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  1. hi everyone i am after some urgent info with regards the rear wishbones is there any difference in the 91 model and the 94 model as i have just bought a pair from a breakers in scotland (eurojap ltd) and the ones they have sent are slightly different will these still fit a 91 model they look the same apart from where the bushes are i started to strip mine down then saw the difference help help please
  2. thankyou fellow members for your kind words after christmas i am going to change the look ov the car 1. full street fighter body kit 2. full respray in carbon black (bmw colour)(by BMW sprayer) 3. new 18" alloys hopefully chrome deep dish type 4. dark tinted windows 5. and a tribal design transfer down the sides i know it is not going to add that much value to my car but hopefully will turn heads depending on funds of course lol as i only work at BMW will try and add pics when job is complete
  3. hi can you tell me how to upload pics ov my car as i am unable to add them cheers
  4. hi there people not been on here for a while but could anyone tell me if the top control arms can be seperated from the ball joints or is it a complete unit as mine has just failed its test on the drivers side car has done 193346 miles and i am certain that they have never been changed any feedback would be greatfully recieved
  5. hi there does anyone know where i can get my hands on a full bodykit for the ls400 mk1 cheers in advance john
  6. same happened to me so i got a round steel rod took out the seat and mig welded it it seems to work ok now
  7. i have a mk1 ls400 and mine does exactly the same found out that it was the rubber seal at the rear of the bonnet i replaced the seal with a thicker one from the boot of a vectra estate with a minor mod and this seems to of worked at least vauxhalls are good for something lol
  8. where can i get the bodykit from and any idea how much i am looking at am gonna spray it black and then tint the windows re-chrome the wheels when funds are available
  9. cam belt was changed at 188000 by car dealer that i bought it from and this weekend am gonna give it a oil change just to keep on top of it
  10. as soon as i find out the cam and wash the car will post pics thanks for the welcome
  11. hi there people looks a good site i have a lexus ls400 1990 model with 190000 miles on the clock cost me 850 pounds with six months tax and test
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