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  1. Every thing wok fine other than texts. Settings all seem to be OK. I have raised it with Lexus customer support who are looking into it.
  2. Phones are neither tethered or being used as hot spots. Thinking about this overnight I am now wondering if there is an issue with my particular car? I cannot believe all cars with premium navigation have this issue.
  3. Just thought I would give an update on this. Took the car to my local dealership, Twickenham, who updated the software. This did not fix the problem and I have now been advised that there is nothing more that can be done! How on earth a so called premium brand can believe that this is acceptable is totally beyond me.
  4. Many thanks for the response. Spoke to them, their advice is to completely remove phones from car and car from phones and reconnect. If that fails take the car to local dealer.
  5. Hi, hopefully somebody can help me with this. I have just updated my IS 300h from a 63 plate to a 68 plate, both cars are the premium model. On the new car despite my best efforts I cannot fathom out why the text messaging will not work for any phone I have tried. Samsung J5, Samsung S6, i-Phone 6. All worked perfectly with the older car. The thing that is really confusing me is that e-mails are working fine! Could it be something that has been set by the previous owner? Any help gratefully accepted.
  6. Hi has anybody taken out and used the dealer offered insurance for tyres and alloys. What was your experience like, was it worth it. Seems expensive to me.
  7. Doh mis-read your post. Clear now. Must admit putting them side by side, if they are at the lower lever, and illuminating them is an improvement. Once again thanks.
  8. Thanks for the reply Tango. Mine are one above the other so looks like I have a fault. Cheers
  9. Are the switches side by side or one above the other? The former should be illuminated, the latter the older model and are not.
  10. Just a quick query. I am lucky enough to have bought a used 250 Sport with all the toys. Love the car and volunteer to drive/pick up the kids every time they go out, just to drive it. Even after having it a month! I was pleased with the IS200, I had two last one being a sport, but this is a different league The only thing that annoys me is that neither the Boot or Petrol Flap buttons appear to be illuminated. Is this correct or is there a fault on my car? Thanks for any advice.
  11. I am intrigued, please let us know what the modifications were.