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  1. Has it been serviced regularly particularly the air filter and oil. How is the car used, just around town or longer higher speed journeys, a good run can do wonders on a town dwelling car.
  2. The IS250 is a petrol V6 engine, the only diesels Lexus every made were the IS220d and IS200d.
  3. Just one thing Denis mentioned in your first post....don’t wait until the brake pad wear light comes on, the sensors cost more than the pads to replace.
  4. Hi Allan and welcome to the LOC. I would imagine Lexus Birmingham are the nearest to you, a lot of dealers were offering good deals on servicing and extended warranty packages recently like 2 for 1 years. Also older models get “essential service” rates although the NX isn’t listed yet but worth asking dealers. Gold club membership also gives you discounts on servicing and parts at most dealers so also worth checking it out.
  5. I’m not far behind you at 61........When it comes to the vaccination I think I’m Tier 12 on the list 😀
  6. I have those in stock and also an equivalent “Automotive Grade” version to the specs mentioned previously by Colin. I can also fit them for you 😀
  7. If you are willing to travel up to Derbyshire ( once we are out of lock down of course and preferably vaccinated) I am willing to do the work you require. Several members have done this and have been happy with the work carried out. I am not a mechanic by trade but have plenty of DIY Lexus LS400 experience. Send me a PM to discuss further if this is any use to you.
  8. Need a few niggling things done, Passenger front door speaker, Central locking, Cd player not working, Sun roof opens on its own sometimes, Boot and bonnet struts, Drive belt tensioner speaking, Windscreen wipers rubbing. Front speaker....Door panel off and replace speaker. Central locking...just one door or all doors? CD Player.....locate and install a good secondhand unit. Sun Roof .......struggling with this one. Drive belt tensioner ....either replace complete with new OEM one or just replace the bearing. Bonnet and boot struts........ SGS Engineering, Derby.
  9. An advantage of rear wheel drive cars .....a smaller turning circle 😀
  10. You need to get some of those SGS bonnet struts on it, they’ll stop it sticking. 😀
  11. It’s quite a common problem, you can replace the complete pulley or just replace the bearing in the one now fitted for a few £££s with a good quality Japanese bearing. Although for the tensioner this may help. Finally welcome to the LOC.
  12. IIRC there was a recall for this problem and an upgraded ECU was supplied and fitted. Other items to consider are the IACV and Throttle Body cleaning.
  13. Also check you have not accidentally disconnected any wiring plugs when replacing the thermostat.
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