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  1. Did he not do the needle tips? Are you sure you have spring suspension? The dash display suggests air suspension which was standard on the C-F spec models it should also have reclining massaging rear seats.
  2. steve2006

    IS220D cuts out once engine warm

    Favourite for a hot engine non running is the CPS (Crank Position Sensor) these can become temperature sensitive and fail to provide a signal when they warm up. The sensor pick up is mounted next to the crank pulley, next time the problem happens you could try using a hair dryer on cool blow directed at the sensor then see if restarts normally once cooled down.
  3. OEM part number is 87139-50030 a good £40.00 from Lexus!
  4. They are available as mentioned from USA sellers for around $60.00 a set but they will not post to the UK, if you know someone in the USA who would be willing to order them and then ship them over to the UK or bring them over when visiting. Secondhand sets are rare, it took me a good while to find another set when one of my smoked (even rarer) got damaged and they cost me £50.00!
  5. steve2006


    That’s how I am also looking at it John, I think the only way a dealer can get out of the legal implications is to sell the car as scrap and even that could now be difficult as all scrap cars are now required to go to a registered recycle centre.
  6. steve2006


    Didn’t think there was such a thing as a “Sold as seen” vehicle from a motor dealer due to consumer rights and you basically have a 6 month window from purchase should any problems occur. Just double check everything works, every switch,button and function. Get them to do a Hybrid Health Check if not already done. If you are concerned about the lack of warranty use some of the money you save to buy one later. Finally check the new MOT for advisories and is there a FLSH?
  7. steve2006


    Apparently reversing lights are now checked as part of the test and brake fluid must be clear in the reservoir.
  8. Have a read from our USA cousins.
  9. steve2006

    Mk4 ls400

    6K with scabby alloy wheels and 3 months MOT on the ticket, maybe immaculate is only in the eyes of the dealer!
  10. steve2006

    LS400 in Aldi Ashbourne last week

    Spotted series IV green LS400 in the Aldi car park in Ashbourne, Derbys last week. Private plate beginning A11. Are you one of us?
  11. There are 2 varients on the LS430 front exhaust system, type A has a catalytic converter fitted and type B a normal exhaust box which would suggest a missing 3rd cat would not cause any MOT problems if constructing a replacement.
  12. I also bought a new set of NGK iridium plugs but struggled to get the plug leads off even though the leads and plugs were replaced around six years ago and I put the dielectric grease on the plug caps. With them being deep in the cylinder head I was worried about breaking the leads or damaging them with excess tugging so job abandoned for now. Tutorial below covers plugs and leads but just skip the lead bits.
  13. steve2006

    Top suspension arm ball joint

    More than likely.
  14. steve2006

    Top suspension arm ball joint

    Please re read the first post 🙂
  15. steve2006

    My first Lexus

    Bembo and Mintex seem popular for aftermarket but don’t dismiss OEM parts as these are often sold by Lexus dealers at a good discount. Lexus Birmingham usually have a selection on ebay or give them a ring and haggle.