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  1. Any good?
  2. The alarm system appears to consist of 4 components. 1 The bonnet switch 2 The Theft Warning Radar Module 3 The warning siren. 4 The boot switch. I would be checking both the bonnet and boot switches, the bonnet switch in particular is obviously subjected to rain and road debris with the boot switch subject to foreign objects which may have dropped in there. Also I’m not entirely sure but can you not adjust the sensitivity of the radar sensor or turn it off completely? This process should be in the Owner’s Manual if possible. This is the basic system layout.
  3. Method 3 below, where it says pump out the reservoir as Phil mentions, use the turkey baster to remove the fluid.
  4. Apart from a replacement carrier bracket the only other way of extracting the broken pin is to drill a hole in the blind end, enlarge it, pour in the WD40 and then use a hammer and punch to push the stuck slide pin out. You would still need a new slide pin of course but I have a decent used one I can post to you.
  5. Plenty available mail order included branded Contitech and Gates.
  6. I always add a letter H between the s and i......just about covers the quality then which often leaves you inde****!
  7. What I don’t understand is why companies are still advertising but are closed, for example BMW are running a TV ad promotion at the moment, a nice 30 second ad costing thousands but all their showrooms are closed. OK some products are still available by mail order but surely not a brand new car when you are spending mortgage money on one.
  8. I had a verbal advisory a couple of MOTs ago as it was just efficient enough. I removed the discs/drums, roughened up the friction material, cleaned the drum contact surface, greased all the contact points and then refitted and adjusted the shoes as per standard procedure ( turn the adjuster to just lock up the drum then back off a couple of clicks until the drum turns again). You could immediately tell the difference in that the pedal travel was halved for full application.
  9. Yes Miele was the best followed by AEG, both German companies. Not sure if AEG still exist as a manufacturer now probably gone the same way as Grundig where Curry’s use it as a brand name for crappy quality products. Those of a certain age will remember proper Grundig products built to last like reel to reel tape recorders unlike current “Grundig” products.
  10. Hello Kristjane and welcome to the LOC. Could you provide a little more information about the car, I assume it is left hand drive? On the identification plate there should be a set of 5 letters like AEGPK. If you could provide this extra information I can look up the correct part number for you and probably provide a picture. This may help.
  11. Thanks Paul, I have now ordered the 2 sets of clips from the links you kindly provided, they both said delivery by Monday but with the present situation they arrive when they do. I have another 10 weeks on the present standby rota so plenty of time to do the job. Looking at the box of 500 I will have enough for my lifetime and several generations to follow so if anyone needs a clip or hundred around Derbyshire please let me know and I will be glad to provide FOC if collected.
  12. You have I assume tried putting 2 high tensile bolts in the threaded holes and gradually and evenly tightening them onto the hub face?
  13. Absolutely true, I had a Hotpoint from Curry’s and wasn’t aware at the time it was a specific model made for them. 2 years later the bearings failed and low and behold a sealed drum and small crap bearings. Although I am still working I’m on call (utilities) so at home more than out so last week replaced the waste disposal unit, cut the grass twice and replaced some cupboard handles. On nights last week so not even allowed a beer until after 5.00 pm today.
  14. Hi Stewart and welcome to the LOC. I too keep hankering over the SC430.....ever since one left me standing at traffic lights with my LS400. If you want to post photographs look below the text box and you will see a paper clip and “Click to choose files” click on the words and this should open your files, click on your photo file and select your photograph.
  15. Been think...well plenty of time for it....could you post up the details of the clips you have bought both the door moulding ones and the universal kit please. I may have ago myself if I can get some mail order.