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  1. If you fancy a drive to Derbyshire Qamar you can have the one out of my 1999 breaker.
  2. steve2006

    Shaking engine IS 220D

    I was also thinking CPS, on a petrol engine this would cause a non runner but with a compression engine the engine will continue to run even with a faulty CPS. The sensors are also prone to thermal failing i.e. the signal is lost or corrupted once it is warmed by engine heat but return to normal operation once cooled down again.
  3. steve2006

    Hello people

    Hello and welcome to the LOC. I’ve been to Bexhill on Sea a few times.
  4. Try calling Lexus Birmingham, they tend to list on ebay at discounted prices. If they happen to have some new old stock springs on the shelf you may get a good deal.
  5. You need to consider 3 points for replacement wheels the stud pattern or PCD, the offset i.e. how far the wheels stick out or in and the centre bore i.e. how big is the hole in the middle of the wheel. If the bore is too small the wheels may not fit on the hub, if too big it can be reduced to the correct size (normally 60.1mm on a Lexus) using spigot rings. Another factor is to make sure the wheels will clear the brake calipers on the front.
  6. First job is to have the codes read, even if the light is off when checked the code should be stored in the ECU memory, guessing the cause is the most time consuming and expensive method.
  7. I know on most models the mirror position adjustment switch needs to be selected to the left mirror adjustment position for this function to occur.
  8. I always assumed like all other hybrid models that the battery pack is under the boot floor/rear seats...if so why would removal entail disassembly of the dashboard?
  9. Sure can.... you can make one quite easily with some threaded rod and a couple of swivel joints or maybe ask SGS engineering in Derby to make you one. Or if you can provide me the measurements I can make you one. Link below is for the LS400 but the same principles involved.
  10. I’ve never seen a post go so far off topic, around europe and back again 😀
  11. By strange coincidence I once purchased a 1997 LS400 from Norfolk which had also had it’s rear nearside door panel chewed by a dog, you’re drive way isn’t by any chance on a slope is it?
  12. Another thing Japanese is that in order to buy a new car in Japan you have to prove you have an off street parking space as there is no parking on the streets, you either have a space at your home or buy/ rent a space nearby. In car parks you have to reverse park, there is no driving into the space, shunting backwards and forwards to get between the white line before giving up, personally I would love to see this same rule in the UK...certainly wouldn’t struggle to find a space in Morrisons any more but it could cause confusion to many drivers who don’t know what selecting the R symbol on the gearchange actually causes the car to do.
  13. The Japanese culture seems to consist of a lot of bowing, the lower the bow the more respect is being given to the person you are bowing to.....bending too far and touching your toes is considered grovelling 😀