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  1. from my memory on when i had my IS300 i believe there are 3 senors in total and not 4. that is 2 pre-cat sensors that is Bank 1 sensor 1 and Bank 2 sensor 1 and 1 post cat sensor which is just a rear sensor and it does not belong to any bank per say . i have attached an image from Denso to help you. O2 Sensor troubleshooting tips.pdf
  2. if SUV is not your cup of tea and are into saloons the GS300 V6 or GS250 V6 has identical boot space to an RX. below are the figures i found but could be inaccurate 2005 - 2011 GS300/GS430 = 430 litres 2012-2018 GS250 = 450 litres 2009 - 2015 RX450h = 446 litres as you can see there is not much of a difference between the saloon and SUV interns of boot space.
  3. a bit pricey but seems in good condition low mileage and big jobs has already been done. i will be happy to pay £4.5K for it.. considering you can have MK3's GS300'450h's for around the same price unless you really want a MK2
  4. Tell me about it... gone are the days when one gets into a car to actually drive it and enjoy it for what it is.. now a small thing such as screen size can be a deal breaker if one wants to buy a car or not.. but hey its their money their choice right...
  5. have you tried comparison websites by any chance? i remember reading a blog sometime ago about best times to get insurance quotes like doing it out of office hours like from 7pm rather than office hours, buying it 30 days before, not getting quotes on weekends.. now how true this is i don't know as anyone can type anything on the net these days...
  6. hi @Foulsbane which garage in Leicestershire fitted your suspensions for you. i'm considering getting the rear ones replaced on my GS. cheers..
  7. i had my 02 sensor replaced at Jem Lexus up in north London its about 45mins drive from beds/bucks area they are certified Suzuki dealership and have Lexus trained technicians so they know their way around one.. I have had my 02 sensor replaced by them and my brake fluid, rear diff fluid and gearbox fluid all done by them with no issues.. so worth the drive. email or give them a call for a fitting quote.. mine was £75 to fit after i supplied the part... link below was where i sourced mine.. see if they stock ones for LS..
  8. someone correct me if i'm wrong but is this not what the EU Motor Block Exemption set out to prevent? quote from below article. "Prior to 2003, automobile owners in the EU region risked nullifying their vehicle warranties when the vehicles were serviced or repaired in workshops not belonging to the vehicle manufacturer or its dealers. This barrier was broken in October 2003, when the European Commission (EC) passed the Block Exemption Regulation law allowing vehicle owners the freedom of having their servicing and repairs done at their chosen workshop." of course nothing against using Lexus Dealer if that's what you want but i dont think you had to use them if you didn't want to for annual oil changes and visual checks. in order to keep your warranty
  9. mostly nothing to worry about on a 100k + Lexus so long as its had a full service history preferably at the dealer but dont be put off by non dealer services as an oil change is an oil change pretty much regardless of who does it.... best to go for car with less owners. 250 engine is chain driven so does not require cam belt change.. make sure the spark plugs has been changed if over 100k else you can negotiate a discount for that.. so long as engine starts ok without hesitation, no signs of leakage from the engine area or radiator area and shifts through gears effortlessly without hesitation then you pretty much good to go.. if you don't really know what to look out for best to pay the AA as they have a service for checking out vehicles for potential buyers and advice what might need changing.. most things like exhaust, radiator and suspension would be nearing replacement pretty much standard for most cars around this age. so that should be something to keep in mind in your ownership and get those done as a preventative move mainly the radiator. and get the gearbox oil drained and refilled if over 100k.. these are few things to have in mind others on here might add somethings i may have forgotten..
  10. even two services a year at £225 for visual check and oil change is still rip off but hey dealers are there to make money not a charity so i do understand.. ☺️
  11. Aint it funny how car magazine reviewers will tell you a BMW, Merc and Audi wins in tests, build quality and all driving aspects but then once the dust settles and real world owners are surveyed on these brands Lexus crops up the winner? not disputing the fact German cars are fine and in some aspects, very well built machines and certainly does tick boxes but results like these lets you see the biased contrast that's out there when you ask a car mag reviewer against an owner who has had to live with the car for a while.. not all Lexus cars are perfect but are close enough to always win majority owner surveys both here and in the US year on year...
  12. Linas i did not even bother reading all above but you had to say but one thing i would like to say is, a true petrol head knows which cars are for petrol heads and which ones are not and they do not need AI data in order to distinguish the difference.. now i'm not the one to say i know all when it comes to cars... but i can defialtely tell you a Lexus ES300H does not "fall" in to the category of a petrol heads car for sure.. and if you are expecting it be you will be very disappointed... now this does not make it a bad car per say it just fits perfectly into a market segment lexus is targeting which it fits perfectly based on its attributes..
  13. They miss the target when they apply 'petrolhead values' emphasise on a vehicle like ES300h which is not and isn't pretending to be a high performance car.. if one wants a lovely sounding 4 cylinder, a 4 cylindr diesel or 4 cylinder petrol revving less than 6500rpm wouldnt cut it anyway.. 7000rpm and up that's when you talking.. so why apply these 'petrolhead values' emphasise on an ES300h when its far from one is beyond me..
  14. And this was the point i made either a few threads up or in another thread about when it comes to "Real World" driving and road conditions, Lexus cars are setup and designed to handle majority of those conditions in terms of noise vibration harshness (NVH) when compared to other competitors.. but yet still a UK/European magazine reviewer will bash the ES300h claiming its noisy under full wide open throttle acceleration which lets be honest is about 10% or less in anyone's day to day driving 80 to 90% of normal driving is spent within city urban areas with speed limits or cruising on the motorway in a fuel saving gear ratio .. tell me which 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engines from any of these German brands is not noisier and sounds agricultural under acceleration? they fail to absorb the benefits of the hybrid system which makes sense in city/ urban style driving . majority of most people driving around in diesel cars are not even motorway drivers where one actually reaps the benefits of a diesel engine...
  15. And he keeps forgetting the fact that not everyone wants to be seen in a BMW, Merc, or Audi some people just want something different from these three..