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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for the repiles. Right ok, i'm gonna remove the thb bury kit and fit a bluetooth kit, I would like to go for something that works through my speakers in my car, what to you's think of this one? Or can anybody reccommend a good integrated bluetooth kit for my standard is200 radio? I also have the grom audio box fitted for my ipod, so hopefully it would effect that. Thank you... Kevin...
  2. Hi guys, When I bought my lexus is200 se (with nav), it came with one of those THB bury phone kits fitted, my phone is a sony ericsson K810i and I have to buy a craddle for it to work with my kit, which costs £50 on ebay and is only for the k800i. So i was wondering, would I be better off replacing the kit with a bluetooth kit? would it be as cheap? what would you guys suggest? would be it be simple to disconnect my phone kit? also there is the arial on the back window? what would I do with that? Thanks... Kevin
  3. Hallelujah, it worked, getting the new updated dvd fixed it, wish i had done this ages ago, :) thanks for all the help and suggestions guys, :)
  4. Hi guys, Just wondering has anyone service there own is200 themselves? and if so what is needed? I have the car 4 months and fancy giving it a wee treat to a good old service :) Cheers...
  5. Hi guys, I've just bought a map update for my satnav, so i'm hoping that is all it needs just the new disc, do you's guys think it could be all it needs? just a new disc that it is asking for? Or i could end up selling the new disc on ebay cheap, lol, lol. Original disc: 86271 - 24120 86271 - 70v30a New disc ordered: pz485-x01eu-07 @ £119:40 from I recieve the new disc in a few days time and i'll let you guys know how i get on, :)
  6. I fitted my grom interface yesterday, works great. Thanks Sonnet and thanks to the guys with the pics for the head unit removal :):):):):):):):) Kevin...
  7. Hi Ronald, i'm not sure about the gs but my unit in my is was in the boot, take out the cover in the boot, remove the spare wheel cover and u should see it on your left, :) or maybe try under the passenger seat :) Kevin
  8. Thanks for that suggestion Geoffers, but i have tried that, i'm running out of ideas, :( there has to be an answer out there somewhere, :) thank you kevin
  9. Ok lads, So far 1: Took apart the satnav dvd unit and removed the battery from the unit (for an hour) so it would loose it settings, that didn't work. 2: Disconnected the negative on the main battery for 30mins, that didn't work. Is there anything else I can try? or even where could i get a hold of the japenese disk it is looking for? Thank you Kevin :)
  10. Hi guys, Thanks for all the help :) i've been on the american site and tried a few things that they recommend. I removed the nav dvd unit from the boot and took it apart, then removed the battery in the unit by de-soldering it, I kept the battery out of the unit for an hour, so it should have cleared the momory, then put it all back together, it's still the same :( Some guys were talking about resetting the ECU by disconnecting the battery cable in the ECU, How do i do this? would I not lose my radio settings and need a code for my radio? Thanks.... Kevin :)
  11. Hi Sonnet, i tried that link and it didn't work even after i registered with loc us??? Kevin
  12. I was messing about with the menus trying to get maps for northern ireland, so i would have had to get it updated anyways, so I will contact lexus asap.... Thank you kevin :)
  13. Hey guys, I was thinking that, expensive? (how mush are we talking) :( that's all i wanna hear, there must be some way of flashing the ecu? Thanks for all your help..... Kevin
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