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  1. If the Lexus offers anywhere near the level of involvement of the DC5 then I'm cave in and buy one straight away. And who said bankrupt? I can afford 2K insurance but it's the paying it part that makes me cringe....
  2. Just spat my beer out at that, very funny. Incidentally, there was a Red IS 200 behind me on the A303 two nights ago, anyone on here?
  3. As does my 'Teg with a mod list that's as long as my arm!
  4. As in the other thread, I was under the impression that it's an import so insurance would come in to play.
  5. Import isn't it? So it'd be group 20 and about the same to insure as my DC5.
  6. Sorry, I forgot to mention, I'd be after one that's supercharged.
  7. Yes mate, it was taken at Jap Show finale. TBH the DC5 is too fast in certain times, and I rarely take it to the red line, when I want to make swift progress down the back roads or on a motorway, mostly I'll keep it under 7000 rpm as I have a KPRO and VTEC comes in at 4500 so plenty of power mid range. The only sort of times when I use the full range is when I bored on my usual drive down south, some fool hangs off the back off me or when I'm on track. In addition, there's only so much power you can handle in a FWD car especially one that's got a LSD and stiff coilovers on UK roads! Good to hear about the insurance, I'll give A Plan, Sky and a few other insurance companies a go. Don't think it'll be a gleaming quote though, I'm 25, 0 NCB (long story) 8 points (reason I don't use the full rev range all that much anymore, 3rd gear at 8000 rpm plus could leave me with a ban on most roads) and live in a poor postal code.
  8. Kind of a long shot I know, there are a few on the DC5 site that have gone the other way round and also Truffs who changed from his DC5 to an IS200, but was wondering if there are any on here who don't post on the DC5 forum anymore. Just kind of wanting your thoughts between the two cars, ie general ownership, reliability, running costs such as consumables (brakes etc), petrol, servicing, the drive between the cars and so on. Cheers.
  9. We'll see though, got loads to think about including getting rid of my DC5 (which I really don't want to do), but I have my eye on Bazza's red beast!
  10. Sorry mate, I really don't like green cars, seen it already and I would have snapped his hand off otherwise! It'd have to be Black, Silver, Grey or Red in that order. Not sure if there is a Grey IS200 but there we go.
  11. Excellent. Means I can keep my Pro Race 1.2s if I get a IS200!
  12. Four or five stud? Please say five!
  13. I won't be after the full 240, I imagine the torque of the straight 6 will make up for the lower BHP figure, TBH anything over 180ish would be grand. Just don't really want a standard one as 150 odd or whatever it is would feel a little slow I imagine compared to what I'm used to. Plus a pre-modded one would save me a lot of money, I've poored loads of cash into my DC5 like there's no tomorrow and I don't think my bank manager would be too pleased if I started the process over again!
  14. Hi guys, Chris here. I currently drive a 2001 DC5 in black, here’s a quick pic of her: Anyway, the insurance is killing me and I’ve been thinking of a possible replacement and the IS200 Sport might well be on the cards. If possible I’d be after one that’s been supercharged and had some good work carried out on it, like gauges, brakes etc. Want one a bit more powerfull then standard as my Integra is pushing around 240bhp and I’d certainly miss it. Couple of quick questions, I know probably answered before but here goes anyway. What’s the servicing costs for both minor and major, and is there one that’s really expensive to watch out for? I won’t mind at all going to a specialist to do it rather then a dealer if there’s money to be saved for the same work. Who’s the tuner that most people settle for? I’m located in Nuneaton but hopefully will be moving near to Salisbury in the future. Also, how many miles per tank do people get on average? Both for one that’s been S/C’s and standard(ish) ones. What sort of BHP and performance figures could one expect from induction, full exhaust including de-cat and ECU? I’m a bit of an NA purist you see. Finally, is there someone that's close to me that wouldn't mind showing me around there's. Thanks for reading, Chris.
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