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  1. Silly question but have you tried switching the type of fuel you're currently using? after owning 3 types of Lexus's i've noticed some fuel types makes them run a bit sluggish and harsher engine noise.. best ones i've noticed is Esso 97 runs more smoother and less noise and best engines pickup, Shell 95 runs ok but slightly noisier engine noise and Vpower 99 runs smoother and less nosier engine compared to shell 95 but not better than Esso 97. if you already haven't, maybe try switching fuel brands and see if engine behaves differently.
  2. was torn between the V6 Legend and GS when i was deciding to change from the Accord.. Which was a fine car by the way and bulletproof engine but the GS won me over again. i still find my self lurking online looking at Legends every now and again. very understated car would have sold like toilet roll if it had a German badge on it.. When i was in the market for a nice coupe cruiser some years ago, the Accord coupes V6's caught my attention but by the time i was ready not good examples were out there so settled for Ford Cougar with the Porche built V6 engine nice cruiser for its time.. some ford models are underrated and the Cougar V6 was one of them..
  3. Am I missing something here?? its a 2.0 litre 4 cylinder engine so why expect a 6 or 8 cylinder engine sound from it? the best sounding 4 cylinders in my books are that of Honda high revving engines all these modern 2.0 turbos don't rev that high to off that sporty sound..
  4. I have owned 3 Lexus's including my current one of which I usually put around 13,000 miles per year on average and have never done a full flush on any of them. i usually do a drain and refill every 30,000 miles on them and they all shift and drive fine with no issues. if a drain and refill still does the job and transmission still shifts smoothly why pay extra for a full flush?? i can understand if a flush brings extra benefit over a drain and refill but my current GS has been drained and refilled and i still cant tell when the car shifts up or shifts down gears. its still smooth..
  5. Just email and they will be able to send you a link to Transmission Oil page to make a purchase. ive used them for most parts i need. with regards to engine oils, most companies like Lexus, Opie Oils & Euro Car parts all have ebay stores now so best to check the seller. i have just purchased 4 litre Castrol 5W 30 from a non dealer ebay seller and just had my oil changed and it was genuine. if in doubt you cant go wrong with Euro car parts for Oil/Filter.
  6. Jem Lexus/Suzuki in north london is where i usually go for repairs/parts change. they know their way round these cars.
  7. Hi Cesar, welcome to the club, i do recall it being discussed on here the the gearbox from IS200 will not fit or work with the 2JZ-GE engine engine block. Have a read of this article below on manual gearboxes which are compatible.
  8. same colour and interior combo as mine 🙂 a few touch ups here and there and they look a beast of a car.. they're sure nice to cruise around in..
  11. This explains why it seems there is something missing with gen 4 but I couldn't pinpoint as to what it really was. i've not been in or driven a gen 4 before i'm just going by the looks when compared to its predecessors.. best looking models to me would be gen 2 in sport trim and gen 3 with subtle looks modification..
  12. My previous car was the FWD Honda Accord 2.4 with 190bhp and that was more fun to drive on the limit than the RWD IS300 I had before it.. I think there is this notion which gets thrown around about RWD cars being more fun to drive and although there is a fact on this, some FWD cars can be just as fun if not more predictable on the limit in certain driving conditions than RWD cars. Although its sad to see the GS model go, the writing was on the wall due to it being outsold by other models in the Lexus lineup and they had to make a decision. 4th gen GS although modern lacks something in my eyes. i feel gen 1 to gen 3 were the better built GS's to be honest.
  13. Calms me down soaking up some Jazz 😄