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  1. A good overnight soak in penetrating fluid, use a short good quality single hex ring spanner and work the nipple in and out when it does start to turn. A little blowtorch heat may also help.
  2. Looking at Amayama the earliest delivery is 24/12/2019 and by the time you have paid import duty/VAT I would be thinking of getting one from Lexus here in the UK, maybe try our forum Lexus dealer or Lexus Birmingham. I don’t know where the £190.00 price came from as this is still very expensive even if it included an hours labour for fitting! Even with the insulator gone all you have is metal to metal contact the strut itself is still firmly attached with the 3 mounting studs, top nuts and centre nut so it cannot just come adrift.
  3. Part numbers are as follows Support Assembly (The bit with the threaded studs which pass through the inner wing) 48680-50100 £100.00 Bumper ( The rubber bit that slides onto the shocker piston rod) 48331-50070 £30.00 Insulator ( the part that has failed I think) 48157-50010 £40.00.
  4. No Stuart, there are only 2 electrolytic capacitors on the board both of which are the low ESR Japanese quality ones unlike the brown ones in the engine ECU which as we know do cause problems, plus there is little or no heat within this unit which adds to the demise of the capacitors in the engine ECU. Regarding the cig lighter fusible I may have some, leave it with me.
  5. Yep, that’s the one, it’s called a fusible resistor so basically if there is an overload of current (like a duff LED bulb) it will blow like a fuse and cut off the power which it has done. I cannot remember the exact value but believe it is around 0.56 Ohms and rated at 1 Watt, I should have some knocking around if you are happy to fit a replacement or post the unit to me.
  6. You could be right Malc, the ageing is something I can put up with as like you say, it compliments the age of the car. It’s mainly the tear in the passenger seat that concerns me as it can only get worse. Having said that the other half tends to sit in the rear now days when we do go out in the car. Michael I’ll look into the products you suggest, the dirt is very ingrained and I’ve tried other products without much improvement afterwards. I have an immaculate set of black seats in the later model I am breaking but apparently these are not a plug and play fit plus the dash and door trims are another problem.
  7. With the rear seats having very little use they are almost like new still but for some reason the front passenger seat and the driver’s for obvious reasons but a lesser extent now require some attention. There is now a rip in the centre base section on the passenger side. A few years ago I contacted a local leather car seat repair company who after looking at the pictures told me they could do the job of repairing them for around £500.00 but since then I lost their details. If anyone could recommend somewhere preferably local to Derbyshire it would be appreciated.
  8. Just had a look on fleabay to see what’s on offer for Ls430s. First listing amusing...reversing sensors not working, this may explain the badly scratched bumper maybe. Second listing is damaged repairable so basically a scrap model with rear airbag failure for £1250.00. Lexus chap with his indeed a very good car but no warranty given or implied (Are you watching this one Dudley Trading Standards?) Then we have a selection of overpriced low mileage but early model JDM offerings all from the same dealer. No wonder I keep looking for something newer but then think no stick to the car you know, trust and that owes me absolutely nothing after 13 years of ownership.
  9. I can’t remember but pretty sure it clips on, if I get time I will try and find my spare unit and take a look....told you it was a right PITA to get to and remove!
  10. I’m struggling to get there, 26 years old and now around 92,000 miles with just 2 owners from new.
  11. From Amayama a 2 key and chip set is £432.00 plus shipping, this may also attract import duties and VAT on top!
  12. If you can still get them from Lexus they come as a set, normally 2 keys and the chip, I’ll take a look for you.
  13. You don’t need to reprogram, the key and the chip are factory matched.
  14. When you get it out open the casing and look inside for a burnt out resistor on one edge of the board.