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  1. I think the flagship models are the ones which offer that little extra in terms of Comfort, quiet and luxuriously appointed cabin which cannot be found/ not included on purpose in the models below them.. that's why a premium price tag is attached to them..
  2. LEXUS LS600/460? (i have heard LS430's are better comfort wise?) VW PHAETON AUDI A8 MERC S CLASS BMW 7 SERIES Jag XJ L I would like to think these would offer what you are after?
  3. Thing is most modern cars are well equipped these days, so what is really classified as over and above the norm? do you mean power?, comfort? quietness?, Luxury Toys?
  4. which even flips the script... based on the article, e.g. a Ford Vignale owner with all the Luxury goodies can say to a Merc C class owner with bare bone base trim model their car is not a Luxury car? since the article says and i quote "What it comes down to is that there is no clear definition of what makes a luxury vehicle, luxury. It’s mostly in the eye of the beholder"
  5. things even get more confusing when people confuse premium car to automatically mean Luxury(comfortable) car... then get disappointing when they actually find out how difficult it is to live with long term once the 6 month new car novelty wears off and realise how hard/stiff the suspension setup is on a daily basis then start playing around with different tyre brands and wheel sizes in order to rectify the problem. The gap between high end and low end car manufactures has closed that the words premium and luxury has lost its true meaning. few quotes from the article below "In order to be considered a luxury car, the vehicle must have high-end features that go above and beyond the average necessities." "The term luxury is used to categorize vehicles that are equipped with better performance capabilities, lavish interiors and all the latest safety and technology features" Pretty much all car manufactures models can be spec'd with such toys. "What it comes down to is that there is no clear definition of what makes a luxury vehicle, luxury. It’s mostly in the eye of the beholder" Which means e.g. can a Ford Mondeo Vignale owner say they own a Luxury car? without the BMW driver laughing?
  6. mmmh might have to disagree on this one.. last i checked in order to produce a reliable product, a quality part/material had to be used to produce it... e.g. Genuine Leather lasts longer than PU Leather. the PU Leather may have flashy bits on it but does that make it quality over Genuine Leather because its fashy?
  7. And the truthful thing is, its all a Facad majority put on to impress others they don't know or their neighbours. majority will forego things like personal savings, pensions etc.. to be seen in a 'Premium' car by others.. only a small percentage of these will be in the position to keep up payments/run the car if the unfortunate thing happens in terms of job loss/redundancy. I hate handing over my hard earned cash to someone else (car dealer) at the end of each month or be in Debt and prefer to invest mine in my two online businesses but that's me.. Yes as humans we all do like the finer things in life but i could care less and actually do not want the envy of others based on the car i drive.
  8. i think its more to do with the brand these you say a corsa, aygo, mondeo, etc.. can be spec'd with pretty much most features/toys you can find in say a BMW/Merc these days. styling is subjective, exclusivity used to make a car premium but again not so much these days as i see more german cars on the road than say a mondeo. does this make the mondeo exclusive in most people eyes? I don't think so.. besides your usual exotic cars, Majority will class the top 3 German brands as premium some dont even classify Lexus as premium even though majority of the german car models the mass population go for do not offer anything exclusive when compared to a similar spec'd say a vauxhall, Ford, Renault. most modern cars i have rode in or driven are well built these days it has closed the gap. infact servicing and cost of parts on some models of these so called non premium cars are actually higher than the so called premium ones. so its more the Badge on the bonnet than anything these days..
  9. every man to his own... i dont think you read my comment i mentioned they will be more of an investment.. to sell on a good day for profit.... i think I have a few grey hairs to know where to invest my cash...but thanks for the investment advise anyway...
  10. says then one who doesn't know me or has never met me to know what i like to do with my real money... sorry comedian my real money wont be going towards and RCF for sure..
  11. @Flytvr of course these will be more of an investment rather than a daily car!! and every rich person i know or have been around always needs free cash trust me they are never satisfied with investments... so long as it wont drop to £15k in a years time then of course its worth it as the depreciating % value has stabilised..
  12. Yes... why buy new when you can buy a car that has suffered majority of depreciation? Yes that's why i wont finance/lease a new car.. i am very happy buying ones ine good condition that have done majority of their depreciating... I would rather invest my £30-£50k spare cash in these cars .... as they are guaranteed to appreciate in value over some years.. infact one can buy one of these hold out for a few months then put it back on sale and could easily profit huge without doing anything .. not soo much for an RCF!! New&onesearchad=New&sort=sponsored&radius=200&page=1 New&onesearchad=New&price-to=50000&model=NSX&radius=200&page=1
  13. Thanks but no thanks even Warren Buffet won't side with you on this... why burn you money in broad day light??
  14. let's see the goes to show the sort of person you are to think it makes sense to pay cash for a car like the RCF outright considering the depreciation. What a Numpty!!
  15. Another numpty who thinks it doesn't make sense. each man to his own... feel free to drive yours on summer tyres if you wish when we experience a harsh winter and i cant wait for your car pictures in that ditch near Lincolnshire..