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  1. I would feel the same regarding the condenser replacement, especially with no detected leaks, compressor is another matter but is more likely to be an electrical fault than mechanical. I don’t know if is is physically possible to check but is the clutch engaging? ( there is normally a slight increase in engine RPM at tick over when it is running the compressor).
  2. Hello Ian and welcome to the LOC. That’s a very kind offer to make to our members, had it not been for the distance between us and the fact my life would be at risk bringing yet another LS home I would have gladly accepted your offer.
  3. Don’t forget that the 430 is prone to the rear AC pipes corroding leading to a loss of gas, with your quote George I would be checking this and look for another “specialist” George if you PM your VIN I will look up the correct part numbers for you.
  4. I would be getting the pry bar into the Lower Ball Joints and Upper Control Arm ball joints as these are the main wear items.
  5. I think your theory on JDM suspension may be right, mine seems very hard even with the suspension on normal setting, with sports mode it corners like a go cart. Mine has the piezo TEMS set up with coil springs so the damping is adjustable.
  6. It’s the handle off the Lexus umbrella that should be in the boot 😀
  7. The rear brake pipe which runs across the rear subframe is a common failure due to corrosion and this, given the time the car has been stood, is probably why the reservoir was found to be empty. I also would not recommend pumping the brake pedal with no fluid in the master cylinder as the seals may be damaged due to lack of lubrication of the fluid. Pre formed brake pipe sections are available from Lexus but it would probably be cheaper to have the section made.
  8. Hello Anita and welcome to the LOC. On the earlier models the seat base is removed by pulling on 2 tabs one on each side of the seat base, the LS460 is probably similar so I would suggest gently pulling the tabs you have found and see if the base releases. If you are not sure however perhaps pop into your local Lexus dealer who may be able to retrieve the item ( more inclined if you have your car serviced with them). I have looked on the exploded parts diagram but it isn’t very clear, there are a lot of electrics underneath the seats for the recline mechanisms.
  9. Decent information on the link regarding your rights, if you have legal protection on either your car or house insurance they will be able to advise.
  10. Hi guys I’m back after computer issues. I’ve now sent you the promised rear cluster from mine Jordan, looking at yours they are the same so the US spec ones should fit fine. Your LS is looking good and looks the same colour as mine.
  11. You don't have to have Lexus fit them any half decent garage could do the job, just buy the parts from Lexus.
  12. Are you sitting comfortably, make sure you are sat down.....part numbers are 17408-50030 Right hand, 17408-50040 Left hand. Price from Lexus around £110.00 each......glad you're sat down now! You could try our supplier Lexus Spares Direct for a better price.
  13. As mentioned there is Rock Auto and Amayama but be prepared to pay for overseas postage and import duties, you could also try Lexus Spares Direct who supply to club members at a discount and are UK based. Here is a selection on Fleabay but with critical components like steering and suspension I would go OEM personally. Lexus part numbers are 43340-39505 for left hand side and 43330-39625 for right side plus you will need the nuts and split pins working out at around £90.00 a side retail.