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  1. First thing with any fault diagnosis is to read the fault codes and go from there, even though the EML has extinguished there should still be a stored code. The possibilities without codes is huge ranging from faulty MAFs, TPS, Engine ECU capacitors or a fuel starvation situation.
  2. Ensure battery is the correct way around! Reattach positive first then negative to avoid possibility of a short circuit. Insert key and check to see if the security light is still on. If the security light does remain on this is where I always initially forget the next procedure......but I think it is to remove the key then lock the driver’s door with the key then unlock it again with the key then reinsert the key into the ignition when the security light should then extinguish. I had to recharge my battery last week due to lack of use, the voltage had dropped to 10.8V and there was insufficient current to crank the engine over...a day of smart charging appears to have done the trick with 11.8 idle and 13.8 engine running. I have useful digital voltmeter which plugs into the front ashtray cigar lighter socket to monitor the battery condition available from the likes of Amazon for a few pounds.
  3. Open glove box, remove panel at back of glove box, remove filter but make sure AC is in recirculate mode before doing anything or you may damage the flap control system mechanics.
  4. Mine has been MOTd a couple of times and shows KMs instead of miles, same garage every year too.
  5. My own MOT history check shows all tests carried out from 2007 on both the original and private plates.
  6. What happened between 2009 and 2016 regarding the MOT history, looks like it was laid up for years? This may explain the onset of brake pipe corrosion and worn tyres if it has been bought as a barn find and put back on the road on a budget, be interesting to see the service history also for this period. Dealers make me smile when alloy wheels and AC amongst others are considered optional extras on the LS400.
  7. RX300 Losing ATF but where to?

    Hello and welcome to the LOC. Seems a bit of a coincidence that the level was OK before the service and then suddenly drops, was the correct procedure followed for checking the level which is normally with the fluid hot and after moving the selector slowly through all positions twice before checking the dipstick level? Also did the garage use the correct fluid which is normally only Toyota type IV?
  8. There is only one breaker on ebay with LS600h parts, maybe worth a try?
  9. I once bought an XM 2.00L for £70.00 on a J plate bouncing all over the place but £120.00 later with 2 new spheres and a fresh MOT it did good for another 2 years. No rust as fully galvanised body and a magic carpet ride (best car ever over road humps never had to slow down for them). The C6 was the flagship model but with problems I believe, I think I have a write up in one of my mags, if I can find it I’ll send it you.
  10. Fresh MOT too, grab a door in the same colour for £50.00 and away you go. I think this is the green colour that looks black.
  11. Nice job,much better than the usual cable zip tie repair method, another weak point are the exhaust silencer heat shields, the fixing holes rot away allowing it to drop onto the box. Easy fix with a large washer.
  12. I wonder why Lexus never offered Traction Control either as a standard fitment as in Japan or an optional extra in the UK. Admittedly the system on mine is somewhat crude compared with today’s standards with just brake and throttle applications to get the back end in line with the front again but it does work.
  13. I would imagine most would be structural requiring welding. LBJ from Lexus are around £60.00 and an hours labour to fit, and if you want a replacement light unit PM me Mike.
  14. New Member, WildeRover

    Hello and welcome to the LOC. You don’t see many Sc430s on the road ( by coincidence I did see one today in Ashby de la Zouch) and another was one of few cars that actually beat my LS400 off the line at traffic lights!
  15. I have a set of 17” Mitsubishi Enkei Evo 9 wheels available which fit straight on.