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  1. Given all those factors and that you got the 2009 facelift, 7.5K sounds very fair to me. The MY2008 for sale is a bit overpriced unless there are factors like warranty and condition that we don't know about.
  2. That's a brilliant guide and will be very useful to other owners in future, so very well done. One comment, the correct term for the 'black washer' is 'circlip' -
  3. Turbo

    Hi Katie Welcome to the LOC I have to agree it doesn't look good. Did you purchase through a dealer or a private sale? I'd agree get the car looked over by someone competent before going any further. Mostly we love our cars and would recommend them to anyone, but the IS220d however, is the black sheep of the family and if you had asked before buying then most people would have warned you off this model. We do have some happy IS220d owners on the forum but you do need to bought have a car where it has been regularly serviced and used regularly on decent motorway runs not twice weekly outings to the local supermarket. So out of interest, what sort of annual mileage would you be doing? Good luck and I hope you get sorted without too much cost.
  4. Just sold my NX

    Not owning a Lexus (although foolish and misguided ) doesn't prevent you from posting on the forum if you wish. To be fair, a jag would probably be the only choice should I ever change marque, so I for one, would be interested in your owners experience. Did you go for petrol or diesel? How old?
  5. Parking tickets

    This is my take. I need a (free) permit to park at my workplace but I know that any ticket would be cancelled should I say - be in a courtesy car or hire car - just by asking. I am after all a valid user (by the fact of my employment) and if had to pay for the permit (as my daughters do as they work for the NHS) then I would also say that non-display of the permit should not invalidate my right to use the facility.
  6. So did they change the 'faulty' light cluster? If they didn't then £320 is virtual robbery for basic electrical fault finding
  7. New member

    Good luck with the search, that makes two members in the north west on the lookout currently. What sort of budget do you have and how far are you willing to travel? (lots on sale in the home counties - a lot less further north) Post links to any candidates and you'll get feedback on if it looks good or not.
  8. I have a dashcam installed, wired into the passenger side fusebox. They messed up the wiring when they did the airbag recall and the passenger seat heater didn't work. Simple enough to sort out and I do have to say they did re-route the cable behind the dash so it's completely hidden now. I will have to get round to dismantling the stereo as its really starting to bug me!
  9. Brake caliper slider/retainer pins

    Good luck with the rears. Wish someone would do a video of servicing the calipers. Then I might even be tempted to have a go myself
  10. New member

    Hi Rod Welcome to the LOC This guide will tell you all you need to know (and then some) about buying a used IS250
  11. Brake Calipers/Pads hardware

    Partsouq is really good for exploded diagrams / part numbers, will at least show you what's available.
  12. Brake Calipers/Pads hardware

    I can't find anywhere in the UK for the shims, Partsouq will ship a set of front/rear shims for about £60
  13. Is 250 Rear Calipers

    So is your car off the road - or did you source a spare set of calipers? I got a quote from BCS in nottingham which I thought was quite pricey. I might still do it, depends on what they look like when done - so I hope you will post some pictures :)
  14. I think the sill lights are linked to the internal lights. Check the switch settings. The battery may be classed as a consumable items that's reached the end of its service life. Worth asking though
  15. Yeah, we do get attached don't we? Daft though it is. Good Luck :)