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  1. Mark - Thanks for the suggestion. Alas, it doesn't solve the problem. I've also tried disconnecting the battery in the hope that a re-boot would do the trick, but it doesn't. Time for a trip to Lexus, methinks. I wonder if sat nav counts as multimedia equipment? If not,t hen it's covered by my 5+ warranty. If not ... Oh well, the kids can do without a kidney each.
  2. I don't know whether there is a really simple solution to this or it's a back to the garage job, but it's driving me nuts. There are two problems, but they might be related: (1) When I have the map on screen, soon after starting and then intermittently, the system gives a little beep and the map moves to another location (typically to the east, I think). Instead of my usual 'you are here\ triangle icon, I get what I term the gunsight icon (a circle with short lines intersecting it at the four points of the compass). The new map position makes no sense whatsoever. Pressing the 'Map' button to the top left of the display brings back the correct map view instantly. (2) From time to time and for no obvious reason, the sound on the hi fi goes much quieter, and then after a few seconds goes back to the previous volume. These two events I think can occur independently of each other, but more often than not the lowering of volume is followed a few seconds later by the gunsight icon problem. I've tried playing with the sound settings, switched off the TA option, etc, but to no avail. I have an LS430, about 2006 vintage. Any ideas, please?
  3. Sorry to revive an old thread but has anyone any suggestions as to where I can buy a boot liner for an LS 430, please?
  4. When I looked at the title of this thread, I thought it was someone daring to compare a BMW with a Lexus ... Glad that nobody was hurt and things have moved on.
  5. Thanks for that guys. I think I'll end up getting an iPod. I'd thought I'd have to splash out on the iPod Touch, but one of the smaller ones seems to have the right connection and will do the same job at a fraction of the cost.
  6. Apologies if these are dumb questions.. I've bought an LS 430 and a previous owner had installed an iPod adapter. This works just great on my iPhone, but for various reasons I would like to install an mp3 player that stays permanently in the car (rather than constantly taking my iPhone in and out of the glove locker). So question 1 is: if I leave an mp3 player permanently plugged in, will it drain the battery? If not, then: I know that after spending a lot on a Lexus, this seems a cheapskate question, but I don't fancy shelling out two hundred quid for an Apple IPod of appropriate memory size if I can get away with using a cheaper mp3 player that will do the job just as well. So question 2 is: are there other mp3 players that use the same connection as the iPod, please?
  7. Well, picked it up today. So far it's great. Also discovered that a previous owner had upgraded the satnav discs in '09 and installed an iPod adapter (which works like a dream). The ride and handling are a bit softer than the GS and the brake peddle is in a slightly different position, but it's otherwise a definite improvement. Also, at 6ft 9, I find it's an easier car to get in and out of. I look forward to trying it on a long motorway journey.
  8. Many thanks for this. I'm planning on keeping this LS a good few years and I accept that during that time there will be expensive bills (but still cheaper than changing cars every couple of years!). However, I'd begun to get the impression that the LS was doomed to go wrong with major bills every other week. Incidentally, FWIW I think getting all four replaced was the right thing to do.
  9. Just a word on tracker stickers - I once had a tracker fitted and was told it was not really wise to advertise your car has a tracker as thieves will take appropriate action to avoid detection (e.g. hide the thing under a railway arch or similar where the signal is muffled for a few days). Although you'd think that top of the range cars would have a tracker as standard, a high percentage don't. So a thief will not necessarily know that the car is being tracked. So don't help him by telling him there is a tracker fitted. And in defence of car alarms and immobilisers, etc - they are indeed useless against the 'professional' thief. But most of the time, we have to contend with the toe rag looking for drug money. A decent alarm and immobiliser will see people like that off.
  10. To quote the Lexus official website regarding the 5+ scheme: All 5 Year Plus Pre-Owned Lexus Car Warranties have the same level of cover as the Lexus new vehicle warranty, with the exception of multi media equipment, batteries, interior trim, road wheels and corroded exhausts. Which is fair enough, I guess. However, I'll be watching the suspension like a hawk for the first year whilst the warranty is in place.
  11. Thanks for the replies, guys - you're putting my mind at ease! In any case, I'm buying from a Lexus dealer with the 5+ warranty attached, which should protect me from at least some things.
  12. I'm due to buy an '05 LS430 (50,0000 miles, FSH from Lexus) next week to replace my '03 GS300, which has given sterling service over the past four years. I started looking on the forum for general information about the 430 and all there seems to be is a litany of worries and complaints, mostly about air suspension and other things that cost a fortune to repair. Guys, is the 430 that poor a car or are most folks happy with it? I know that inevitably people are more likely to come on a forum like this when they have a problem rather than simply to say 'hey, my car's great', but really and truly, is the 430 generally a trouble free car? BTW, haven't been on here for a while, but may I just say I'm impressed by the level of manners and common sense on here!
  13. Long back story to this, but I realised today that my second-hand GS300 hadn't had its cambelt changed at 60k (and is now on 80k). Contacted local Lexus garage who quoted £360 for replacing it ('and there may be more work when we see it'). Contacted a non-specialist garage who said they didn't have the specialist kit [don't know how much validity there is in that statement, but at least they didn't grab the money first and then realise they couldn't do the job]. Contacted Nationwide Autocentre in Pontypridd - they got the cambelt and installed it for just over £200. And when the job proved tougher than expected (one of the nuts was unbelievably tightly fastened, apparently, and this held them up a while, and then the supplier didn't deliver the belt until late in the day) and it got to clocking-off time, did they do the time-honoured British workman thing and slope off? Nope - they carried on until they'd finished the job. I've used that particular branch before for routine things like tyres, etc, and will definitely be returning in the future. Just thought that it might make a nice change to hear about a garage doing things right (yes, I know we need to know about the cowboys as well). Also, a heads up for anyone living in the area if you're on the lookout for a non-specialist garage.
  14. Thanks for the replies, guys (and I'll certainly look out for Rain X). It was just curiosity - after a few years of a hatchback, I guess I was getting spoiled about having a v. clear view!
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