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  1. Like Desmond, I also swapped my IS220d SE for a IS250 SE-I Nav, both new vehicles. I should never have bought the IS220. I returned 31 mpg vs 41 mpg from the diesel but the IS250 experience was so much better. Forget the Lexus diesel unless thay pair it with an auto box. I now drive a C Class 350 cdi Sport estate and return near 40 mpg. It goes round corners and stops like an IS can only dream of. I wanted to like Lexus, but...............
  2. Customer Experience Feedback

    From the outset, I would like to say I have been a regular patron of Toyota and really wanted the Lexus "experience". I bought a new (08) IS220d SE with sunroof. The car was difficult to drive smoothly and hesitated too often at junctions. The dashboard and centre console rattled. The boot lid chaffed the rear bumper, the rear seat belt jammed and was damaged and then the wheels corroded after 14 months / 6000 miles. I look after my car and I was appalled. The supplying dealer, Bracknell disputed the seat belt, bodged the boot lid (leaked after) and didnt understand the dashboard rattles. I went to Guildford (I knew the service manage and dealer principle from years back) and got my car fixed. Having had an IS250 auto loaner, I was smitten so I bought a new (59 IS250 auto SE-I Nav). I was put in the care of their "best sales guy" who didnt engage in eye contact and looked around the showroom the whole time. When he told me times were tough (summer 2009) and gone were the days when you could be rude to customers to get rid of them knowing another would come along shortly were over, I was appalled. Eventually I did a deal with the DP who I knew. When I collected my car, the protective sticker panel edges were still visibile and the carpet treatment (I didnt want) left the carpets wet. The IS250 was miles better than the IS220. Mainly due to transmission but also the heavy diesel engine unsettled the car when pressing on. I got good economy out of both, 31 and 41 mpg out of the IS250 and IS220 respectively (calculated brim to brim). When I started putting miles on the IS250 I saw the deficiences in handling, unsettled ride, OK brakes and the poor interior room / boot were begining to tell. In November 2011 I bought a near new loaded C Class 350 cdi Sport estate and sold my IS250 back to Guildford. Lexus Guildford stole my tax disc (private reg) and failed to engage in discussion. Lexus customer support offered me a £50 voucher in a Lexus dealership after I approached them, but I dont have reason to go to a Lexus dealership so the gesture was appreciated but meaningless. IMO, the IS is a good looking car. The quality is OK but dynamically it is poor. Lexus customer care is not about a danish pastry or a cappucino. Its about good products supported by excellent support. Oliver Simmons (Sales) at Bracknell is excellent. He is poorly supported by the remainder of the dealership. Colin Searle (Service manager) at Guildford is beyond reproach, Gary Edgehill, Julian (Sales Manager) are "Arthur Daley" care sales men who will rip you off. Wendy Peston (DP), what can I say polished, Arthur Daiey. Only go to Guildford for Coiln Searle. I am not a fan of diesel, and find hybrid battery packs as a concept totally stupid. Why carry that weight and if the point if ecology, why produce large batterys that are expensive to manucature and dispose of? I am not enamored by the Lexus experience. All I want is a good product, a fair deal. I dont mind paying a premium, but it must be right.
  3. I dont know if I feel relieved or stupid. I looked at this forum but still went and bought a new IS220d SE (sunroof) in April 2008. Having now done 7k miles, I was very disappointed both with the car and the supplying dealer. A summary. 1. At 1100 miles / 2 months I noticed the boot lid was chaffing on the bumper, the body shop deputing manager sucked his teeth and asked if the car had been in an accident! I demanded to see other cars on the forecourt and all were the same. The boot lid and bumper position was adjusted on two separate occasions resulting in drips of water in the boot floor after washing. 2. The centre dash panel (cd changer etc) would give give a loud crack noise that sounded like different temperature expansion rates of materials as the noise was apparent even on straight smooth roads, i.e. not roundabouts. The service manager said that would be a first report even though his own car when driven by me had the same noise. 3. The dash board rattle below the bottom edge of the windscreen developed from nothing to annoying over the past 4k miles. I had no faith in the supplying dealer so I refused to let them fix it. 4. I complained about the dead spot in the power band below 2000 rpm to be told all sorts of excuses from, its Lexus' first diesel (how many Toyota diesels are there worldwide!) to "we ignore the forums" (such as LOC) . 5. The nearside rear seat belt jammed and became marked after 4 months. After reporting it I was told not to worry as the warranty would cover it. At first service when I enquired about replacement a note on my car paperwork stated it would cost £275 + VAT as the problem was self inflicted. If I didnt like it, I was told to contact Lexus GB. 6. At 6500 miles / 15 months I noticed wheel corrosion. I didnt even speak to the supplying dealer. 7. I cancelled my service plan to discover I was being overcharged for that too. (When I signed up it sounded like a good deal but when I queried the amount I was told to take or leave it, this fool still signed up). I have gone to another dealership a little further away (I confess I didnt talk to them when I purchased the vehicle due to distance but I have had dealings with them in the past and certain individuals are excellent). Having explained the problems, all were acknowledged with fixes described and I was offered a date when a loan car was available. They loaned me a 250 SR Auto and I love it. The car has done 9k miles and no rattles, smooth and quick. To be fair to the IS220d, I averaged 41.7 mpg which I think respectable but its hard work. Its no fun due to the gear change & clutch & 6th gear is a joke. I found 80 mph in 5th gave the best economy. Oh, and be careful pulling out on fast roads. Get the revs wrong and you are a sitting duck, the engine is dead below 1800 rpm. The IS250 auto by comparison is a dream and I have found myself driving faster, having more fun and still returning >36 mpg (the secret on both cars is cruise control). Reports suggest this engine is poor for low rpm torque (the petrol manual is truly awful) but the auto box hides it well. Bottom line, I have negotiated a new IS250 SE-I Auto with full nav for September 09 delivery. If only the diesel was available with the auto box................... Before you ask, the 220d was supplied by Octagon Bracknell, the "new" dealership is Lexus Guildford.