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  1. even that gets beaten after a certain speed is reached... there is always a quicker faster car on the road.. but those P100D are insane for take off straight line speed..
  2. i think you got it spot on... Lexus pitches Luxury first in terms of how the car rides and sounds before out and out performance.. its not like parent company Toyota does not have the know how to build a raw sports sedan.. but that's not the primary philosophy of the Lexus brand.. its nature is to go about its business on the road in a smooth nature with the 3 kept to a minimum i.e Noise Vibration and harshness and i think most compare it with an M sport 3 series BMW and expect it to deliver the same driving feel.. BMW's and Audi's are performance first luxury second and Lexus the other way round. Yes they are all categorised as premium/Luxury brands but are built slightly different in terms of philosophy... to be honest i think Lexus builds premium cars and set it up to the level they know most people will enjoy spending time in up to 90% of the time in terms of Noise, vibration, harshness... the occasional blast and mind blowing handling of a BMW is impressive around corners but how many times does one subject this type of driving to their daily day to day driving to warrant a permanent harsh ride?? Lexus wins in NVH and a drive setup which makes sense for 'real world' daily driving if you ask me...
  3. i think if you are not looking for a stainless steel or lifetime exhaust (more pricey) then these ones from online automotive should do fine and will be quieter than stainless steel.. anything from Lexus dealer is over priced as i found out with 02 Sensors where they wanted £300 for the same Denso part which goes for £60 outside the dealer.
  4. regrettably you could have got more than only £250 for the car.. i think you let it go for less than peanuts. considering if it was still derivable, you could easily auctioned it or sold it privately for at least a grand...
  5. mmmh i think you have been had there.. for getting rid of an LS430 for only £250... surely it could be saved by doing a conversion to coilovers? even if it sets you back £1500 it still works out cheaper than buying a CT200h and will drive better than one even at its age? no offence to CT owners.. i wont be surprise the the guy does a suspension conversion cleans it up and puts it back for sale.. LS's are still one of the finest cars ever built in my books...
  6. have you considered a later model MK3 GS300? ..they are quicker and most importantly have more torque to shift the weight of the car when compared to the GS250's engine. but thats not saying the 250's engine is not adequate..mpg figures are near identical to the 250 aswell.. road tax is higher for the 300 but initial purchase price is cheaper so money saved on initial purchase price can be used to pay for road tax and still have more for a holiday ... worth test driving one for the fun of it to compare to the GS250 ... i also feel the MK3 GS's have a better build quality than the MK4's in my opinion but that's just me..
  7. don't overlook a late model MK3 GS300 ..they are quicker and most importantly have more torque to shift the weight when compared to the GS250 and mpg figures are near identical.. yes you will pay more for road tax but they can be acquired for lesser money that the GS250 so money saved on initial purchase price can be used to pay for road tax and even that you will still be quids in ... worth test driving one for the fun of it to compare to the GS250
  8. 245bhp and 350NM is more than enough... will be more reliable and will be exclusively rare on UK roads.. whats not to like..
  9. Is there any information on the better selling ES in terms of engine and spec in the states since they have both the ES350 and 300h for sale?
  10. if its of sentimental value then of course its a no brainer to fix it. if you tired of it and need to change to a younger car, it will still cost you more than a £1000 to buy that car in the first place..
  11. surely its not loved that much if you willing to get rid of it after 16 years of serving you. with minor cosmetic issues which wont cost thousands to fix?
  12. Question you need to ask your self is are you satisfied with the power of IS250 and only looking to improve the handling? or are you looking to limit the rolling? if you happy with the suspension setup and are only looking to limit the rolling then Anti roll bar is where you should be looking. if you want it to sit a bit lower then of course go the coil overs route. but if its power and handling you need then get an IS-F or IS200t if you still want an IS or get a MK3 GS300,430 or 450h. the GS's hide their weight well and are capable.
  13. 100,000 miles on a Lexus engine is barely broken in so don't let mileage be a show stopper so long as it has an up to date service history preferably majority Lexus then you have nothing to worry about..
  14. it sure does have a clock.. but i stumbled across this and thought mmh would it blend in well with the dash or look out of place...
  15. Citizen makes top notch long lasting watches. i remember that being my dads watch brand and I bought a kinetic gold plated one about 7 years ago which is still looking fresh and new till this day. i have my Chronograph Tommy Hilfiger as my daily work watch and my Citizen is more for socialising and formal occasions. whats are people thoughts on this dash watch? looks good or tacky?