  4. bobmc

    What is this !

    Hi Welcome to the LOC Not an IS300H owner so I can't comment except to say it looks like it's an unused connector for some option that's not fitted to your car. You would need a multimeter and some small probes to check if there was power on any of the pins. The most usual method is to tap into the fusebox inside the car (on the IS250 there's a fusebox on the driver and on the passenger side and I'd assume the IS300H would be the same) and then run the cable up the windscreen pillar and across the headliner. Some people have also had success with tapping power from the dome light or the rearview mirror power - neater for hiding the wires but harder to make the connection. Halfords offer a dashcam wiring service but the quality of service varies depending on the store and personnel. This kind of job would be simple enough for any decent auto-electrician HTH
  5. bobmc

    Is head unit advice

    These units do seem pricey, especially when kits for other cars seem to be less than £100. Supply and demand I suppose.
  6. Glad to hear, on both counts!
  7. Although it's possible to turn off the display on the SATNAV screen, in that case the Lexus logo appears but not the 'I agree' screen, so it sounds like there is a display fault. To confirm, pressing the dest, climate, or audio keys should display something onscreen, if not there's a problem. The touchscreen is fixable but not for the faint hearted.
  8. bobmc

    Hello from Tyne and Wear! 😂

    Same here for me in 'Cleveland' which doesn't exist as far as the forum is concerned. It happens with some other websites too, it must be to do with the software having an (very) out-of-date list installed
  9. Yeah, the IS250 is on the compact side. If you're 6'4 then I doubt there'd be any legroom for a rear seat passenger behind you. The GS will be as reliable as you would expect. If you really want to sleep easy then buy a lexus extended warranty (you don't have to buy the car through Lexus) You need to go and sit in one and test drive it, but otherwise the GS will be a solid bet and worth every penny
  10. Yeah, I thought it was good of Lexus Derby to host our get-together which I think shows commitment to the brand and to their customer base. Special mention to Alex who was very attentive to all of the group. The morning meet, getting to see some of the cars and chat to their owners was the best part of the day for me
  11. True, but that does sound like an offer you couldn't refuse - even if you'll only use it for doing the weekly shop 😉
  12. Very dissapointing weekend from my point of view. Lost you all and never got a chance to catch up as I didn't have anyones phone number - my fault for not asking I suppose but if the planned itinery is thrown out of the window then there was no chance for me. I did see you guys leaving the ladybower inn but I knew that Snake pass was closed so there was no point in turning round and trying to follow as I wouldn't have had a clue where you were going.
  13. bobmc

    IS250 SE - Help with Exhaust upgrade.

    Hi Danny Congrats on the new car and welcome to the forum. There's not a lot of aftermarket mods for these. The exhaust can be expensive to replace, there's not a lot of pattern parts around (although there are starting to be some on ebay) so a few owners have had to have stainless steel replacements made and some have complained they're a bit noisy but that might be what you're looking for. Other than that, you're looking at importing stuff from the USA where there are some suppliers offering upgrades see this forum discussion for some more info