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  1. As previously mentioned these wheels will not clear the larger 4 pot brake calipers on the later models, good price though.
  2. IIRC the air suspension pump is located inside the front offside wheel arch so this could be the cause of the noise, providing the suspension is maintains height it is perfectly normal, the pump kicks in on start up to equalise the system pressure. If the set up is the same as my old Celsior if you move the height control switch to high the pump should kick in making the same noise. Another possible cause is a vacuum leak on the brake servo located behind the dash. To test this turn off the engine then pump the brake pedal until it becomes hard. Keeping your foot on the pedal start the engine, the pedal should fall slightly under your foot if all OK.
  3. Hello and welcome to the LOC. In a word no..due to the extra load on the engine for the AC the increase in engine idle speed is normal or the engine could stall. Why do you want to stop this feature as it only affects the idle speed, if you are driving it makes little difference anyway, I leave my AC on all the time. With a 4 litre engine it makes little difference to fuel economy anyway.
  4. Just checking fluid levels on the barge and noticed 2 hooks near the rear of the inner wings and matching brackets on the bonnet. These are all fixed in position so I wondered what are they and do. Only explanation I can offer is once the bonnet is closed and the hooks and bracket engage they are there to prevent the bonnet moving back towards the windscreen in the event of a frontal impact. Very clever design.
  5. The picture showing the motor wires just wrapped around the terminals and not soldered immediately raised concerns about build quality! Motor looks cheap and nasty plus what happens once the butterfly valve gets choked with carbon. Plus it’s not simply plug and play..looks like cutting the OEM system to install and some stainless steel welding on the flange supplied. Also bear in mind you need 2 kits which at the price may attract HMRC interest.
  6. The engine temperature on testing is normally recorded on the paper work.
  7. Looks like that part number is specific for the 95-97 LS400, you could ask on the LOC Facebook page.
  8. There is a breather pipe from the tank to the filler pipe which vents air from the tank when filling up which may be blocked. Either that or there’s a blockage in the filler pipe. Have you tried pushing a piece of plastic tube down the filler to see if there is an obstruction?
  9. Hello and welcome to the LOC. As you say finding a good LS400 these days is getting harder by the day I’ve had mine 13 years now with one previous Japanese owner. The one you are looking at looks good but obviously go over everything and make sure it all works. You can check the MOT history on the government website for free to check for any fails or advisories. The air suspension does fail so check the car sits level (be wary if the engine is warm when you arrive as they may have does this to raise the suspension if one of the struts is leaking. You should also consider asking the dealer if they are prepared to allow a Lexus dealer to give it a once over before purchase. I’m sure other members will also chip in with more advice.
  10. Take off the engine cover and then get someone to start it in the dark, have a look for electrical discharge around the coil packs confirming tracking.
  11. For the last few weeks the “Door Open” light has been flickering on and off on the dash. Thinking door switches I removed them,cleaned them and gave them a good dose of switch cleaner and the the problem went....sorted or so I thought. Next time out and the same problem was back. I then noticed the rear passenger door wasn’t quite flush to the body and further investigation revealed that the door catch plate was loose. Removed the black plastic cover and found both fixing screws were loose, since tightening no more annoying door open light.
  12. Hello hello and welcome to the LOC. Roof rack if available would probably have to be Lexus dealer, also unsure if there was ever a type approved towbar made for the LS430, it may be worth contacting manufacturers such as Witter.
  13. I was under the impression that it was a legal requirement that the system was checked for leaks and repaired as necessary before the refrigerant gas was replaced or as in your case the new stuff has again appeared to have all leaked out. Was the re-gas carried out by a registered business?