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  1. steve2006

    Visit to SGS in Derby

    You can post your struts to them for regassing and they will post them back for around £5.50 + VAT on top of the price.
  2. For some time now my LS400s bonnet struts have been struggling to hold up in the winter months but are always fine in warmer weather. I did buy another set from ebay but these weren’t the correct fitting and I really wanted to keep the originals. Like some other members I knew of a company called SGS Engineering who have now moved to much larger premises in Derby. Finally got around to taking them off the car and took them in for examination to see if they could be regassed which is half the price of replacements, the counter guy takes them away and comes back shortly afterwards to confirm they could be regassed. ”Are you OK to wait 10 minutes while we do them?” Being generous I gave them 20 minutes ( well OK I didn’t want to rush my lunch) and sure enough they were back behind the counter ready for collection. Total cost was £42.00 including the 20% Vulture Added Tax with a 2 year warranty.
  3. You’re welcome.....if it don’t work try switching it off and back on first 🙂
  4. Having looked through the electrical manual the common factor would seem to be the Body ECU as all three problems are associated with this device. I would start by disconnecting the battery negative terminal for a short period of time ( if your radio has a code make sure you know it) and then reconnect the battery terminal to see if this resets the ECU.There are no fuses common to all three systems.
  5. Picture below is the same model and looks the same if you zoom in, looking at your close up picture the evident dust suggests it has always been like that.
  6. steve2006

    Is 220D Rear Brake Calipers Seized

    Well they may have been back in 2014 🙂
  7. It may be an idea to deflate the tyre then break the bead on the rim to give you some space to work along the edge of the rim and not get paint on the tyre.
  8. The compressor pulley runs all the time the engine is running, drive to the compressor is by a “Magnetic Clutch” which is a coil that when supplied with 12 volts engages the compressor drive and the compressor begins to run. When you do have the system rechecked they should first empty the system, then purge it with nitrogen dye to check for leaks using ultra violet light then if all good add the correct amount of gas and Pag oil.
  9. steve2006

    New owner and new to LOC

    Hello Steve and welcome to the LOC. It sounds like you have made a good choice with the IS250 and no timing belt to worry about at 60,000. If the car has a Lexus service history you may be able to obtain a print out from your local dealer. Sorry unable to help with Lex Tech but pretty sure another member will have some input.
  10. I’m pretty sure there is a conversion loom available, have you asked our USA cousins on
  11. steve2006

    ATF Type IV

    If you want to do the full flush and refill you are looking nearer 20 Litres, if you are planning the sump drain and refill method x 5 10 Litres will cover it.
  12. steve2006

    Screw fell out

    Yes it’s one of the front ones, the others are normally bolt threads under the engine.
  13. steve2006

    New member to LOC

    Hello Jamal and welcome to the LOC. £186.00 for a diagnostic check at Lexus, does that include a full valet and tank of petrol! As other members have suggested get the lead and software and do it yourself, mine being an older model only requires a bent paper clip for diagnostics.
  14. steve2006

    Self Closing Windows

    Full list on link below in case you want other options changing.
  15. Have you checked the associated fuses? There are 3, Radio No1 (20A located in engine bay fuse box),Radio No2 (15A under dash fuse box) and Dome (10A engine bay fuse box)any of these would affect the display and audio system if blown. The first 2 also supply power to the CD changer so if that is also not working check the fuses.The fuse box covers normally have a list of the fuses and positions attached to them.