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  1. It is part of the complete strut mount, mine have been like that for years and it’s never been mentioned on an MOT. If you want to replace it the part number is 48760-48040 Support Assy Rear Suspension LH. Priced at a mere £160.00 from Lexus dealers. If I were you I would just buy a universal steering rack gaitor for a few pounds cut it top to bottom. fold it around the broken one and secure it with a couple of cable ties. Bare in mind the strut will need to be removed to fit the original part.
  2. My money is on the battery, especially with the alarm going off randomly.
  3. Hi Steve and welcome to the LOC. Is this the 6 cylinder or the 4 cylinder Beams engine? Pictures are always welcome please feel free to post some up. I also have a 1994 JDM import Toyota Celsior purchased in 2006 with 38,000 miles which is still going strong at 90,000 miles now.
  4. Hi Adam and welcome to the LOC. It is either a complete coincidence that this problem has occurred since you bought the car or you have encountered a slightly devious seller who knew about the problem but has got away with it. Had it shown up during a test drive you could have walked away. First thing is check the fuel cap as mentioned, second is a diagnostic code read which should help pin point the problem. If after the diagnostics you need parts there are cheaper sources than Lexus for OEM.
  5. I wonder if Lexus actually do any re-gassing or use a 3rd party, personally I would find a decent independent local AC specialist as it is generally a more cost effective option.
  6. Looking at the position of the leak it points to the cooler area, there is a lot of pipe work, connecting hoses and clamps around there so hopefully nothing major and no transmission damage.
  7. Thanks for the compliments guys. It’s not perfect, I think I managed to get the joining patch in crumpled at the front of the base resulting in an uneven lump and you can still see the line where it was torn moving back from there if you enlarge the picture. There are also a few spray gun splatters which I missed before the lacquer top coat went on and trapped dust but I think it looks better than it did before starting. I’ve now started the driver’s seat in situ, the tear is in the same place so that’s been closed and filled. Obviously the seat will have to come out for prep and spraying at some point but I can still use the car to that point. Here’s a word of remove the original coating the kit uses Acetone or as I know it nail varnish remover. It is very aggressive so if anyone starts doing their nails in your car I would suggest stopping them unless you want stripped seats.
  8. So I finally reassembled the seat this morning as I have a rare weekend off from being on call. A few bolts, clips and hog rings and back together. Reinstalled in the car and all working. As this was my first attempt I wasn’t expecting perfection even though it is a Lexus of sorts but overall it’s come out OK. The paint was so much easier to apply with a spray gun as opposed to the air brush supplied with the kit, dust is the major enemy and perhaps a garage was not the ideal location even when vacuumed. But now I have done one I feel more confident with the driver’s seat plus I can’t spend weeks with it out of the car unlike the passenger one.
  9. There seems to be a lot of safety related features around the ignition barrel, on mine you cannot remove the key unless the transmission is in park and you cannot turn the key unless the foot brake is held down. You can hear clicks as the interlocks engage. Worse scenario I guess is a new ignition barrel and keys.
  10. The transmission is an Aisin A650e the link below should help with parts diagrams and sources for the solenoid. Typing Aisin A650e shift solenoid into google produces many UK suppliers.
  11. Do you have the full part number i.e. 10 digits as the one you supplied doesn’t appear on the database for 2002 LEXUS GS300/430 (JZS160R-BEAQFQ)
  12. Hi Emran and welcome to the LOC. Yes they are left and right handed so cannot be stopped from side to side. Your method seems a little labour intensive if it were possible to swop them over from one side to the other. You can normally detect wear in the bearings by spinning the wheel and rocking it top to bottom and side to side when jacked up. If you want a complete hub check out Rockauto based in the USA they offer many options and parts generally arrive in a few days.
  13. I have noticed that most of the local TV weather forecasts now spend the first minute showing you pictures taken by viewers and then go on to tell you what has already happened. Eventually you then get terms such as “ may be, could and possibly” when it comes to the actual forecast. If I made as many errors in my job as the Met’ Office I would have been sacked years ago! The most accurate way of forecasting the weather?………Look out of the window.
  14. The kit is still available on eBay, I did mine around 10 years ago with the same kit and it’s been fine since...I can’t say the same for my back which never fully recovered! If you are DIYing expect 8-10 hours to do the job. Starter part number is 28100-50052