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  1. Happy Birthday apprentice!

  2. I have the same problem as you have- was given the later type stereo (13906)with top cd because stereo with the car (13902)was not working, and found that they are not compatible. cant find a wiring diagram for the outputs of the different models either to see if i can connect up myself!
  3. Sounds like an earthing problem, would check to see if the earth is good on that side before condeming the light unit.
  4. what operating system are you using?
  5. £115 off ebay for aftermarket gear or £127 + vat for oem. not a great difference! Guess wot i will be doing next weekend!! lol
  6. I will see if i can contact CHRIS.S for some prices, looks like its gonna hurt a bit but would like the reassurance of oem quality!! Thanks to all
  7. Has anyone any ideas on where to buy a cambelt kit for my 99 is200. Other than main dealer! Just checked mine and it seriously needs doing!! front of the belt wearing away, presume needs the pulleys too hey?
  8. feel like a right d*** now put it down to experience hey!! lol Ta for response anyway!
  9. Do they come painted from the main dealer??
  10. Just bought a new grill for my is200 on ebay! Was up for £60+ £12.95 postage but put in an offer for £50 and that was accepted! They are meant to be the genuine item and come painted in a number of options ! here's the link If the link doesn't work the shop is 786-sales!!
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