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  1. There is normally a sticker placed in the engine bay indicating a belt change. May be worth getting a quote from Lexus as the prices for older models can be quite competitive, as mentioned get the pump and idler/tensioner replaced at the same time. If you are planning DIY you can get quality kits like Aisin from the USA.
  2. Hello Rob and welcome to the LOC 😀
  3. All one piece, get one of the wing like pieces loose by warming with a hair drier the lift that end up, the clips will pop as you go and some will need refitting and aligning. Once you get to the other side apply heat again to release the other wing. Once removed you will see a line of holes with white plastic inserts ( some of the clips may remain in these and will need pulling out to refit on the trim. The clips on the trip should be pink and are springy so fit between 2 tracks on the trim, once fitted you can slide these clips to align with the fixing holes before pushing them in.
  4. It doesn’t seal it just holds it down, there is some metal strengthening within the plastic moulding so the mastic prevents it springing up.
  5. I don’t think so as definitely UK specification with the 2 piece headlight units, only JDM had the single piece ones with yellow fogs like mine.
  6. A very good write up, a few technical specification errors but overall good. I wonder where the 1994 model came from.....would love my seats to look like those. Having checked the gold 94 model was last MOTd in 2015 with a mere 53,000 miles recorded and only had one fail in ten years ( looks like the Y pipe problem). A mystery what has happened to it since as looks in great condition.
  7. I had the rear reclining massage seats in my other Celsior but found them impossible to use..... couldn’t reach the pedals or the steering wheel. 😀
  8. They do have different part numbers but it may be just the length of the wiring which is different, for £15.00 I would take the chance...bit better than the Lexus price of £230.00!
  9. One being organised near Coventry Ted.
  10. Not sure if this guy is still in business but maybe worth contacting. There is also a company called Bigg Red who rebuild the calipers.
  11. Welcome to the LOC. I can’t see the problem from the videos.
  12. The trim literally just pulls off, you will find some of the plastic clip halves remain on the boot lip but just remove these and clip back onto the trim before refitting, the clips on the trim slide along so you can realign them with the other half on the boot.
  13. Prime example today, short flexible transmission hoses for the RX300, top one around £75.00 bottom one around £17.00. Look around the same to me but even £17.00 for a bit of rubber hose is taking the p***!
  14. Very good advice Phil, if you can’t get the bearing fully in use a suitable sized socket as a drift but make sure it only contacts the outer bearing case. The old carpenter instructing his apprentice joke “When I nod my head hit it”