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  1. bobmc

    Lexus is 220d white smoke

    Well done Graham, goes to prove that most garages (and most dealers) don't really diagnose issues - just guess and swap parts. I suppose that proper fault finding is expensive as it takes time, knowledge and diagnostic tools, and that makes it uneconomic as most people are very cost sensitive Thanks for sharing what you found, I have no doubt other owners will find the information very useful. Hope you can find some time to stick around the LOC in future.
  2. Just spotted this one on Autotrader - LS460 SE-L 56 Reg, 63K miles, looks very tidy - £12K, dealer sale based in Morpeth, Northumberland
  3. bobmc

    Overall performance/speed

    What I find suprising is that the CT seems to be selling well. I see a lot of them about - far more than any IS/GS models
  4. That's unusual, you don't often see modded IS250's. Being sold by a bodyshop / modding outfit, naturally the body work looks to be in tip top condition. Price reflects this though The MOT history suggests it's been driven enthusiasticaly? (Multiple advisories for worn rear tyres), but on the other hand it looks like it might have a new exhaust section - check if this was repaired or replaced. The declared mileage is 68K which is in line with where it should be so it's most likely a data entry error at the MOT
  5. Already been sold? Edit: still available - new link
  6. bobmc

    Independent Lexus Garage in Sheffield

    I think this is the place, has been mentioned before
  7. Hi Seb Welcome to the LOC My first suggestion would be to see if you can hook the car up to some diagnostics to see if there are any fault codes logged You can buy an OBD2 Reader which links to your smartphone with an app like Torque Lite (Android) or OBD Car Doctor (iPhone) and will give you basic readouts If you have a laptop you can use (Windows) then do a search on ebay for TechStream which will allow for much more detailed information about your car systems. From the description of your problem it sounds like the EGR valve. I know you say it's new but how long ago was this fitted, I understand they need regular cleaning. Failing that you may need to clean the inlet manifolds, which would be a garage job for most of us. Good luck with getting sorted.
  8. bobmc

    is 250 rattle on start up GONE

    Hi Paul That's useful information. Thanks for sharing your tip.
  9. I'm dismayed at how easy it is to damage the leather steering wheel on my IS250 - perhaps it's just me but in two years I've managed to put 5 or 6 small nicks and scratches on mine. I'm now looking at getting a steering wheel cover and wondered if anyone has any recommendations?
  10. bobmc


    Hi Han Welcome to the LOC I can't offer any advice on the conversion but a quick google did turn up this link regarding the spedometer, they offer dial-conversion kits. They're based in Leeds so are fairly northern. Might be worth a call to enquire, perhaps they would be able to suggest companies to do the conversion work. I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to get UK maps for your NAV system but I would imagine the SD card would need to be for the specific model of your sat nav as I believe they are not the same worldwide (I believe the US uses different hardware to the UK for example)
  11. Given all those factors and that you got the 2009 facelift, 7.5K sounds very fair to me. The MY2008 for sale is a bit overpriced unless there are factors like warranty and condition that we don't know about.
  12. That's a brilliant guide and will be very useful to other owners in future, so very well done. One comment, the correct term for the 'black washer' is 'circlip' -
  13. bobmc


    Hi Katie Welcome to the LOC I have to agree it doesn't look good. Did you purchase through a dealer or a private sale? I'd agree get the car looked over by someone competent before going any further. Mostly we love our cars and would recommend them to anyone, but the IS220d however, is the black sheep of the family and if you had asked before buying then most people would have warned you off this model. We do have some happy IS220d owners on the forum but you do need to bought have a car where it has been regularly serviced and used regularly on decent motorway runs not twice weekly outings to the local supermarket. So out of interest, what sort of annual mileage would you be doing? Good luck and I hope you get sorted without too much cost.
  14. bobmc

    Just sold my NX

    Not owning a Lexus (although foolish and misguided ) doesn't prevent you from posting on the forum if you wish. To be fair, a jag would probably be the only choice should I ever change marque, so I for one, would be interested in your owners experience. Did you go for petrol or diesel? How old?
  15. bobmc

    Parking tickets

    This is my take. I need a (free) permit to park at my workplace but I know that any ticket would be cancelled should I say - be in a courtesy car or hire car - just by asking. I am after all a valid user (by the fact of my employment) and if had to pay for the permit (as my daughters do as they work for the NHS) then I would also say that non-display of the permit should not invalidate my right to use the facility.