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  1. They do eventually get to that point Ian, every MOT time I say if it fails on something serious ( expensive) it’s gone. Same attitude again 2 weeks ago and I’m now stuck with it for another year as it passed with no advisories. I am rewarding it with a roof respray and wheel refurb though in November. As for Toyota don’t tell anyone but mine is badged Toyota but I get away with it being a Lexus in disguise, good luck with the new motor it’s still Japanese and generally reliable. Stay with don’t have to own a Lexus to be a member, you may want help and advice fitting a LS400 V8 in that Rav 4 😀
  2. Chances of actually getting a puncture is generally remote, I think I have had 2 in 16 years both as a result of me leaving screws on my garage floor. I think you can purchase a jacking kit and space saver wheel from Lexus but if you are stuck on the hard shoulder that’s the last place you want to be changing a tyre! Breakdown cover will always get you going again 😀
  3. I read stories regarding US breakers like “Pick a Part” They sounds like the old scrap yards we used to have where you paid a few pounds for a specific part but helped yourself to anything else that you could easily conceal! The only problem is the US having LHD so all the seat controls would be wrong sided for driver and passenger, shipping costs would be expensive also.
  4. Very true, those LS400 seat covers are according to Amayama still available off the shelf......I bet you can’t however see them for the 25 odd years of dust that’s settled on them since. I wouldn’t be surprised if they had rotted in the bags. If they ever let them go for £50.00 a set assuming they are still as new then I’ll buy them but I would imagine the bin would be their final destination.
  5. Expensive yes but still fairly cheap in comparison to new, I was recently looking at buying just the leather seat covers for my 1994 Lexus LS400 but with just the driver’s seat seat base panel listed at over £1000.00 maybe not.
  6. Hi David and welcome to the LOC. Do you have more information and a link for this device? It sounds interesting.
  7. So how do they check if the exhaust is blowing if there is no obvious visible defect, for example a gasket blow by or if an aftermarket system is excessively loud. Also what about a defective O2 sensor, reset the ECU before the test so the light goes out, if the engine doesn’t fire up the fault won’t flag on the dash. Car passes test, drive away, engine kicks in, warning light comes back on.
  8. Having worked in the power distribution sector for many years I often chuckle to myself regarding these “green” energy supplies and how companies can offer “100 % green electricity” when gas and coal fired power stations are still in use. The distribution network is already close to maximum capacity but is being added to daily, new estates being built with electric only supplies off an already straining network. Electric is fine if you have an off road driveway but what about all the rows of terraced houses with no option regarding parking except on the road outside. Bad enough trying to navigate past cars half on the pavement and errant wheelie bins without power cables wrapping around your feet or the connecting plug sticking out. At least with a fossil fuel car there is a good chance it will start in the morning unlike coming out to your electric car only to find someone thought it would be funny to unplug it overnight.
  9. Spotted this from a brochure for sale on Fleabay, I think it is from an early 90s one. Colour coded furry dice are not listed 😀
  10. I have read that the air compressor fuse should be removed first then the car can be started while on jacks but preferably axle stands from a safety point of view.
  11. You don’t give your LS model as in 2009 there were both the 460 and 600h models. You could try ebay or Rockauto for aftermarket. What makes you think one of them is about to fail?
  12. It looks like dodgy Dudley has got away with it again, with non of his details on the V5C and no receipt he has successfully sold another car with no comeback or further responsibilities. Fair comment regarding the broken spring, as mentioned one of my rears broke whilst the car was parked up at an airport hotel and I was greeted by the car nearly on the floor. At least you can sort out the paint issues I just hope you have the mechanical skills to match. Could I ask was there a can of under seal and brush in the boot ?
  13. I find one of the old skool wooden handled shaving brushes is ideal for soft and gentle agitation without the possibility of damage even if you press too hard.