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  1. Blew a fuse changing a Map Light Bulb in the overhead Dome. Now the Interior & Boot Lights, Wireless Remote Locking, Radio & Clock are all down. Can anyone tell me which fuse is likely to need replacing?
  2. Thanks Giles, handy to know. Since the previous owner had the whole regulator replaced, I thought it was the only option if it fails again. Maybe I've been lucky covering 100,000 miles in my previous LPG converted GS300…haven't had any problems. In contrast, the system on the 430 has only been on there for 18 months / 10,000 miles and it's already on it's 2nd regulator!
  3. The US LOC forums say the closest replacement shocks to original L-Tuned are the KYB's (Excel-G). I fitted a front pair to my GS300SE a few years back & they were a tad firmer which does seem to bear this out. I take it the Excel-G's are the way to go for maintaining the Sports' revised suspension? Lexus supplied me with standard SE front shocks which were promptly returned when I realised they weren't original Sport spec. Of course the original Sport versions have not been available for a long time. Their official position is to change all 4 shocks & springs & convert the suspension back to SE spec!
  4. I've run a GS300 SE for 7 years & now have a GS430 Sport with the revised suspension. They are different cars in the ride comfort stakes. It depends how much you value the Sport's looks & handling over comfort. The Sport is by no means uncomfortable but it is noticeably firmer.
  5. So to clarify, there weren't any Sport models officially marketed from 2000 to mid 2003 but a few were ordered & supplied to customers regardless? Another thing I'd love too know is whether the Sport's revised Shocks, Springs & Anti-Roll Bars were exactly the same as the L-Tuned options marketed by Lexus in the States?
  6. I certainly will. Under the previous owner, Lexus replaced the rad which ended up in a failed LPG regulator. Apparently caused by an air lock.
  7. Yep, to say the problem was tucked away is rather an understatement! Having maintenance skills that go no further than checking fluid levels & tyre pressures, I was quite pleased with myself :D It isn't going to be a cheap fix like the LPG coolant pipework. The Lexus Pipe & Gaskets are over £100 & the Head on that side has to come off. But we're getting there & without any major problems to report!
  8. The problem with my local Dealership is that none of the mechanics who were around 10/15 years ago, & know these cars inside out, are still there…they've all gone! At the end of the day my GS was put in for a Visual Safety Report, which was worth doing. Trouble was the £84 charge doesn't buy time for much else.
  9. Update. The LPG plumbing was sorted & although the coolant loss halved, it's still loosing. I found another leak where the heater matrix pipe goes into the engine…was difficult to spot. Sometimes it's better to look in the dark with a tight beam LED torch, because that's how I found it. There's a metal pipe that comes up from inside the top of the Head casing that mates with one of the Heater Matrix Hoses. The Pipe & Gaskets are on order and we should have the coolant problem well & truly nailed in another week or so.
  10. Yup, I can now sit back & enjoy this fabulous motor car! Of course we shall get the leak attended to & the whole LPG system checked over asap, but boy am I pleased
  11. Panic over! The leak is coming from the LPG plumbing...and it's pretty easy to spot. Not impressed with Lexus & their Visual Safety Report. The job stated the car was loosing coolant & I was assured they would pay special attention to possible causes & that would include the LPG plumbing. Turns out, the leak was staring them in the face & they missed it.
  12. There is still some air in the system then. As has been said, it can be difficult to get all the air out. The whole cooling system has a capacity of around 9 l on the GS430. Yes, I'll be looking at that next. Also, the system probably has a litre or two more with the LPG plumbing added. Thanks guys…the suggestions have been most helpful.
  13. Thanks for your reassurance. What makes me a little paranoid about the coolant loss is the previous owner had it for just 5 weeks & during that time spent out on a full Lexus service, new Lexus rad, lambada sensor, wheel alignment & LPG regulator. He cited change of circumstances as the reason for selling & I've been a little worried that an expensive engine problem was the real reason. As luck would have it, I'm meeting up with a good friend of mine today who's up from Cornwall. He's a brilliant trouble-shooter and is getting a name down there as the go to guy for sorting out car & bike problems nobody else can. From what I've told him, he also thinks it isn't the Head Gaskets. Same goes for the ex-Lexus mechanic I use. There may not be an exhaust gas test but my man reckons his nose is a very good diagnostic tool :D