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  1. Callipers are 4 pot so no sticking slide pins to worry about, did you clean the hub to disc mating surfaces before fitting the new discs?
  2. Apparently not very good in the wet, tweel fabric is not good for tyres.....rubber is better.
  3. Yes the radio aerial utilises the elements on the heated rear window so no physical rod type one ( plus no broken masts to worry about). The link tells you exactly where to find the radio receiver. The adaptors do work, they shift the FM frequencies by I think 10Khz so bring the band to within UK radio broadcasts, you will also need to find a 12 volt supply and ground point.
  4. Unless things have change drastically there should be an aerial socket on the radio unless they are now using a remote radio receiver perhaps in the boot area to which the aerials connects then the signal is sent to the head unit. Mine had the same adaptor fitted as yours until I went aftermarket.
  5. You would be very lucky to find a good working unit for a 1994.....perhaps fitting an aftermarket stereo with either a single or double din facia adaptor would be a better solution.
  6. With there being a cam sensor on both cam gears you could measure both to see if they are the same value. If you do have a cam sensor fault it is quite common to find the wiring loom to the passenger side one damaged if it hasn’t been redressed correctly after a belt can get chewed up by the serpentine belt. Not too sure about the later model but earlier versions used a paperclip to read the codes by blinking lights sequences. Also welcome to the LOC.
  7. Mints! spearmint....chewy mints any mints....I love mints apart from the one made by the germans.....Polos! 😀 Welcome to the LOC.
  8. Have you checked the spare wheel well for water ingress too?
  9. Again for a 2000 year model but it clearly shows that the engine ECU has inputs to the TRAC ECU so if the caps have failed it could affect the TRAC system.
  10. Just reread your first post, had another think about this and would agree that the engine ECU is susceptible to capacitor leakage, this causes many problems. Have you also checked the wiring and connections from the brake fluid level sensor as the code suggests low fluid when it obviously isn’t? I don’t have the wiring manual for your year but the picture is from my 2000 year book showing the brake fluid level switch and wiring which may be similar.
  11. I use a very special Lexus paperclip 😀
  12. Hello and welcome to the LOC. Did you use OEM replacements, I think they are normally Denso?
  13. It amazing how Fleabay sellers offer a critical safety component like wheel nuts, give a list of vehicles they fit yet are totally unsuitable for the job ( tapered nuts on wheels designed for flat nuts) Not only could these cause damage to the wheel they could result in the wheel coming off! I bought a set of these.