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  1. Thanks for the replies, but having been to see one, it isn't big enough for our needs. Sticking with the Touareg.
  2. Ok, I'm going to entertain you, but when the whole family is on Apple and the functionality suits, we're not likely to be changing phones, especially on contract. I'm looking to change the Touareg anyway having owned it from new for 3 years now. Looking at what to buy and phone connectivity, is one of the points to consider. If the iS300h doesn't do it, it comes off the list when there are others that do. Its just one of the considerations in making the change. I vowed never to own another Lexus having had a bad experience with an iS220d and woeful service from the main dealership (Sytner), but, I can go to another dealership for service as long as the car is good and fits our needs.
  3. Can anyone tell me whether the infotainment system on the iS300h connects with the iPhone please. I currently run a VW Touareg R Line, that whilst it will connect via Bluetooth, won't receive SMS/email alerts because the VW system doesn't do Apple Car Play or mirroring, and the iPhone doesn't do RSAP. I'm looking at moving on from the Touareg for something new, and am considering the iS300h, but I want something that will connect with the phone fully. Also, the iS300h looks to be a much improved car, but is it only the Premium models that come with the reversing camera?
  4. Not what the Lexus sales staff are willing to put their signature to. The new models seem to be affected just the same as older versions. My R Line Touareg isn't standard (the standard kit of the R Line is a higher spec than other marques as it is) but listing extras is hardly a chore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk The sales staff are talking out of their backsides - I know Lexus better than they do, in fact some of them didn't even know the new RX was coming and whether HUD was available on the F-Sport models. and it doesnt affect the newer models as much as it did. The older 400h had issues as it had a smaller battery. The new cars have standard battery sizes and its not a problem unless something is loose such as the terminals It would certainly be a pain phoning up everytime I had to get insurance on an Audi or something to say a massive list of everything on the car especially when you have 2 cars. Would be a PITA if I needed to claim and missed something out by accident too! Ive gone off VW's now - I dont find them as luxurious as they used to be, more rugged than luxury IMO - especially after coming to Lexus and being pampered by the gliding seats and steering wheel when turning the car on, slow closing windows and the HUGE kit list. Lol. You know Lexus better than the sales staff. Very amusing. Every car has a build code. The insurers can easily check that against the registration or chassis number to get a full specification list. Hardly a chore or a chance of missing something off in a claim. My Touareg R Line has every luxury of a Lexus RX450H. Whilst they are both designated as SUVs, they are totally different cars. A RX is rarely, if ever, likely to seriously venture off road, whereas a Touareg is and can cope with it even on standard tyres. The Touareg also has a bigger load area with the seats up or down. Does it make the RX a bad car? No it doesn't. But it makes it more of a Chelsea school run car than a proper 4x4. You hate VW and love Lexus. Whoopy do for you. But all this schadenfreude rhetoric is ill placed. The UK government are not going to take any retrospective steps against VW owners. I will therefore continue to blow my smelly, polluting diesel emissions wherever I go luxuriating in the fuel economy of a big V6 Tdi. Especially in Scotland. Enjoy your RX. I certainly intend continuing to enjoy my VW Touareg.
  5. Not what the Lexus sales staff are willing to put their signature to. The new models seem to be affected just the same as older versions. My R Line Touareg isn't standard (the standard kit of the R Line is a higher spec than other marques as it is) but listing extras is hardly a chore. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. It is only late 2014 engines and only US emissions tests it falls foul of. The EU emissions test is not affected. There is also debate that the software is actually in operation in the US and is being contested by all. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. So of the 49.9% of sales what are they comprised of? How many hybrids, electric or just petrol? If that 49.9% is the total sales percentage for all configurations other than diesel, then diesels easily out sell them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. The difference between the US and EU test has already been iterated. New vehicles already pass the EU6 standard and the EU test to be adopted in 2017. There will therefore be no hike in VED for new vehicles. I doubt very much that it will affect diesel car sales. Owners want value for money and a diesel engine is far more economical than a petrol hybrid over journeys where the hybrid motor has little to no use. Until such time as Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles come into mass production from the various manufacturers, diesels will continue to out sell all other engine configurations.
  9. VW have confirmed that the modification will bring the affected engines up to the EU6 standard. Current owners also do not have to have the modifications if they don't want. The UK VEL is based on Co2 emissions which the EU5 E189 engines pass and which the DfT are happy with. NO HIKE IN VEL FOR EXISTING OR ORDERED VEHICLES. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. It did not defeat the EU testing for Co2. The statement is that the software is fitted to EU5 E189 engines and that VW will recall those vehicles to fit Adblue tanks making the engines EU6 compatible. The government has already confirmed there will be no raising of the VEL for affected vehicles. A number of manufacturers who passed the EU test have since the VW scandal had sold vehicles retested and show they exceed the EU test by 4 and more times the permitted limit for Co2 and Nitrous Oxides. Yes my mistake with trying to use Taptalk; I of course meant Nitrous Oxide. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. The vehicles pass the EU emissions test as it tests for Co2 and not Carbon Oxide, so what are you going to fine them for? They're going to fit Adblue tanks to existing vehicles including EU ones, to comply with the US test for Carbon Oxide emissions. Now how about a fine for those manufacturers producing hybrid vehicles because of the damage to health and the environment by the open cast mining methods and both the production and destruction of the batteries? Your hybrid may run partially cleaner than a diesel but getting it on the road is more destructive. The pollution from cars is a drop in the ocean compared to industry. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. I had an is220d which was a mistake with the too tall first gear and everyone hitting their heads on the A pillar. Lost £6k trading in after 6 months ownership to go back to an S80 D5. When I retired I needed a SUV and considered the RX but decided against for a couple of reasons. The obvious one was the flat battery problem when left standing, but my local dealership didn't handle themselves well in all the contact I had with them either putting me off further. If there was another dealer close by, I might have taken a punt on the RX, but the Treg is a quality car with power, space and enough tech and toys to keep me happy. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Good for you. [emoji106] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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