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  1. clean looking crown.. will definitively be one of a kind on UK roads... they remind me of the W124 Mercedez AMG's
  2. yeh but i'm surprised you dont know having a higher power to weight ratio in a car will still not translate to being 'fun' to drive. it might be quicker/faster but may not be fun to drive.. my GS300 and previous GS430 was quite rapid in a straight line but was not rewarding to drive like the 2.4 Accord i had with only 190bhp... I have never owned a turbo charged car before as all my cars have been big engine'd straight 6, V6, V8 and higher revving 4 cylinders but are turbo charged cars not meant to have a bit of lag to them mainly smaller displacement ones? i mean i know its a twin scroll and all which should some what eliminate lag but by how much i don't know. ECT PWR mode find gives more of a 1 : 1 ratio of quick accelerator pedal response.. Quote from article below might explain why: For example, some Lexus 200t owners are faced with a difficult to diagnose problem associated with a failure to respond to the accelerator pedal after several quick accelerations. In most cases, the problem was solved by full resetting of the software or completely replacing the engine control unit. The turbine bypass valve may emit sounds. It is also the cause of unstable engine operation at high speeds causing dips in power. This problem relates to the engines of the first 2 years of production (the manufacturer already has replaced this valve with a new smaller one).
  3. could be the fact that Toyota actually used quality proper parts other than plastic for most components which in turn carries weight when compared to the Germans who use plastic for any part they can get away with.. unfortunately this is the trade off... funny how the RC is only 40kg lighter than an AWD 3.8 twin turbo Nissan GTR . I think Toyota could have put it on a diet and shed some weight here and there but they never compromise that's the thing with Toyota.
  4. in other words if you not buying from a dealer the likely hood of you getting a fake part is high.. i can understand the R&D which goes into manufacturing a part which then reflects on its cost but are car manufactures not a bit to blame for all these counterfeit parts on the net.. the prices of some parts are ridiculous.. and i'm not even talking about Luxury/premium car brands even brands like ford/ renault/ vauxhaul do not charge peanuts for parts at the dealers anymore..they are all over priced.. you dont know what you getting anymore when you dont buy from a dealer.. its scary
  5. the thing weighs in at almost 1700KG that's even heavier than my GS which is 4 doors. of course its bound to feel more sluggish than the MK2 IS250 which is around 100kg lighter when compared to the RC. 100kg is a lot of weight to carry around.. cut the RC some slack here its still a fine looking coupe with descent power. my work colleague drives a 320i BMW with the NA 4 pot engine he gave me a lift and i tell you what my previous Honda Accord sounds 10 times better both at low speed and when Vtec was on cam having been in lots of 4 pot german cars after my honda i now realised honda actually makes the best sounding 4 cylinder petrol NA engines
  6. welcome Jake.. Robert below is alreay doing a no compromise 2JZ build.. worth looking to him for some inspiration and advise. his build looks impressive. ☺️
  7. considering they have already employed the sales person who will be carrying out all admin duties in terms of paper work and registering your info into the computer. why then charge for this service. is this not meant not be factored into and split across the cost of the cars on the forecourt in the first place?.. its like going into a restaurant for a meal and the waiter turns around and says.. "ok besides the cost of the meals on the menu, we will have to charge you for the seating and use of the cutlery during the course of your meal this will be an extra £40"
  8. 👍 thanks for clarifying Ganesh, i thought so as well but needed to be sure..
  9. Hi All, any one know where i could source a new radiator for MK3 GS300 within the UK? I want to avoid the dealer prices.. if not does anyone know if this will be the right Denso Radiator for MK3 GS300? i have done some research online and part number i got so far for Denso is 1640031370 . i'm looking to purchase one off rockauto in the US and want to avoid the issue i had with TPMS sensors so just want to make sure it'll be a right fit for UK model GS. open to any suggestions...
  10. Thanks for clarifying live and you learn as they say..
  11. thanks for clarifying John.... ahhh 😠 silly me i've bought 4 denso ones off rockauto in US had them fitted and after driving today the TPMS light has come back on.. needless to say they are 315mhz ones. I should have done more research before ordering them. what a waste... oh well i guess i will have them removed and try and source one from more pricey but i guess i don't have any other option..
  12. Hi Colin by you saying 315mhz is illegal do you mean its not compatible with UK version GS's or compatible but will be deemed an issue if and when say car insurance notices its not 433mhz?
  13. yeh most reviewers bang on about a 5 series BMW and how it can out handle the class around corners etc.. but 95% of the time no one is driving the 5 series on the limit to exploit those benefits Lexus got the GS right in terms of being a very comfortable cruiser, quiet sublime but yet capable of easily hitting 150 mph with no sweat if permitted of course.. i do an hour to 2 hours drive easily with no stress in this car..
  14. the ones you need re HID's i got these from rockauto and fitted them myself with the help of this guy.. one thing though is the driver side was a bit triky due to the air box so i had to remove the air box to give me some room to manoeuvre aligning the bulb into the housing sockets.