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  1. HI all, Been going through all the past threads and learned alot. I'm in a fix and hope to get some good advice from everyone. I am driving a YR2004 IS200 and recently I managed to get a good offer on a set of used Work rims that is 17.7j x 7jj (offset +49). Based on the stickies, I guess theres a difference of +4 for the offset. Just wanna know should I go ahead and buy it and install it with some spacers OR should I skip the idea then go for a new 17X7 (offset+45) rim instead. Is it recommened to use a wheel spacer? Will there be any problems if I use a +49 offset rim on my is200(without spacers)? Please advise.
  2. I was reading through some of the postings and remembered some thread comments about it being 700-900 region?Hmm... lets see if there are others that has a different idling rpm. Anyone else care to share
  3. I just want to make sure... I have just installed a electronic multi-guage that reads the tachymeter from my ODBII port. I don't know if I'm sensitive but is 650 +/- rpm the normal idle rate for IS200? I get this even when my A/C and Lights are on. I do feelthe engine is abit rough and slight vibrations from the steering wheel during idling when I engage to "D". I am driving a IS200 Yr2004 (Auto) CAn someone advise?
  4. Thanks alot guys for the help. I've just managed to get all the parts needed and everythings done. In total i changed 7 items. Timing Belt Timing Tensioner Timing Idler V-belt Generator Air-con Belt P.steering Belt Water Pump And not forgetting the many litres of Toyota 'long life' coolant for a complete radiaor flush.Phew! This is one major service!!
  5. Thanks alot for the information bros... Over here, Lexus do not have a kit readily as they discourage doing the timing belt change eleswhere. I am actually gonna get it from a authorized toyota parts supplier and need the part numbers to make sure. Anyone here thinks I should changed the engine mount/bushings? My car has travelled 120000KM!!
  6. Hi everyone, I am going for my timing belt change very soon and hope that someone here can provide me with the Toyota part numbers for the items used. My mechanic says I need to get them myself from the shops. IS200 2.0Auto (1G-FE) TIMING BELT TIMING BELT TENSIONER TIMING BELT IDLER(Is this a bearing?) WATER PUMP What else can i change during this? PLs advice..thanks alot
  7. Hi all, Deciding if I should get some Brake pads from an online parts store(US), however they only sell pads for IS300. Are they the same as the ones used in IS200? Anyone can vereify this??
  8. YeaH! thanks ALOT !! can't wait to get my hands on one!!! :D what else do I need to get besides the Grom package? Some guys were discussing about an adapter or something earlier... :P
  9. HI guys, I came across this thread and I must say i am quite impressed with the product mentioned. Earlier on, I was seriously considering buying a Dension Gateway100 (a.k.a icelink plus) for my ride but was put off by the price and its inability to support newer IPOD gens(3rd Gen Nano, Ipod touch, iphone..etc..) I believe that the GROM adapter is the answer for me, however I need some advise on the compatibility. I am from Singapore and we only have IS200 here. I did not see IS200 in the compatibility list and just wanna know if anyone managed to get Grom work on it?
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